Updated: Oct 9, 2017

4K Ultra TV Reviews:

The new 4K ultra TV's are starting to become more popular but are they really worth the huge premium in prices? Let's start with what the 4K Ultra stands for. Most 1080p televisions are able to show screen resolution (pixels) at 1920x1080. The 4K Ultra sets have the capability to display images at 3840x2160 (4 times the number of pixels). Should that impress you? Well, with all the reports we have seen so far, the Ultra HD TV's do deliver higher quality picture detail. The bigger issue is this - where do you get that 4K content from? Much like when the HD TV's burst onto the scene - the HD content available at the time was minimal. Cable companies and TV providers caught up quickly and that helped push the HD TV market. The question is - will 4K content become readily available so that there is a demand for 4K TV's? Yes, we certainly think so. Just how fast that all happens is another question, but one you should ask yourself before shoveling out a premium for an Ultra 4K TV. Pricing continues to drop, but not at a fast enough rate and consumers have been hesistant to join the 4K TV market. We will go into some of the features of these TV's down below and give you feedback from head to head comparisons between HD TV's and the new 4K Ultra TV's. The findings may surprise you.

One of the leading sources of independent reviews and testing has always been Consumer Reports. They did a wonderful article on Ultra HD TV's (written by Claudio Ciacci - see it HERE) comparing them to the leading HD 1080p sets. CNET is another favorite of ours - they do expert guides to the Ultra HD 4K TV. With providers like Netflix offering House of Cards in 4K Ultra TV, more and more shows will appear in this high quality format. Movie studios are converting older films to the 4K resolution and newer films will be in 4K. We feel that until cable providers offer more 4K Ultra content, the added benefit of a 4K Ultra television set may not make sense for the money. You are essentially buying based on future offerings. We will say this, the odds are very high that within a year or 2 most of the programming available through your television will be offered in 4K Ultra. That's where the TV manufacturers are headed and the content providers will follow. Future resolutions like 7,680x 4,320 (8K) are already being discussed, so we know the technology is there. What are the current benefits of Ultra HD programs/content? What we found is that the Ultra 4K image detail is noticeable, but really only when you are close up to the TV. If you sit back, say at normal distance, it's hard to decipher any improvement over regular HD programming. That being said, the 4K films (offered by Sony) show just how incredible the Ultra HD performance can be. CNET, CR Magazine, and other leading electronics testers agree with us that the time is coming where 4K TV's will be the norm, so hopping on the train right now may not be a bad thing if you can afford the technology. Prices - The Samsung 65 inch models are roughly $3500 and the 55 inch Ultra 4K TV's are $2500. Sony and LG are slightly cheaper, but not by much. We would assume that most pricing will be very competitive come holiday season when you start seeing a huge push for this technology upgrade on TV, online, and in stores like Best Buy. Don't let the advertising fool you, do your homework and purchase wisely. We have chosen the leading models down below for pricing and spec references. You can browse the best selling 4K Ultra TV's here.

Best 4K Ultra TV:

RECOMMENDED - We like Samsung TV's, they rate well compared to other leading brands and consumer reviews are always very positive for the Samsung line of HD TV's. Their latest Samsung UN65HU9000 Curved 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD 120Hz 3D Smart LED HDTV is not different in terms of feedback. At 65 inches it's large enough so you won't be buying another set for a while. The refresh rate at 120Hz could be better, but picture quality is amazing. Did we mention the TV is 3D ready and is a Smart TV too. The Smart functionality includes a motion and voice control with built in Pop-up camera. There are 4 HDMI 2.0 inputs, 3 USB, 1 component, and 2 composite. You also get 4 pairs of 3D Active Glasses. The LED display (curved design) delivers UHD 4K picture quality. Upscale everything you watch to UHD 4K. Features include UHD dimming, Purcolor, UHD upscaling, Clear Motion Rate 1440, Smart TV, Smart Hub, and it will support the new 4K streaming from Netflix. Owner comments are very positive on this model and we agree. The TV's continue to get lighter so wall mounting becomes really easy. Viewing angles to the side are still not perfect, but getting better. Detail is extraordinary and the 4K upscaling is impressive. We can't wait for all the streaming content in 4K down the road. Owning this TV will put you one step ahead of everyone else. NOTE - if you have the financial resources, consider the LG Electronics 84LM9600 84-Inch Cinema 3D 4K Ultra HD. At 240Hz it's the top of the line - the big drawback is the price at over $10,000. Let's hope it comes down in price soon. View all top rated 4K Ultra TV's here.

Budget 4K Ultra TV:

RECOMMENDED - The LG Electronics 55LA9650 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD is certainly a very good 55 inch 4K TV. With Smart TV, 3D functionality, and 240Hz, the LG will impress most of you. Pricing continues to drop on these and we hope to see it below $2000 soon. LG gets excellent ratings from Consumer Reports for their HD TV's and we feel that similar scores will be handed out for this Ultra HD television. Screen clarity is near perfect and watching movies, sports, or tv shows upscaled through a 4 step process will impress even the biggest critics. With a 178 degree viewing angle, any seat in the house will enjoy the top quality images displayed on the 55LA9650. There is a 65 inch model available as well. Seiki is a brand name we were not familiar with, but they offer discounted Ultra HD TV's ($700 compared to $2000). We are going to watch the long term reliability of these sets before recommending any of them. We will admit that we were reluctant to recommend the Vizio brand years back and they have held up quite well. Perhaps Seiki will do the same, but for now we say be cautious with pricing so low.