Updated: Oct 9, 2017

DLP TV Reviews and Buying Guide:

DLP stands for Digital Light Processing and the technology has been around since the 1970's but it was until recently that it was perfected in the television market. Manufacturers who have adopted DLP technology are RCA, Samsung, LG, Toshiba, Panasonic, Mitsubishi, and Sharp. DLP televisions are rear projection units with digital technology so they are much lighter and better performing than their older counterparts from the 1990's. DLP tvs with their reflective light technology are capable of delivering a very high quality picture and all come with built-in tuners so you can receive those HDTV signals just fine. Although not as slim as say a plasma or LCD screen, the DLP televisions are often less than 16 inches deep and many are getting slimmer with each new generation of tv made. If you want a larger tv screen, then go with the DLP models since they have several in upwards of 80 inches which plasma and LCD tvs are just beginning to offer. DLP tvs are best viewed at eye level so placing them in your home can be a bit tricky when compared to plasma or LCD screens that looks great at almost any level.

When purchasing a new DLP tv consider the latest DLP 1080-based HDTVs. With larger screens you get up to 2 million pixels the 1080p has to offer which is double the resolution of a 720p model. The size of your screen should coincide with how far back you will be from the DLP tv. General guidelines are 10 to 14 feet of space between you and a 42 to 46 inch set, 12-16 feet on 50-inch DLP displays and up to 15 feet with anything larger than 60 inches. The great option on DLP's that other televisions like LCD and Plasmas don't offer is that every few years you can replace the bulb/lamp in the DLP display (about $250) and essentially have a brand new tv again with top rate color and quality. Consumers who love watching sports and those who like playing video games on their tv screen will really enjoy a large DLP display for viewing purposes. You get vibrant colors, high contrast, smooth images, and the fastest video performance of any HDTV technology. In order to find the best sellers and performers in various screen sizes, we read customer reviews on sites Amazon, Epinions and other consumer electronics forums. You can view the results below. We suggest buying DLP tvs online through reputable retailers or through traditional brick and mortar stores like BestBuy. You can browse the most popular DLP tvs online here.

Best 65-inch DLP TV:

As we mentioned earlier in this article, DLP technology has made it possible to create larger display sizes than with the plasma or LCD technology and buying a 65-inch DLP tv is easy and not that expensive. One of the top sellers is the Mitsubishi WD-65735 65-Inch 1080p DLP HDTV ($1000 on Amazon). This 1080p DLP rear projection tv from Mitsubishi features an HDMI, S-Video, Component, and Composite input. We did read about a "rainbow effect" from some owners on Amazon who claim the coloring gets a little distorted at times. In several head to head comparisons, owners say this Mitsubishi is superior to the 62-inch Toshiba DLP and the 60-inch Sony LCD TV. RECOMMENDED - One model we did like better is the Samsung HL67A750 67-Inch 1080p LED Powered DLP HDTV which gives you full 1080p HD resolution, 3 HDMI inputs, 1 Tuner PIP, it's 3D gaming ready, and features a LED light source so no lamp is required. Owner reviews on Amazon are overwhelmingly positive for the Samsung DLP tv so we say at least take a look before settling with a Mitsubishi.

Best 80-inch + 3D DLP TV:

The Mitsubishi WD-82738 82-Inch 3D DLP HDTV ($1700) is by far the top rated 3D DLP TV on the market with lots of great features and you certainly can't beat the price when compared to plasma or lcd displays. The Mitsubishi DLP gives you 82 inches of full 3D viewing and vivid 2D. There are plenty of inputs for HDMI, components, USB, ethernet and optical digital audio output. It's Energy Star 4.0 qualified and owner reviews are near perfect. Prices have come way down on 3D TV's and will fall further, but to get an 80+ inch screen for around $1700 is a great deal.

Best 46-inch DLP:

The Samsung HL-S4666W 46" DLP HDTV ($1200) gets some excellent reviews on Amazon and once again comes out on top for this screen size. Users say this is an excellent 720p DLP TV but we would say for the extra $100 or so, go with the larger Samsung listed above. They offer pretty much the same features, so unless you can't fit the 50-inch Samsung DLP in your house for some reason, stick with the 46-inch model. Owners can't praise the picture quality and image colors enough on these Samsung DLPs and the prices are considerable less than what you pay for a comparable screen size of a plasma or LCD display.

DLP vs LCD vs Plasma:

Making a $2000+ decision on a TV set should take a little time and making some hard comparisons between DLP and LCD or Plasma screens is not easy given they each offer different aspects which make them better than the other. In regards to DLP vs LCD, LCD televisions have a better viewing angle which means you don't have to be right in front of the tv to see it clearly. Although DLP technology has improved, LCD displays are better with this feature. For accuracy and brightness of images, an LCD again wins in head to head comparisons. DLP screens (with a new lamp) can return to the same original color quality whereas an LCD screen will lose some clarity over time. For size, DLP beats LCD with no problem since you can get DLP screens 65 inches and larger but not even come close with LCD screens. Price is in the favor of DLP displays over both plasma and LCD tvs. If you want the perfect image and quality, then go with the costlier LCD or plasma screens, but if you are ok with great color and picture (98% perfect) then go with the DLP since they are so much cheaper.