Updated: Oct 9, 2017

La Crosse Battery Chargers Review:

Guide to Recharging Batteries with La Crosse Battery Chargers - If there is one thing you can never have too much of in your home, office, or car, it is batteries. They are used in everything from your children's toys and your remotes to your digital camera and back-up radios and clocks. The waste and expense associated with batteries, though, makes rechargeable batteries very attractive to thrifty and eco-conscious consumers. A rechargeable battery has the potential to be reused hundreds of times, saving you an untold amount of money and saving numerous batteries from ending up in the landfill. If you want to start recharging your batteries and saving money, La Crosse battery chargers are a great solution. They are effective in prolonging battery life and are simple and quick. In this guide we will take a look at some of the most popular La Crosse battery chargers, see how much they cost, and find out how they can start saving you money.
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Rechargeable Batteries - The right type of battery for you depends on your needs and usage. For instance, if you only need a few AA batteries for your remote, alkaline batteries are perfectly fine. They're relatively cheap and last for quite a while with such a low power demand. Oxyrides are another long-lasting choice, though a bit more expensive than alkaline. Alkalines are not as suitable for high drain products, like digital cameras (which will eat through alkaline batteries in astonishingly short order), or if you use batteries more frequently. You can opt for a lithium battery for your digital camera or other high drain devices; these are much more expensive and cannot be thrown away because they contain hazardous materials. The downside to alkaline, Oxyride, and lithium batteries (besides the potential toxicity in the ground), is that they are not rechargeable. When they're out of juice, they're out of juice. So what kind of batteries can be recharged? Look for NiMH (Nickel-Metal Hydride) batteries. These are an update of the old NiCad (Nickel-Cadmium) batteries, which have lower capacities and also contain toxic substances. NiMH batteries have as much as 67 percent more capacity than NiCad batteries and don't have memory effect. What is recharging memory? Say you used a NiCad battery to about half its capacity, then recharged. Used it to half its capacity, then recharged, and kept repeating this. The battery "remembers" and will not charge to its full capacity; you've reduced its ability to hold a charge. With NiCad batteries, it was recommended that you wait to charge until the battery was completely dry. NiMH batteries don't have this memory, so you can recharge them at any time without affecting the capacity to hold a charge. One advantage that the NiCad's have over the NiMH's is that they can be resurrected from the dead, while it is very difficult to do this with the NiMH batteries. La Crosse Battery Charger for Increased Battery Life - La Crosse is one of the stand-outs when it comes to battery chargers, and in fact, La Crosse also makes a line of technology products, including weather and rain stations, clocks, and watches - all of which need batteries! La Crosse currently makes 4 battery chargers: the BC500, BC700, BC900, and BC9009. Which is right for your needs? Let's take a look.

La Crosse BC500 and BC700:

With the La Crosse BC500, you can recharge both NiMH and NiCad batteries in sizes AA and AAA, and you can do so simultaneously. You can choose different modes: charge (at a rate of 500mA), discharge, and test, it offers overheat detection to prevent your batteries from over-charging, and it has an AC/DC power adapter and car adapter. The last touch is an LED display that indicates voltage, charging current, charging percentage, and cumulative capacity for each cell compartment. The BC500 charger is ideal for at-home or on-the-go and costs under $39. At first glance, the La Crosse BC-700 appears very much the same as the BC500: it, too, can handle all NiCad and NiMH AA and AAA rechargeable batteries and features overheat protection. There are some differences, however. The BC700 has 4 modes instead of 3 (charge, discharge, refresh, and test), all of which default to 200mA, an optimal setting for extending your batteries' lives. It also has 3 charge settings (200mA/500mA/700mA) and 4 separate LCD displays that allow for simultaneous readouts. The BC700 offers a few more bells and whistles while offering the charging functions of the BC500. A reviewer on Associated Content says that the BC700 more than paid for itself in the first month of use. Amazon reviewers typically praise the value and the low price, as well as the versatility and portability of the BC700. You can find it for only $30. At this price, you may as well opt for the BC700 over the BC500.

Most Popular La Crosse Battery Chargers: The BC900 and BC9009:

A review in DigitalHomeThoughts notes that while rechargeable batteries are great, it can be hard to get every ounce of life out of them with standard battery chargers. The La Crosse BC900, though, "delivers on its promise to help you maximize your investment in rechargeable batteries." The BC900 accommodates all NiCad and NiMH AA and AAA rechargeable batteries, and can charge AA and AAA simultaneously. It features overheat detection and three charging speeds. All of the modes default to 200mA for the best battery life extension, and you can choose different charging currents for each channel. It charges from 200mA to 1800mA. In addition, it switches to a trickle charge when charge is complete, has charge, discharge, refresh, and test modes and 7 easy function keys. The best part is that it comes with a bunch of accessories that make it even more practical. You will get 4 AA NiMH 1.2V batteries, 4 AAA NiMH 1.2V batteries, a nylon carrying bag, AC power adapter, 4 C battery adapters, and 4 D battery adapters. The MSRP on the BC900 is $80, but you can find it easily online for as low as $45. Don't pay full price; you shouldn't pay more than $65 for the BC900, which makes it that much more of a great value. The La Crosse Technology BC-9009 AlphaPower Battery Charger is very similar, and in fact, many users don't see a difference between the two chargers at all beyond the color. The specs are identical, the price is identical, and when some Amazon users ordered a BC900, they received a BC9009 and vice versa. This has created some confusion, which is not helped much by LaCrosse who lists the same specs, prices, and videos for both the 900 and 9009 (http://www.lacrossetechnology.com/900/video.php). In any case, however, the BC900 and BC9009 chargers are quite effective and versatile for use in the home, office, or on your travels. La Crosse battery chargers offer consumers a viable way to reduce their spending on batteries, as well as increase the life of the rechargeable batteries they own. When you can buy a set of batteries and use them again and again, you are not simply tossing your money in the trash. Nor are you throwing batteries in the trash. It is a win-win for the earth and for your budget.