Updated: Oct 9, 2017

TV Wall Mount Reviews and Buying Guide:

tv wall mounts Buying a flat screen LCD or plasma TV is a great way to transform your living room into a home theater. Not only are these televisions sleek and contemporary, they pack a lot of features that make your viewing experience that much more enjoyable. But where do you put your TV? Getting a slim, slick TV and putting it on a clunky old entertainment center does somewhat ruin the effect! Instead, many people opt to optimize the great modern looks of their flat screen by choosing TV wall mounts. These securely mount your television on the wall, which saves you space and helps create a streamlined look that you'll love.

Choosing TV Wall Mounts - TV mounts are practical on many different levels; not only does it create a secure space for your flat screen television, but it also helps make your TV unobtrusive when it's off. The problem with bigger, older televisions is that they instantly become the focal point. With an LCD or plasma wall mount, you can enjoy your television when it's on and forget about it when it's off. How do you choose the right wall mount? Start by asking yourself what you want from your mount. Of course you want it to hold your computer, but how do you want it to hold it? Flat mounts hold the TV close to the wall - as close as an inch away. It is parallel to the wall and is there to stay. If you have a plasma television, this is a great choice because they have the widest horizontal and vertical viewing angles. So you'll be able to see the screen well no matter where in the room you sit. If you have an LCD screen or you want to be able to adjust your television, you can try tilt, tilt/swivel, or articulating mounts. A tilt mount adjusts vertically and places the TV a bit further from the wall than does a flat mount (about 2.5 inches). This is great if you need to put your TV higher up on the wall or if you have to adjust the screen because of light reflections. A tilt/swivel mount adjusts vertically and side-to-side. This is a great choice if you have different viewing spots in the room or if you have windows on opposite sides of the room and need to counteract reflections. The articulating mount swivels and tilts. What is different is that it can be moved closer to or further away from the wall, which gives it a wider range of motion. As you can guess, the price goes up with each one of these models, with flat being the least expensive and articulating being the most expensive. Your choice depends in large part on your budget, as well as the type of room in which you are going to mount your television. Before you choose your plasma or LCD wall mat, make sure you check to be sure it is compatible with your television. Your owner's guide will have guidelines for this, or you can do a search for your make and model to find out which brackets are compatible. Then make sure it can handle your TV's size and weight. This is just a quick, easy step but it will ensure that your television is supported and secure. Here's one more tip before we go on to the best TV mounts: you may see a VESA rating on your wall mount. This is a measure of the distance between the holes on the mounting bracket: for example, a mount with VESA 75 has four holes, one on each corner that are 75mm apart. The VESA rating will help you determine if the mount will fit. You can browse the best selling TV wall mounts here.

Best TV Wall Mounts:

Here are some top brands to look for as you search for your TV wall mount: Sanus, Peerless, Chief, OmniMount, Hama, Cheetah, Alphason, and Samsong. These are not the only good brands in the business, but this will give you a place to start. You can find TV mounts in a wide range of prices within these top brands, so it is worth it to get a brand name when you can.

The Sanus VMPL250B Fixed Low-Profile Wall Mount for 30" to 56" Displays - This is an incredibly popular wall mount model among consumers; overwhelmingly, owners are impressed with the quality and price. One reviewer said it could support a tank. If your "tank" is under the 130 pound weight capacity, you're all set. The Sanus wall mount has a 1.25-inch clearance, making it a very low-profile flat wall mount choice. The solid heavy-gauge steel construction is finished in a durable powder coated black, and mounting hardware for wooden studs is included. The Sanus Low-Profile Wall Mount accommodates televisions with displays from 30 inches to 56 inches and is compatible with most brands. The Sanus is available for $50. Sanus is a widely respected brand with tilting and articulating models. Check out the popular Sanus TV wall mounts here.

Cheetah Mounts APTMMB Tilt Wall Mount for 32"-55" Plasma and LCD Displays - DTCoverterBoxes is a site that reviews converter boxes, antennas, and wall mounts for digital televisions. They note that Cheetah may not be the best known brand in the industry, but they do make quality mounts. They are known for their affordability - but their low prices do not come at the expense of quality. This tilt mount features a universal design that fits most 32- to 55-inch televisions and has a 165 pound weight capacity. The mount has a flat 1.9-inch profile and it tilts 15 degrees for optimal viewing. Mounting installation is included, as is a 6-inch 3-axis magnetic bubble level. Cheetah may not make the flashiest TV wall mounts, but they do make a solid, affordable product. The APTMMB is $25. Check out Cheetah's other flat, tilting, and articulating TV mounts here.

Peerless PA740 Articulating Wall Mount for 22" to 40" Displays - The Peerless model is the ultimate in convenient and comfortable television watching. It features one-touch tilt for adjustments of +15/-5 degrees without tools, integrated cable management, 80 pound weight capacity, VESA 75, 100, 200x100, and 200x200, and its arm extends 15.6 inches away from the wall so you can always find just the right view, no matter where you're sitting. The word you will hear reviewers using again and again is "solid." It really is a solid choice and one that will give you endless freedom for viewing. The Peerless Wall Mount is just over $50. Top rated Peerless tv mounts here. A good quality TV wall mount can be found for under $100, and it will serve to keep your investment secure and safe while you enjoy the best viewing. Finding the best TV wall mount for your home doesn't just make your shows, movies, or games more enjoyable, it makes your room more inviting and modern.