Updated: Oct 9, 2017

Epson Projector Reviews and Buying Guide:

Do you remember those old projectors from school? You know exactly the one - your teacher had to thread the film spool and it was guaranteed to slip up somewhere, whereupon you took a 15-minute break from whatever boring video you were being shown. Back then, digital projectors, LCD screens, and HDMI seemed as farfetched as flying cars and luxury homes on distant planets. We still don't have those flying cars the Jetson's promised us, but we do have top quality multimedia projectors that provide clear, unbelievably crisp images and sounds in our homes, workplaces, and anywhere we need the power of video. And unlike clunky films, these projectors are pumping digital HD video or images onto your screen. It's no surprise that Epson, who has been leading the way in technological innovations for a century, is also at the top of the home and multimedia project industry. We will look at Epson's PowerLite projectors and help you determine if you're ready for an upgrade into great quality for your home theater or multimedia presentations.

Why Use a Multimedia Projector - and Why Use Epson? - The first question is easy to answer: multimedia projectors are fun. They're convenient, and they're effective. They can be used for school and professional presentations, business meetings, teleconferencing, seminars and lectures, webcasts, and for our favorite, entertainment. The great thing about these projectors is that they allow you to blend video, music, charts, graphics, and much more into each and every presentation. You can project items from your computer, you can create interesting slideshows (yes, there is such a thing), and you can even play video games. Whether in your home, school, or workplace, a multimedia projector takes your communications to another level. Epson created the world's first quartz watch. Over a hundred years later, they developed smaller, more precise devices using cutting edge micromechantronics for unequaled precision processing. Quite a change from a simple wristwatch. Or is it? In both cases - and in the case with every product conceived and born by Epson - the company stepped out of common practice to create extraordinary products. This extends to their line of PowerLite projectors. Epson PowerLite Projectors Meet Your Needs - It can be overwhelming to find the right product amidst the sea of choices out there. It is no different with projectors. First, you should to consider your needs: do you need your projector for school projects, work presentations, or for creating your own movie theater at home? Second, consider your budget. This is a huge factor in any purchase decision. You can browse the best selling Epson projectors online here.

Epson Powerlite Home Projectors:

PowerLite Home 10 Projector - ProjectorCentral, your leading source for everything projector, rated the PowerLite Home 10 Projector as one of the best in the under $1000 category. What do you get for your hard-earned $900? The PowerLite 10 allows you to create your own home theater with a 4:3 standard aspect ratio or 16:9 wide screen ratio and an 800:1 contrast ratio. The PowerLite 10 has 1200 ANSI lumen illumination, 854 x 480 resolution, and can fill a screen as large as 100 inches from just 8 feet away, making it ideal for virtually any room or home -- try pricing out a 100" LCD flat screen at the electronics store (hint - they don't exist!). As the name tells us, the PowerLite 10 is ideal for home use and for turning ordinary movies and games into extraordinary experiences.

Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 8500UB - ProjectorCentral selected the Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 8500UB as its 2009 Editors Choice pick. And it's easy to see why. The Epson Home Cinema 8500UB provides superior video quality with an HQV processor, super resolution chip, frame interpolation, 3 LCD, 3-chip optical engine, D7 panel with C2Fine technology, high def 1920 x 1080 resolution, a 200,000:1 contrast ratio, Super Resolution Technology, and UltraBlack technology. Wow. Now, what does all this mean? It means you will have stunning quality, amazing clarity and color, dynamic high-def performance, and long life. It means you will feel like you are in the middle of whatever movie or video game you're watching. It costs about $2500. This is a great home theater system for those who want to upgrade from a projector like the PowerLite Home 10. We think that all potential buyers should check out the top rated Epson projectors on Amazon here.

Epson for the Work World:

It's time to stop watching movies and get to work. Epson can help you out with that as well. They manufacture a wide array of projectors to meet your needs and your business or school budget. One of the most popular is the Epson PowerLite 83+. You can create stunning presentations with the color-rich 3 LCD, 3-chip optical engine, 2200 lumens, native XGA resolution, closed captioning, instant power off, sleep mode, easy controls, built-in 10 W speaker, and energy efficient E-TORL lamp technology. Your presentations for work or school will have stunning color, clear crisp resolution, and seamless transitions and operation. It never hurts to impress your boss, teachers, or students. Whoever your audience, they will definitely appreciate the quality and attention to detail you - and Epson - deliver. And you will definitely appreciate the budget-friendly price. It sells for under $700. A bit much for a student, but a good investment for businesses. Projectors can cost as much as $19,000 (as Epson's premiere PowerLite Z8050WNL does). If this price leaves you reeling, not to worry. Their lower cost projectors are perfectly suited for smaller budgets. One of the less expensive models is the S6 PowerLite. This projector has a 3-LCD, 3-chip optical engine, easy one-step connection (making it easy to take on the road), USB connectivity, Native SVGA resolution, HD compatibility, 2200 lumens, instant power off, sleep mode, and easy controls. The S6 PowerLite costs a bit over $550, particularly their line of PowerLite models. Epson has been a respected name for over a century. For your business, education, and home theater needs, there is no better multimedia projector to trust with your most important projects, presentations, and video games. You have to have fun, too! And you might as well do it with amazing clarity. Need a wireless projector? Epson has one that gets excellent reviews - it's the Epson PowerLite 1735W 3000 Lumens WXGA Wirleless Projector. The 1735W is lightweight and travel friendly, features 3000 lumens, easy wireless setup, and has a E-TORL lamp that will last up to 4000 hours. Owners say the wireless projector from Epson is quiet and light. Great for presentations at work - take it on the road to conferences and events. Browse through Epson's wide range of projectors here.