Updated: Oct 9, 2017

Guide to the WowWee Cinemin Swivels:

As everyone cuts back their spending, we all look for ways to have fun on a budget. You can't - and shouldn't - cut fun entirely out of your budget, but you can take steps to make sure that you're spending wisely at the same time. WowWee presents a perfect solution: the Cinemin Swivel. The Cinemin is a multimedia pico projector that puts a home theater experience - and affordable fun - into your hands. A pico projector is one of the new generation of mini projectors that are ideal for those on the go and, in the case of WowWee, those on a budget. What can the Cinemin Swivel do for you? Should you just invest your money in a larger home theater projector? What advantages will Cinemin provide? This guide will take a look at this remarkable and remarkably small WowWee product.
wowwee cinemin projector

What is the WowWee Cinemin Swivel Projector? - The WowWee Robosapien and Rovio were both breakthrough products that effectively and inexpensively brought advanced robotics technology into the average home. The Cinemin Swivel expands on this by offering consumers a small pico projector: while not the size of a cell phone (at least not today's cell phones), this projector will still fit in your hand and be able to go with you virtually anywhere. Let's see what the Cinemin Swivel can do - and then we'll see how it does this. The biggest difference between a pico like the Cinemin and a standard-sized home theater projector is obviously the size! The size allows for much more versatility. Here is a look at what you can do with a Cinemin Swivel projector:

*Project a movie or show of your choice on your ceiling, lay back, and enjoy the show.
*Use the Cinemin for a movie night in your own home.
*Get out the mics and try some karaoke.
*Coaches can bring the Cinemin to games and use it to run footage at halftime or during practice sessions.
*Play video games.
*Create a slideshow with your favorite photos.
*Go camping and project onto the side of your tent. You'll really be roughing it.
*Work or school projects. The Cinemin is not all play and no work. The multi-tasking projector will go with you easily to school or work for impressive presentations.
*Project film onto the side of a building for outdoor movies for entertainment or school.

The features that allow the Cinemen to do all of this include:

*An innovative 90-degree hinge. This allows you to project onto virtually any surface, from your tent to your ceiling, without a tripod or having to get creative with propping it up.
*HVGA 480 x 320.
*Clear, sharp 60-inch image from over 8 feet.
*Texas Instrument's DLP projection technology for very crisp, high contrast HVGA picture, and bright, bold color.
*Plug-and-play use.
*Compatibility with Apple iPhones and iPods, Flip Video, PSP, digital cameras, netbooks, smartphones with video-out, portable DVD players, and more.
*Built-in speaker or connectivity with portable speakers.
*Rechargeable battery with 2+ hour charge time
*20,000 lamp life and low power consumption.
*Full volume control.

A Few Things to Be Aware of Before You Buy:

An Amazon reviewer who purchased the WowWee Cinemin complained that he didn't realize he'd need a special adapter if you want to use the projector with a netbook or laptop. It is important to be aware that this projector is not intended for use with computers. Out of the box, the Cinemin will come with 2 connector cables that will allow it to connect with the majority of most devices - but not computers. If you want to use it with your laptop, netbook, or gaming console, you'll have to have a unit-specific adapter cable and your computer has to have video-out functionality. If your laptop or netbook has S-Video, you'll need an S-Video and Stereo Audio to RCA Converter (SVHS to 3 RCA). If you have VGA, you'll need the Cinemin Swap Accessory. If your laptop or netbook has DVI or mini-DVI, you'll need to jump through 2 hoops; first you'll need to convert the signal to S-Video or VGA, and then use either the Swap Accessory or the SVHS to 3 RCA. Some gaming consoles, like the Playstation 2, 3, and Portable, with video-out need their own proprietary connectors. This can be an extra step if you want to use your Cinemin with your netbook or laptop; but again, you have the remarkable freedom of use and portability that will more than make up for another cable. One other issue that reviewers and WowWee themselves have noted is that the Cinemin Swivel produces an optimal picture only in very dim light. This is true of all pico projectors; some full-size projectors can work in rooms with full-light; you'll find that this is difficult with the Cinemin Swivel. But for movie nights and anywhere you can dim the lights, you're good to go.

What People are Saying about the Cinemin Swivel Projector:

Besides the two issues mentioned above (which may be very minor for your needs), the WowWee projector is popular with consumers and critics alike. The Cinemin won 2009's Insight Media Best Buzz Award and FastCompany named the projector as one of the top projectors that can fit in the palm of your hand. EndGadget liked its "good picture quality, vibrant colors, quick warm-up and easy operation." CNET says its "unique design and its inclusion of an adapter for iPhones and iPods make it an appealing choice." The WowWee Cinemin Swivel's goal is to offer compact portability. This allows you to use it virtually anywhere, but you are giving up some of the picture quality of a larger projector. This is the trade-off for any pico projector. That being said, the quality is more than sufficient for home viewing, work presentations, and slideshows. One reviewer says to skip buying yourself the new television and just get an iPod and the Cinemin. You'll be more than set for entertainment. You can also see WowWee’s award-winning and exciting products here.