Updated: Oct 11, 2017

Parents' Guide to AngelCare Monitors:

AngelCare Monitors Review - Parents don't outgrow the need to check on their children and make sure they're sleeping soundly and safely. This is why it takes weary moms and dads longer to sleep through the night than it does their infants. A baby monitor is a parent's best ally in ensuring everyone in the house gets a good night's sleep, and there's no monitor more reliable than AngelCare. Their line of baby monitors not only alerts you to changes in breathing, but also changes in movement that could signal a problem that needs your attention. When you need peace of mind as much as you need sleep, AngelCare is there to help. This guide will look at AngelCare's various products, how they work, and how they can help you catch up on your Zzzzs.
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Why Do You Need a Baby Movement Monitor? - A traditional baby monitor will allow you to listen to your baby's breathing and respond to any changes as you feel necessary. The addition of a movement sensor alerts you to change in your baby's movement. Babies are typically restless sleepers, and their sleep is quite active. If there is a change in this normal, healthy movement, the sensor will alert you. This doesn't mean that a blaring alarm will wake you every time your baby settles into one position - that would defeat the purpose of a monitor giving you more sleep! It does, though, signal you when there are prolonged periods of non-movement. The goal is to provide you with double-layered protection and twice the peace of mind. Why Do You Need an Angelcare Movement Sensor? - As with the best baby products, AngelCare was born out of necessity. Maurice Pinsonnault was a new parent who was naturally and understandably anxious for his baby's health - and quite probably for his own sleep. He heard about a baby monitor that tracked breathing movements. Too expensive for commercial use, Pinsonnault bought the patent rights and marketed the product affordably for parents everywhere. AngelCare is popular with experts and the real experts, parents. About.Pregnancy chose the AngelCare as one of the top baby monitors on the market; ConsumerSearch named it as one of the best; and their baby monitors receive consistently positive reviews from consumers on ReviewStream, ProductReview, Amazon, Buzzillions, and other sites. What can AngelCare offer you and your baby? You can browse the best selling Angelcare baby movement monitors and sensors here.

AngelCare AC201 Movement and Sound Monitor:

The AC201 is the more basic of the AngelCare movement sensor monitors. It features a movement and sound monitor with an under-the-mattress sensor pad. The sensor pad picks up your baby's natural breathing movements, and if it detects absolutely no motion for 20 seconds (a rarity with babies), an alarm will sound. The AC201 has an adjustable sensitivity battery (8AAA) or AC power adapter, two channels to minimize interference, automatic conversion to battery in a power outage, low battery indicator, nursery unit (4AAA or adapter), and parent unit (4AAA or adapter). In addition, you can opt to hear a ticking sound to monitor your baby's movements. This is entirely optional; you can choose just to have the alarm, if you wish. This baby movement monitor is $100 and is available via Amazon. You may also want the AngelCare AC201 with two monitors to allow for even more versatility. One in the bedroom, and one in the living room or wherever else you might need. This is $120, again available through Amazon. The AngelCare AC401 Deluxe is, as the name suggests, AngelCare's top model. ProductWiki calls this the "top of the line," and reviewers agree, saying that this AngelCare movement sensor will help ease the minds of worried parents - and especially those who worry excessively. The AC401, like the AC201, combines both sound and movement monitoring for ultimate peace of mind. It has an under-the-mattress sensor pad to detect your baby's movements, alarm after 20 seconds of absolutely no movement (including subtle breathing movements), adjustable sensitivity, battery or AC powered, optional tic to hear your baby's movements, 8 channels for minimum interference, automatic conversion to battery in power outage, lights to accompany sound, low battery indicator, soothing night light (this also helps parents check on their child when they can't resist the urge), voice activation or continuous sound reception, nursery room temperature display, vibration alarm option, and extra parent's unit. This Deluxe AngelCare monitor is $160, and "worth its weight in sleep," according to reviewers. An Amazon reviewer said she'd be getting a lot less sleep if she didn't have the monitor. She said she very frequently checked on her baby and felt safe enough, finally, to get some rest herself with the AngelCare movement sensor monitor. ConsumerSearch also notes that the Deluxe model has greater sound clarity than the AC201. You can see a demonstration of the AC401 at AngelCare's website (http://www.angelcare-monitor.com/United-States/en/products/angelcare-monitor-AC401-deluxe), as well as the AC201 (http://www.angelcare-monitor.com/United-States/en/products/angelcare-monitor-AC201). Also look at the YouTube video to see a parent using the AngelCare monitor below. Is there any reason why you wouldn't want an AngelCare baby movement monitor? The American Academy of Pediatricians feels that the vast majority of parents do not need a movement sensor. They say that it has not been proven that "home cardiorespiratory monitoring" can provide adequate warning to prevent sudden infant death or that intervention would even be successful. Therefore, marketing it as a preventative measure for SIDS is not accurate and is misleading to parents. We're sure that parents would agree - but. Knowing that your child, barring any existing health issues, is most likely statistically to wake up perfectly fine in the morning doesn't keep you from going into his room and watching or feeling for his breath. Rather than depending on this device to prevent SIDS (which it cannot because the root cause itself is unknown), parents depend on it to allow them to get more sleep. They need the peace that comes with knowing someone (or something) is taking over the night shift for them and that if something changes, they will be alerted. In addition, many babies do, unfortunately, have health conditions that make this fear far from irrational. AngelCare allows you to get essential rest and peace with the knowledge that everything that can be done to ensure your child's safety is being done. Check out the most popular baby monitors from Angelcare here.