Updated: Oct 11, 2017

Bebe Sounds Prenatal Monitors and Baby Monitors:

Whether you are hearing your baby's heartbeat for the first time or the fifteenth, it is a magical experience. Seeing and hearing your baby even before you get to hold her is so special - it is also a very private experience to be enjoyed with your partner or family. If you want to experience the joy of hearing your baby's heartbeat in your own home without doctors or nurses checking in on you, a baby heart monitor can be a great investment. But the need to hear your baby and know she is doing well doesn't leave you when she enters the world; we still want to know that precious heart is beating. This is why exhausted parents check on their sleeping babies so often, and part of the reason they are so exhausted! Taking advantage of your child's sleep time so you can get your own rest is vital, and this is why baby monitors are so great. You can rest at ease knowing you will be alerted if anything is amiss. Having the best baby monitor is essential for your peace of mind. A name you will often hear is Bebe Sounds. What are these Bebesounds baby monitors like, and should you get one? In this guide we will review Bebe Sounds fetal and baby monitors, explaining how they work, how much they cost, and we'll check out what people are saying about them.
bebesounds baby monitors

What is Bebe Sounds? - The Bebe Sounds brand was acquired by a huge name in baby care products, Graco. Graco has been trusted by parents for generations and creates many of today's top products, such as the popular Pack N Play. The Bebe Sounds line of monitors is part of their extensive effort to help make parenting a little easier. And anything that helps you get even a minute or two of extra sleep is well worth it. You will continue to see the baby monitors and fetal monitors labeled Bebe Sounds or as Graco Bebe Sounds.

Bebe Sounds Fetal Monitor - Fetal monitors are a relatively new item on the market, so it is doubly important to have a name like Graco standing behind it. One of their popular models is the Bebe Sounds Prenatal Heart Listener. This looks very similar to a portable CD player - remember those? It works on a 9V alkaline battery and requires no use of AC current, ultrasound, or radio waves to ensure optimum safety for your baby. It is sensitive enough to pick up the heartbeat, as well as the sounds of kicks and hiccups. You can feel them and hear them at the same time, which is a treat. The Prenatal Listener model BE006 includes two sets of earphones so mom can share. You should be able to hear your baby at the beginning of your third trimester. Some people are able to pick it up earlier, due entirely to the positioning of the baby. If you can't hear the heartbeat but everything is fine at your routine check-ups, don't worry. Just wait until your third trimester and try again. In addition to the baby heart monitor, the Bebesounds Prenatal Listener has some features that make it much more enjoyable for parents, and hopefully babies as well! You can record the baby's heartbeat and email it to friends and family. This is especially great for dads who are serving overseas or relatives who live far away. You can also record your own heartbeat to soothe the baby when she is born. The baby responds to your heartbeat, and this is the best, most reassuring sound she knows. It may also help her sleep in a bassinet or crib and not wake up as often (or so we can dream). The Prenatal Listener has a microphone that allows you to talk or sing to the baby. Your baby will recognize your voice when she is born, and its fun to start building that bond as early as possible. You can also use the Listener as a fetal mp3 player: soothe your baby, and yourself, with classical tunes, lullabies, or even chipper songs. You can feel good knowing that you are helping his or her cognitive, linguistic, and motor development. Sounds impressive, but what do the experts say? Moms are the experts here, and the reviews are mixed. Many moms love it and are thrilled with the experience. Other moms have noted that, even in their third trimesters, they couldn't hear a heartbeat. This can be very worryisome for many mothers, even if they know it is almost certainly due to positioning or not being able to find the baby. They can be tricky little things, and even doctors and nurses sometimes have to search around for a while to get a clear transmission. One Buzzillion reviewer said that at 33 weeks, she was able to very easily pick up a nice, clear heartbeat. Yet another said that you could easily let your imagination run wild and hear hiccups and kicks that are actually movements of your hand, your breathing, or even your stomach grumbling. Another mother said she had the problem of telling the baby's heartbeat from her own, so she simply listened to her own. Then she found the baby's, and it was completely different. It may take a few uses to get the hang of finding the heartbeat and distinguishing it from your own or from other sounds. One woman, who was only 8 weeks along, thought she was hearing her own heartbeat, so she took it to her doctor. He did an ultrasound while the heartbeat monitor was on, and they matched. So, it really is a matter of being able to distinguish the heartbeat, which can take some time. An incredible price for the range of features, particularly being able to share your baby's heartbeat with friends and family all over the world. Browse the best selling fetal doppler and heart monitor products here.

Bebe Sounds Baby Monitor:

The verdict is a bit more clear with Bebe Sounds baby and movement monitors, particularly their Angelcare Deluxe Movement Sensor. This is an innovative product that puts ordinary baby monitors to shame. Chosen as the Best Baby Monitor Overall by Bestcovery.com and a top pick of Associated Content, the Angelcare Sensor has features that are above and beyond that of other products on the market. And the peace of mind it gives you is priceless. Angelcare features an under-the-mattress pad that is equipped with sensors. It detects your baby's smallest movements as he or she is sleeping. The phrase "sleeping like a baby" is common, but parents with infants know that babies don't actually "sleep like babies." They are very restless and they move a great deal. If the sensors don't pick up any movement - no matter how tiny - for 20 seconds, it will sound an alarm. You can then check on the baby. It is unusual that a baby will make no movements in that time period, so it is a good indication that he or she needs to be checked. It converts to battery power if the electricity goes out. One Amazon reviewer said her 11-month old son insisted on sleeping with his nose buried into the mattress. She was terrified that he'd suffocate, and she was sleeping no more than two or three hours a night because she was so worried. She calls this Bebe Sounds monitor a "lifesaver." Most, or all, parents have this fear, and it is not illogical or irrational. It does, however, add to the exhaustion of being a parent. This product helps you get a good night's sleep because you know your child is getting a good night's sleep. "Lifesaver" is a word that comes up again and again in reference to this product. The BebeSounds Angelcare costs about $100. And as parents will tell you, it is worth every penny if it means you can sleep. You can view parenthood as a never-ending string of things to worry about; or you can get some much-needed sleep. Bebe Sounds is designed to put your mind at ease so you can enjoy being a parent. Check out the top rated Bebesounds movement sensor monitors and video monitors for babies here.