Updated: Oct 11, 2017

Bike Trailer Reviews:

After reviewing kids bike seats we decided to follow up with this article which talks about bike trailers which are very popular these days. A bicycle trailer can be a great alternative to having your child ride behind you (or in front) on your bike. I grew up going for bike rides with my dad and I sat in the kids seat right behind him. I looked into the current bicycle trailers since they seemed like a good fit, especially if you have 2 smaller kids. Some bike trailer owners use them to transport pets around as well or bring toys along to the park. They can be very versatile and that is one reason sales are so strong for these bike accessories. The top selling models are those from InStep like the Quick N EZ or the Quick N Lite. The Take 2 Double is perfect for carrying 2 kids behind the bike. Schwinn also makes some excellent child bike trailers that have solid ratings per experts like Consumer Reports. How much are bike trailers? Expect to spend at least $100 and upwards of $300 depending on the features and make.
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Buying Guide - If you are looking to get your child some experience riding a regular bike, consider a product like the WeeRide Co-Pilot Bike Trailer that attaches to the seat post on your bike. The Co-Pilot bicycle trailer is a nice way to give your kid some confidence since they can pedal their bike but not actually have to worry about steering as you do all that work in front of them. Consumer Reports wrote up a well done buying guide for bike trailers and we think it covers the main points when it comes to purchasing one of these. One way to justify the cost of the more expensive models is to realize that they often double as jogging strollers and convert into a trailer if you want to pull them on your bike instead. They are superior to bike seats for kids because they offer much more protection from the elements with plastic shields. The wind, sun, or rain will not effect your child in the bike carrier and most offer a zippered front so that you can zip it up and keep things like rocks or water from flying into the trailer. Breathable mesh windows are the best way to get ventilation into the bike trailer, so make sure the model you choose has that feature. The frame of the trailer should be made of at least steel, although aluminum alloy is often found on the higher priced versions. In case of a rollover (which are rare) you want the bike trailer frame to be sturdy and durable. Inside the cargo area of the trailer should be a 5 point harness that is padded for comfort. The double bike trailers have room for 2 - sometimes with a divider between the seats. The bike trailer will attach to your bike via a hitching arm and many are universal so they fit all types of bikes. Some even have a backup system in case the hitch broke free or comes loose - a nylon strap from the trailer to the bike is a good backup. For safety reasons, experts tell parents to have a flag (at least 3 1/2 feet tall) to extend up from the trailer so cars and vehicles can see it. Another safety feature are reflectors. Bike experts say that you want a trailer with top quality rubber tires and the rims should be make of aluminum to cust down on rust. Small wheels are great for maneuverability but larger wheels do much better with bumps and rougher terrain. When it comes to storage, you will find several brands that have quick release wheels and the capability to be folded up and stored compactly. If you want to read bike trailer reviews we suggest looking online at Bicycletrailers.com, Biketrailershop.com, Target.com, and at Biketrailerblog.com. All have head to head comparisons and owner ratings to help in your decision to buy. We feel that the consumer comments left on Amazon.com are perhaps the best when researching the brands and features that each model offers. Amazon lets owners post their opinions and feedback on products they've bought so you can see dozens of comments for each model. The top brands include Schwinn, BOB, Burley, Chariot, InStep, Aosom, and WeeRide. You can browse the top selling bike trailers online here.

Best Bicycle Trailer:

RECOMMENDED - Without a doubt the top selling bicycle trailers are those from InStep. The InStep Quick N EZ Bicycle Trailer is the trailer of choice on several websites as consumers can't say enough good things about. It converts from bike trailer into stroller without any tools required. The Quick N EZ seats 2 and features 16 inch mag wheels, a steel frame, weather shield, rust free rims, two 5 point harnesses, and a frame that will fold up. Owners say the Universal coupler attaches to almost any bike and they like the fact that it is a bike trailer-jogging stroller combo. Some parents mention that the seating area inside the trailer is really not enough room for 2 kids - so keep that in mind if you plan on using this one for carrying around more than one youngster. InStep offers a variety of trailers and cargo carriers for your bike and we suggest you look at their entire selection before making a purchase. You can view all the InStep bicycle trailers online here.

Top Rated Bike Trailer:

BEST - The Schwinn Trailblazer Double Bicycle Trailer gets very positive customer feedback on several websites. The 20" fast rolling alloy wheels are smooth and easy to pull. They feature a quick release mechanism which allows for easy storage of this bike trailer. The Schwinn Trailblazer is another model that converts from trailer to jogger in minutes and no tools are necessary. Owners say the lightweight aluminum frame is easy to pull on your bike and the cargo area has plenty of space for 2 (up to 100 lbs). Some parents mention that the lack of cushioning on the interior is an issue and several put in their own padding to keep their kids comfortable. Also, most owners agree that it's a way better bike trailer than it is a stoller. Overall, though, the feedback we read online was very positive and Schwinn has a solid reputation in the bicycle industry for making quality products. See all the most popular bicycle trailers here.

WeeRide Co-Pilot Bike Trailer:

For a slightly different trailer idea/design, consider the WeeRide Co-Pilot Bike Trailer which sells for less than $100. You have probably seen these on the streets - as the parent rides the regular bike up front and the kid is attached behind them on a bike that has no front wheel (just a rear wheel). The CoPilot bike trailer lets the child pedal if these wish or just coast along and enjoy the scenery. There is a safety flag and handlebar pad included with the WeeRide Copilot. The CoPilot trailer attaches to almost any bike that has a seatpost and it's quite sturdy. We read some owner comments about safety and the trailer not attaching straight or "leaning" to one side. Certainly, if the product doesn't appear to be on right, don't ride off with your child on the back. We heard that the REI version called the Novara Afterburner was recalled so it does appear that some ride behind trailers do need to be made better. Make sure the assembly and attachment get on properly and test it out.