Updated: Oct 11, 2017

Changing Table Reviews:

One thing that is guaranteed when you have a baby is that you will be changing plenty of diapers the first year or two. Sometimes it's convenient to just change the baby wherever you are at in your house, but more often than not you will want to use a changing table. The best thing about changing tables is that you can keep all your supplies in them - diapers, creams, lotions, clothes, etc. They are designed to be a padded surface where babies can get changed by their parents. You will find that many of the baby changing tables on the market today functions as multi-purpose baby furniture. They can be used as a changing table as well as a storage unit for diaper supplies and also have drawers or storage racks for clothes. Versatility is the name of the game when it comes to babies and parents appreciate the fact that tables for changing their baby serve many purposes. I bought a matching crib and changing table/dresser set that was very useful. On one end of the dresser was a changing table that eventually got turned upside down and became the bottom of the dresser once we were through with diapers. The drawers had 2 sets of rollers so even when the dresser was turned the other way, the drawers fit just fine. Pretty handy I must say.
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Probably the most important aspect of any changing table is that it is sturdy and won't tip over very easily. Parents often find themselves holding the baby with one hand and reaching for diapers or ointments with the other. You want to make sure the table is solidly built so in case the baby moves a bit it will remain in balance and upright. The actual changing area should be slightly below the top surface (submerged if you will) so that the baby won't just fall out the side. I've heard of parents walking away from a changing table for a split second and the baby rolls right out. If it doesn't come with a changing pad, then definitely buy one for it. Most owners prefer the dresser/changing table combos and they like drawers instead of open storage shelves/racks. If you want a stand alone changing table (not with a built in dresser attached), then go something like the Delta Children's Products Haven Changing Table in Cherry which provides a few shelves down below for supplies, but is definitely not meant to be used as a dresser since there are no drawers. Pottery Barn sells a multi-tier changing table with a top drawer actually above the changing surface. There are lots of designs, colors, and variety to choose from in most baby furniture stores. Some of the favorite colors are white, cherry, and natural wood colors. Almost all of the changing table reviews that we read online were fairly positive and the only ones that failed were those that weren't sturdy or had hard to open drawers. The top brands were names like Da Vinci, Badger Basket, South Shore Furniture, Stokke, Baby Miro, Sorelle, Storkcraft, and Pali. Prices range from $100 to $300 depending on wood, finish, and drawers. There are sporadic reviews posted in parents forums and on sites like Target.com but we found the most in depth and informative baby changing table reviews on Amazon.com. You can browse the top selling baby changing tables online here.

Best Changing Table:

RECOMMENDED - The Delta Children's Products Haven Changing Table comes in a natural color and features 3 levels. The top level is for changing and the bottom two levels are shelves for storing supplies like diapers, blankets, wipes, etc. It measures 41 x 37 x 18 1/2 inches and weighs in at 38 pounds. the changing table does take about 20 minutes to assembly and parents say it's quite stable. Reviews mention that this is a basic baby changing table and perfect if you plan on having a stand alone dresser compliment this. The online listing says it comes with a changing pad and some people receive it while others don't. Not sure what is going on with that, but make sure to get the pad if you order the product. See all the most popular changing tables online here.

Changing Table Dresser:

BEST - The brand Da Vinci has become recognized with parents as quality, baby furniture whether it be a crib, changing table, or bassinet. The Davinci Kalani 3 Drawer Baby Changer is available in 5 different colors - espresso, oak, cherry, ebony, and white. It's not cheap at close to $280 but you get a fine quality 3 drawer dresser along with the changing table. This combination piece of nursery furniture is great for those trying to save on space. The 3 drawers are large enough to store plenty of baby clothes or diaper supplies. There is a 1" waterproof foam changing pad and safety strap included with the table. The Kalani gets consistently positive feedback from parents. Most like the changer/dresser combo design and say it makes a great addition to any baby nursery. A few owners question the sturdiness of the unit but perhaps it was the way they put it together since most parents say it's very stable. You can view all the DaVinci changing tables here.

White Changing Table:

Once again the DaVinci line of changing tables dominates this category. When it comes to "white" changers, Da Vinci has some of the top sellers on the Internet. The DaVinci Jenny Lind Baby Changing Table in White gets the most positive reviews. Features a changing pad and safety strap to keep your infant comfortable and secure when changing diapers or clothes. Another option is the DaVinci Monterey Baby Changing Table which is a bit more streamlined in look than the Jenny Lind changer above. For a just a bit over $110, these changing tables should serve you well for the first of your childs life.