Updated: Oct 11, 2017

Child Bike Seat Reviews:

Some of the most enjoyable times I have had with my 2 kids is when I take them out for a bike ride. I see lots of parents using the bicycle trailers but I prefer the child bike seats that attach to the front or rear of the main seat. A child bike seat is a safe way to get your toddler onto the back (or front) of your bicycle and seeing the outdoors. For years the rear mounted bike seats for kids were the most popular but recently the front mounted child bike seats are gaining in popularity amongst parents. Originally designed and marketed throughout Europe, the front mounted bike seats are perfect for little ones who want a better view than just seeing your back while you ride the bike. I first saw one of these front mounted, forward facing seats while visiting Italy about 5 years ago and now I regularly see them in the Portland area where I live.
child bike seat

Kids bike seats are best for those ages 1 to about 4. I found that after about age 4 I had a hard time managing the extra weight and the kids were too big for the child seat. Some people have a hard time riding a bicycle with a mounted seat and instead choose to go with a bicycle trailer which we will discuss in another article. I ended up buying the Topeak Babyseat which was roughly $150 but I certainly got my money worth over the last 6 years of using it. The seat attaches to a mount rack that is bolted to the frame of my bike so that it is very sturdy and certainly won't fall off. The seat fits over the rack and a reflector piece clips and secures the seat into place. It's easy to use and installation of the mounting rack was quite simple. There is a harness that goes over the shoulder area and tightens across the waist and then a crossbar comes over the child for further protection. Consumer Reports did a great article not too long ago on child bike seats and they looked at safety features, seat location, assembly, and ability of the adult riding the bike in determining which type of bike seat or carrier is best for you. We also found a good article listed on Helium.com which was a "guide to buying a child bike seat" and it had lots of helpful information. David Mozer wrote an in depth article on kids bike seats at Ibike.org and it goes into the front mounted versus rear mounted seats. One of the key points is that it's harder to get a child out of a rear rack mounted seat compared to the front top-bar mounted seats. The front child seat is also more stable than rear mounted ones leaving the rider more comfortable with weight distribution. Kids tend to like the front mounted bike seats better since they have a clearer line of vision up front. The WeeRide Kangaroo Child Bike Seat is actually center mounted between the bike seat and the handlebars. The one drawback with this variety is that many people say it "just doesn't fit their bike properly" although the design and idea are really good. The iBert Safe-T Front Mounted Child Bicycle Seat is a top rated model and does well with positive reviews from 100's of owners that have posted comments on Amazon.com. Not all bike stores that we looked in carry the variety of child bike seats that are on the market. We found our Topeak child bike seat in a sporting good store where we bought out bikes, but they didn't carry the front or center mounted models at the time. Top brands are iBert, the WeeRide, Topeak, and CoPilot. You can browse the top selling child bike seats online here.

Best Child Bike Seat:

RECOMMENDED - It's hard to go against 100's of happy customers and the iBert Safe-T Front Mounted Child Bicycle Seat is a top selling bike seat sold on Amazon.com. The forward facing front mounted child seat lets you keep an eye on your toddler while taking them for a bike ride. It features a fully adjustable 3 point harness, a pivoting lap bar that locks into place, and the Stinger Mount will attach to your handlebar stem with no tools required. The Safe-T seat from Ibert was created by parents not happy with the rear mounted seats and we feel this is a solid design. The seat actually helps the rider maintain their center of gravity much better than on the rear mounted variety. The maximum recommended height is 42 inches and recommended weight is 38 pounds. Reviews for the iBert are resoundingly positive with parents completely happy with their purchase. We found comments posted online that said "great bike seat", "easy to install", and "simply the best". Buy the iBert Safe-T Here.

Topeak Bike Seat:

Reviews support what I feel is a great rear mounted forward facing kids bike seat - the Topeak BabySeat Child Bike Seat with Aluminum Rack (Standard Version). The features that I appreciate are the 4 point safety harness, padded safety bar, adjustable foot rests, rear reflector, and the dual steel spring suspension. Handles children up to 40 pounds and I can say from experience that my 4 year old son fit just fine and he is right at the 40 lb mark. Before him my daughter had a great time taking bike rides with me and I never had a single problem with the unit. The only drawback I found was trying to fit the bike on my bike rack when the kids seat was attached to it. My son is so comfortable in this seat that he has fallen asleep a few times while we were riding through our neighborhood. Other parents posted comments like "great seat and very sturdy" and "Topeak is the best". At just a little over $100 it's a good value and hopefully something you will use hundreds of times. Installation was easy for us although a few owners do mention that the rack didn't fit their bike frames properly and they had to adjust it a bit. Otherwise, the reviews for the Topeak child bike seat are very good and this model is worth considering. See all the top rated bike seats for kids online here.

Front Mounted Child Bike Seat:

Although it's not technically a front mount seat, the WeeRide LTD Kangaroo Child Bike Seat is a very popular model available on Amazon.com. The Kangaroo is actually center mounted although it's still in front of the riders seat. The steel support bar that comes with the bike seat attaches to almost all bicycle makes. The bar extends between your seat post and the front handlebar tube. Just attach the seat onto the bar and off you go. The WeeRide child bike seat has a seat harness, padded front bumper, and height adjustable foot cups. It's designed for children 1 and older and for those 40 pounds or less. The one common complaint on this type of center mounted design is that it can get in the way of your knees or legs when pedaling. It's possible to avoid the center bar and child bike seat but it may require you to ride with bowed legs. A few shorter riders mention that their visibility was blocked too much with children in front of them and they felt it could be dangerous. Definitely use your best judgement and always have your child wear a bike helmet. See all the front mounted child bike seats online here.