Updated: Oct 11, 2017

Glider and Ottoman Reviews:

As a new parent one thing you will immediately find is that it's not easy to get comfortable when feeding your baby. My wife was always slouching in our bed as she breastfed our new daughter so we quickly decided to look into nursery glider and ottoman sets. The cushioned gliders are the perfect solution for any mother or father trying to feed a new baby. They are comfortable, easy to get in and out of, and let you glide the child to sleep again. I tried several bottle feedings sitting in a regular chair in our daughters nursery but I could never get comfortable enough to just relax. If you are relaxed, trust me, your infant will feel it too and just melt into your arms as they drink. The glider and ottoman sets we looked into were not that expensive (about $130 to $300) and definitely helped our feeding routines at all times of the day. Rocking chairs are an alternative product and they too work quite well. Where can you buy glider chairs and ottomans? Which brands of gliders are the best? We answer all those questions down below.
glider and ottoman

The top selling gliders and ottomans come from Dutailier, Stork Craft, Shermag, and LA Baby. You will find them in stores like Babies R Us, Target, Walmart, and online at websites like Amazon.com. If you want to read glider and ottoman reviews, Amazon is your best source. With literally 100's of owner comments posted to their website, you can read up on any particular model you are interested in and make an informed buying decision. The cherry finish gliders are the most popular while the sleigh style gliders are the design of choice for new parents. Some of the gliders recline or at least lean back a bit while others are more upright. Adjustable models are the best so that you can set it to your preference. Glider chairs with a nice cushioned back and seat will keep you comfortable during the feeding and padded arms are an extra that some offer. The Stork Craft Hoop Glider and Ottoman is the #1 seller on Amazon and reviews are slightly mixed with most being positive, although a few owners mention the cushions aren't soft enough and it needs to be "broken in" a bit. For the $$ it's hard to beat the Stork. If you want to splurge a bit on comfort, consider the Shermag Chanderic Glider w/ Ottoman which sells for over $300 but gets perfect reviews and feedback from parents. The Shermag glider is described as "smooth and very comfortable" and "terrrific for breastfeeding or just rocking with the baby". The extra padding makes all the difference in the world and considering all the hours you will be sitting with your newborn and infant while feeding, this chairs is definitely worth it. You can browse the top selling gliders and ottoman sets here.

Best Glider and Ottoman:

RECOMMENDED - We had heard some great things about Shermag and it's no surprise the kind of comments we heard for the Chanderic Glider w/ Ottoman were nearly perfect. Comes in natural, cherry or pecan colors. Owners say the storage pockets on the side are great for nursery supplies and the locking mechanism works great on the glider. Another Shermag glider ottoman combo is the Danielle Deluxe Sleigh Style Glider and Ottoman which gets excellent feedback from the more cost conscious shoppers. It's about 1/2 as much as the Chanderic model above and features a smooth glide function, a honey stained finish, washable cushions, and it's easy to put together. Many parents said the glider chair was "almost perfect" but for the price it's a great deal. You can see all the Shermag gliders and ottomans here.

Dutailier Glider:

If you are looking for a more well designed glider then consider the Dutailier gliders which are not cheap. Although the quality in craftmanship is superior to many of the models we list above, the price is practically double or triple in many instance. In fact, 80% of the gliders we saw online don't even include an ottoman as part of the package. We did like the swivel gliders which are offered by Dutailier and the multi-positioned rockers/gliders are definitely comfortable. We would describe them as a "luxury glider" with top quality hardware and padded seats, arms, and back. One plus to a model like the Dutailier Swivel Glider is that the microfiber fabric is easy to clean up and if you have pets the animal hair doesn't collect on it. See the most popular Dutailier sleigh gliders here.

Nursery Rocking Chair:

One type of chair we had a hard time finding online was the traditional rocking chair that many of our own mothers had when we were babies. The old fashioned rocking chairs still work just fine, although a little padding on the hard wooden seats would help. We had one handed down in our family and after being refinished it was put in our bedroom with a nice cushion on the seat and we used it as an alternative to the newer glider in the nursery. Rockingchairs.com has a good selection to choose from. We also found some in a local baby store that caters to more "classic" furniture. Most of the basic rocking chairs we came across were priced under $100.