Updated: Oct 11, 2017

Kidco Gate Reviews:

Sometimes when you're talking to parents of small children, you need to do some basic translation. When they say, "My child is so energetic!" what they really mean is, "Man, I'm tired." And when they say, "He's so curious! He just wants to explore everything" they mean "My goodness. Why doesn't he just sit and read a book for 10 minutes? I'm tired." Chasing after a toddler or two can be exhausting, even though we know that exploration, curiosity, activity, and getting into everything that will make a mess is actually good for their development. But exploration aside, there are places children shouldn't go because they are dangerous. Stairs, fireplaces, pet areas, and more that often need to be blocked off to keep your child safe. Baby gates are a common sight in households with children, and having the best gates is essential. Quality counts when it is separating your child from a hazard. Or when you're just trying to confine the chaos to one room at a time. Either way, Kidco gates offer durability, convenience, and safety. Here is your guide to Kidco gates.
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Why Kidco? - Kidco began in 1992 as a manufacturer of high-end safety products for babies and children. Several of their products are award-winners, including the Kidco Toilet Lock and the Door Lever Lock, both of which won the JPMA Innovation Award. Their gates are among the best in the industry and adhere to strict quality standards. Kidco baby gates are "high-end" or "upscale," euphemisms for expensive! But they are well worth the quality. Here is what a Kidco gate offers:

*Innovative features
*European engineering and design
*Meet U.S. child safety standards, as well as factory quality standards
*Use only top-quality materials, such as hard wood, certified non-toxic paint, and virgin steel
*Precision manufacturing
*JPMA (Juvenile Product Manufacturers Association) approved

You can pay less for other gates, but you are not getting the quality that you do with Kidco. When you need gates that offer safety, top quality, and stellar appearance, Kidco is an ideal choice. Choosing the Right Kidco Gate for Your Child and Home - If you are not sure what type of gate would best suit your needs, a good first step is to visit the Kidco website and use their convenient Gate Finder tool. You simply enter in where the gate will be used, the size of the opening, and the type of material you prefer (wood or metal). For instance, if you need a baby gate for the top of your stairs, which have a 30-inch opening, and you prefer wood, Kidco suggests the Angle-Mount Wood Safeway. This beautiful gate is designed for stairway openings that measure 28 to 42.5 inches. It is 31 inches tall and has convenient one-hand adult operation. The Mount hardware allows you to use the gate on angled walls or banisters, and there is a quick release for easy removal. One happy Amazon reviewer called it "very functional and highly versatile," as well as "beautiful." They offer something for all locations and situations in your home. Browse the best selling Kidco gates here.

Best Kidco Gate:

Kidco makes several different styles of baby gates, and the style you choose will depend largely on where you plan to use the gate:

*Pressure mount gates: use at the bottom of stairways and to block doorways. A great pressure mount gate is the KidCo G15 Center Gateway. The G15 uses its pressure mount system to hold it in place, and it is designed for use in doorways and across hallways (it is not recommended for the top of stairs because permanently installed gates are safer for this purpose). This baby gate is made of steel for extreme durability and strength and can fit doorways from 29.25 inches to 37.5 inches. With extensions, it can accommodate doorways up to 48 1/8 inches. It is easy to remove and install elsewhere in your home, giving you great versatility. A convenient center walk-through door allows you to move in and out from any direction. This is a great feature because other gates have you remove, move yourself, and then put back in place. It's either that or jumping over, which can be fun. This was chosen as one of the best baby gates by Buzzillion reviewers, and receives positive reviews from Amazon reviewers, one of whom said it was the best gate she'd ever found. The G15 won the Best Buy Award from Consumers Digest, and it costs $80.

Hardware mount gates:

To be used at the top of stairways and to block doorways. The Angle-Mount Safeway Gate discussed above is a hardware mount gate.

*Extra-wide and irregular shaped areas: pretty self-explanatory! These are great for blocking off large areas. Look for the KidCo Configure Gate, which is great for anywhere in the home, especially those areas that are irregular. For example, if you have a large living room and want to create a child-safe space and keep your electronics or books or art safe from your curious child, the Kidco ConfigureGate would be ideal. The ConfigureGate is also great for nonstandard doorways or for blocking children from fireplaces or wood stoves. It has three interlocking sections, each of which is 20 inches high and 24 inches long. You can lock the sections together to create a flexible configuration. It is wall-mounted and has a walk-through door for those who don't want to practice hurdles. The ConfigureGate is made of durable tubular steel with a safe white non-toxic coating. This Kidco gate is $130, and there are extension panels available. The ConfigureGate has been featured on Bob Villa's television show, as well as in Parenting Magazine. Reviewers from Amazon repeat it's the best gate ever time and time again.

Play areas:

With these, you can create a free standing, enclosed play area anywhere and anytime you like. The KidCo PlayDen has 6 24-inch sections that you can adjust into different configurations and lock into place so your child has an instant 9.5 square-foot play space that is safe and convenient for you. The steel construction, vertical design, and non-toxic coating keep your child safe as she plays. It also has a handy walk-through door for you that works with just one hand. These are also great for irregular rooms or spaces; while the ConfigureGate must be mounted, this is free standing, so you can set up wherever you need a safe space. The PlayDen costs $185.

*Protection from fireplaces, wood stoves, and sharp corners. The Kidco HearthGate is very similar to the ConfigureGate. You can design your own gate system by adjusting the 5 24-inch long sections, and there is that convenient walk-through door again. The Hearth Gate features 29.5-inch high panels, strong tubular steel design, black non-toxic, heat resistant finish, and easy one hand release. It fits hearths measuring up to 6 feet wide and 2 feet deep and can be used to keep your child away from grills and stoves, as well as the often rough or sharp hearth stones. Another winner with Amazon reviewers, the HearthGate costs $185.

Kidco baby gates are more expensive than other gates, but other gates do not offer the same level of quality, durability, and versatility. These gates will keep your child safe and will keep you sane, and maybe a little less tired. Childproofing your home doesn't have to be hard: create a safe space no matter where you are with Kidco.