Updated: Oct 11, 2017

Kids Basketball Set Reviews:

Kids love to get outdoors and play sports or just run around the yard. A few years back we went to Toys R Us and bought the Little Tikes basketball hoop to try out. We put the hoop up in the backyard on our patio and let the kids play with it that first summer. They got bored with it initially and then, all of a sudden, the kids became interested in it again. Now, they use it alot and I feel like the money was well spent. As they are getting older, the EasyScore basketball set is becoming too small for them. Plus, it's just not stable enough when they slam dunk or knock into the base unit. We are not ready for a full fledged basketball hoop in our yard nor do I want to attach just a backboard to my garage. There are junior basketball sets that work well and are stable enough for rougher play. Whether you need a hoop setup for your younger kids or growing juniors, keep reading for more buying details.

Choosing a kids basketball set - The first thing you need to consider is where the hoop will go. Yards in our neighborhood are small, so trying to get a larger basketball hoop in my backyard is impossible and with a slanted driveway, the front doesn't work either. Each situation is unique, but definitely work with the space you have. With smaller kids, it's much easier. I even put our Little Tikes hoop indoors at one point. Using a small ball it was safe and no trouble. Fisher Price and Little Tikes are the best brands when it comes to toddler/kids basketball sets. Expect to spend between $30 and $80. Spalding makes a nice junior portable basketball system for roughly $70. No matter where you put the hoop, make sure the base is secure. Often you can load it with sand or water so that is stays in place. The good news on almost all these sytems is that they are very portable. The larger units have wheels so you can push the hoop around and the smaller sets are light enough to simply pick up and move wherever you want. Adjustable Height - This is a key component of any basketball set you guy. Kids are notorious for growing, so a good height for the hoop this year will soon be too small next year. Little Tikes has easy to adjust poles that let me raise or lower it in seconds. The junior basketball sets are similar. Where to buy - We found kids basketball games at Toys R Us, Target, Walmart, Sports Authority and more. You can browse the best selling kids basketball hoops online here.

Best Kids Basketball Set:

RECOMMENDED - If you want a great product for toddlers and for children slightly older, go with the Little Tikes Basketball Set. This toddler basketball set gets near perfect reviews on Amazon and I've owned mine for about 4 years now. I originally bought it for my daughter and now my 5 year old son uses it almost daily in our backyard. The 6 height adjustments go from 2 1/2' to 4 feet tall. Perfect for indoor or outdoor use. Comes with a junior size basketball - my kids can dribble it and grab it with one hand to dunk. I have chosen to leave the base unweighted, but you can fill it with sand for added stability. Another excellent option is the Fisher-Price Grow-to-Pro Basketball - it can adjust up to 6 feet tall so that even taller kids can play with it. Owner reviews are near perfect for this hoop set and parents say things like "solid product" and "good quality for the money". It's not as sturdy as the Spalding listed below, but this Fisher Price hoop set should be fine for most kids.

Kids Basketball Hoop:

RECOMMENDED - If you are looking for a good mid sized hoop, go with the Spalding Youth NBA Portable Basketball System. It's a junior sized portable basketball system with a 32 inch fan shaped backboard. Parents should fill the base with water or sand for stability. The rim is solid steel and works best with size 3 junior basketballs. The hoop can be set from 4 1/2 feet up to 6'. For something a touch sturdier, consider the Lifetime basketball hoops. They get excellent reviews from owners and moderately priced compared to the expensive sets.