Updated: Oct 11, 2017

Night Light Reviews:

Many of us grew up with night lights and I always felt some sense of comfort knowing I wasn't in the complete dark. My two kids definitely have a hard time sleeping without some sort of light in their rooms at night. We started with the basic night lights that plug into an electrical outlet on a wall and this seemed to suffice for a while. Our son is big into Thomas the Train so he eventually moved up to the Thomas night light which has a switch that turns it on or off. Many of the standard night lights are now sold based on the light illuminating if there is not enough light. I like those best so that no energy is wasted in case you leave the light on all day (we have many times). Our daughter prefers just a bit of light in her room when she goes to bed so we bought the Hello Kitty clock that has a small night light built into the alarm clock. It provides just enough light to keep her happy and it certainly doesn't light up the room that much. For anyone that has ever had a baby in their house, it's always nice to have a bit of light in the nursery in case you have to run in the middle of the night if they are crying. I can't stand going into pitch black rooms late at night and stumbling on something at my feet. A night light gives me just enough vision in the dark to see where I'm going.

Most stores like Walmart, Target, and Macys carry a decent selection of night lights. Check the kids department if you can't find them anywhere else. If you are just looking for generic looking night lights, then Home Depot or Lowes are another source of GE and Maxxima LED lights. We have bought several online at Amazon.com that we take when we travel to hotels or friends houses. The hardest part is finding a night light that gives out just the right level of light. Some are so bright they literally light up the entire room and kids have a hard time sleeping. Basic is better, but as we mention below the Constellation Night Light is a surefire way to get your toddler interested in bedtime and a tricky way to have them occupied so they will stay in their room when the lights go out. Some of the more decorative night lights we found online at Amazon are ones with Spiderman themes, ladybug, Dr. Seuss, Finding Nemo, Tinkerbell, NoJo Jungle Monkey, etc. You can browse their top selling night lights online here. Prices range from $10 to $25.

Best Night Light:

RECOMMENDED - The Cloud b Twilight Constellation Night Light is truly the award winner night light that all parents should consider. It is available in a turtle, sea turtle or ladybug design and at $25 you may find it's worth the value. I understand that the price seems a bit high, but given the light itself can keep your child occupied with the designs it displays on the ceiling and eventually puts them to sleep. My only complaint since we bought it is that it takes 3 AAA batteries and we have already gone through 2 sets of them. Otherwise the kids night light from Cloud B has done the job. Our son used to have problems just falling asleep, especially during the summer months when the sun sets so late. Now he gazes at the stars on the walls and the ceiling that are displayed from the night light and falls asleep peacefully.

Clock Night Light:

As your child gets older they probably will want a clock in their room and this is the time to get a combination alarm clock/night light. The Hello Kitty Clock Radio with Night Light - KT2055 is the one we went with for our daughter when she turned about 5 and she is now 8 and still using the clock to set her alarm to get up for school. The night light portion is small but still illuminates the room enough for her to be comfortable. It sells for less than $20 on Amazon and we have also seen it in Target stores over the years. You can always buy a standard clock radio alarm clock that has a built in night light.

Baby Night Light:

One thing that will surely sooth any baby is music. There are a few night lights that actually play music as well as light up the room. They can be a bit expensive so we recommend sticking with "themed" night lights like ones for Winnie the Pooh, Hello Kitty, etc. You can browse the most popular baby night lights online here. Most cost about $10 and those that are energy efficient are the best. They turn on when the room gets dark and turn off when the room is bright enough in the morning or when you turn the light on in the room.