Updated: Oct 11, 2017

Kids Picnic Table Reviews:

All kids like to play outside and as parents we enjoy watching them have fun in the outdoors. Kids picnic tables are the perfect solution, especially when the weather is good and you can eat lunch or dinner in your backyard. Picnic tables for kids are either made with plastic or wood. The wood picnic tables are probably not the best choice as the plastic ones are superior in terms of longevity, less maintenance required, and they are much easier to keep clean. I grew up with wood tables, but they pose problems with things like splinters. The latest plastic kids picnic tables from Step2 and Little Tikes are easy to setup and should last throughout your childs younger years. Where can you buy them? I found several in stores like Target, Kmart, Toys R Us and Walmart. Most are priced between $50 and $150.
kids picnic tables

Step2 has their Naturally Playful line of kids outdoor gear and their picnic table rates high with parents and kids. The Little Tikes Easy Store table get near perfect scores from owners and folds down nicely for quick and easy storage. Do you want an umbrella? More of these kids picnic tables are offered with a place for an umbrella. Most of us don't want our kids playing in the hot sun all day with zero protection from the sun. The umbrella is a nice touch that will keep them in the shade. Some tables claim they sit 6 kids, the Little Tikes model will, but others are smaller and barely seat 4 toddlers. Any table you choose should be weather resistant. I leave mine out in the rain and just tip it over when the sun comes out to get rid of any excess water. The new recycled Earth Friendly tables are gaining in popularity, but the few we saw (at $175) seemed too expensive for what you get. If you have older kids (say 7 to 10), the tables with individual benches or chairs might be the way to go. I have seen older children have a hard time getting into and out of the plastic picnic tables where the seats are attached and very little room is given to sit down. Kids Picnic table reviews - There is no website that delivers pros and cons to more products than Amazon.com. You can read dozens of owner reviews and see which tables rate the highest. We suggest that you browse the best selling kids picnic tables here.

Best Kids Picnic Tables:

When it comes to kids outdoor products, it's hard to go against the top selling brand of Little Tikes. We recommend the Little Tikes Easy Store Picnic Table which is a great choice for basic backyard play or even indoor fun. I have seen several families in our neighborhood that put these tables in the garage or the house during the winter time so that the toddlers and children can still enjoy them. As a parent I like the fact that they are easy to clean, lightweight, and have no sharp edges that might hurt little kids. I can lift the table up by myself and move it around the house or yard with ease. The kids will sit down and play with Playdoh, paint, color, or eat lunch and feel like big kids. Our 5 year old sun always wants to have dinner at this table in the summer time. We live in Oregon and the table has held up pretty well given the excessive amount of rain and harsh weather we get during the winter. I prefer Little Tikes over Step2, but both are exceptional products. See top rated kids tables here.

Kids Picnic Table with Umbrella:

RECOMMENDED - We suggest going with the Little Tikes Easy Store Large Picnic Table with Umbrella which sells for less than $70. The table itself is easy to assemble (10 to 15 minutes at most) and you can unlock the table, fold it up, and put it away in storage. Features 2 cup holders and a multi-purpose condiment/crayon tray. Parents appreciate that no tools are required to set it up and once complete, it can seat up to 6 kids. The umbrella is just large enough to hopefully provide shade for the little ones on a hot summers day. Besides Little Tikes, Step2 and Kidcraft also carry outdoor picnic tables for kids with umbrellas. You can view the most popular kids picnic tables here.