Updated: Oct 11, 2017

Kid Alert Warning Sign Reviews:

kid alert safety signs When I grew up all the kids in our neighborhood had large backyards so we rarely played in the street. The reality of todays smaller lot sizes forces many youngsters out to the roadways where they play games. The kids in our community play on the streets almost all the time. Whether they are riding bikes, playing catch with the football or just running around, the street in front of our houses offers the most space. Over the years many of our neighbors have acquired a fleet of safety signs so that any cars entering or leaving the neighborhood will know that kids are playing. We happen to live on a somewhat blind corner where cars wouldn't be able to see kids until the last second so giving the driver plenty of warning that kids are at play can help eliminate a terrible accident (we hope). Of course, all the parents are vigilent and tell their kids to be careful, but no situation is perfect and so we rely on safety signs on the street to protect our children. Just which 'kid alert warning sign' is the best? Where do you buy them at? We answer all these questions and more down below.

Choosing a Safety Sign for Kids Playing on the Street - If the sign can't handle a little wind, then it's not worth having. I originally bought the Rallye Safety Sign from Toys R Us for $25 and it seemed ok at first. Then, a few days later I realized how unstable the sign was when the wind was blowing. No matter which way I stood it up, the sign would still fall over when the wind came up. There is no safety for your kids when the sign that is meant to protect them is laying in the street. No car will see that. I instantly returned the first safety sign and went out to buy the Step2 KidAlert V.W.S. for about $35. It's much more stable - you can load sand into the base to keep it upright. We have several throughout our neighborhood so that cars know kids are out playing. Cars do slow down if they are warned and that is our only point with the signs. A few of our immediate neighbors have colored cones that they put out on their driveway and the street. Really, anything that is colorful and displays verbage that kids are playing in the street is just fine. We all know that kids can be so involved in their play that they don't pay attention to cars on the road. It's up to parents to display signs along the street so that any car entering your area will have the warning. My kids are really good about the signs, when they go out to play, they drag the yellow, warning signs to the bottom of our driveway and put them up. Where do you buy the signs at? We found ours at Toys R Us but I have seen them at Target, Walmart and online at Amazon.com. You can browse the best selling kids safety signs for streets here.

Best Kid Alert Warning Sign:

RECOMMENDED - We have always supported the Step2 kids products and parents give them great reviews. The Step2 KidAlert V.W.S. is another winner in our eyes - priced at just $35 it will give you piece of mind while your kids are out playing in front of your house. The visual warning sign stands 32" tall is works perfectly when placed in your driveway or street. Just make sure it's visible to car traffic that goes along your road. The florescent green body with reflector decals stands out to all drivers and the large "SLOW" sticker reminds drivers to reduce their speed. The sign is easy to carry, although when you fill the base with sand it gets a bit tougher. The Cintz 9" Marker Cones, Set of 10 is another good option. They are a highly visible fluorescent bright orange color and stand 9" tall.