Updated: Oct 11, 2017

Kids Sand and Water Table Reviews:

One thing that kids love more than water and that is sand. I have 2 kids that can't seem to get enough of any type of water game we have. My 5 year old still loves his sandbox and building sand castles or little towns for his play figures. Combine the two (sand and water) and you have a great backyard activity. I recently looked into sand and water tables for kids to see which ones were the most popular. Of course, both Step2 and Little Tikes dominate this arena. The first thing to understand when shopping for one of these tables is that there are several options. You can get just a raised sand table, just a water table, or a "sand and sea table". If you do decide on just a sand or just a water table, keep in mind that kids to mix and match whatever they have so eventually the table contents become one anyways. It's best to go with a combination sand and water table, that way everything is in one place.
kids sand and water table

Choosing your sand/water table - If you walk into a Walmart, Toys R Us, or Target, you will instantly see lots to choose from in the kids outdoor play section. All those stores carry a variety of sand, water, or sand/water tables. Step2 offers the Arctic Splash Water Wheel Table and the WaterWheel Play Table while Little Tikes has the Island Adventure Water Table. Both have a combination play table where you can mix the sand and water as well. What should you expect to spend? The basic sand tables are about $30 to $40 while the sand and water tables are closer to $90. A few even offer an umbrella so that the kids are covered while enjoying the outdoors. Most come with some set of toys - boats, bridges, tools, etc. Definitely look for those that have lids. There is nothing like finding out that the neighborhood cat is using your sand table as a litter box. You can buy bags of sand from Toys R Us and other stores to fill up the sand box and just turn on the hose to fill in the water. Browse the best selling sand and water tables here.

Best Kids Sand Table:

A raised sandbox, or sand table, for kids is the perfect activity for your backyard, front patio, etc. All you need to do is buy a few bags of sand, put them in the sand table, and let your kids play. Again, the best selling Step2 Naturally Playful Sand Table is the product of choice for most parents and it costs less than $40. Great for toddlers and younger children. Comes with 2 shovels, 2 claw rakes, and a bucket. There are molded in roadways on the lid, so even if they get bored with the sand, they can drive cars on the lid. Cover it up at night so it stays clean. Check out other sand tables here. If your child prefers water to sand (although most like them both equally), then consider just a water table. There are several that consistently rate high with kids and parents, but the most preferred is the Step 2 WaterWheel Activity Play Table. There are over 200 reviews for this product along with a 5 out of 5 star rating. I would say, no matter which product you buy, as long as it includes sand or water, your kids will enjoy it.

Kids Water and Sand Table:

RECOMMENDED - There is no better table on the market than the Naturally Playful Sand & Water Center from Step2. Several of our friends own this one and kids spend endless hours using it. The table features 2 separate sides, one that holds 2 gallons of water and the other 20 lbs of sand. The box includes accessory items like pots, shovel, umbrella, bridges and boats. The cover can be tied down to secure that nothing get into the sand or water when you are not playing with it. If you want, the legs will detach so the table could end up being placed on ground level. You can view the top rated Step2 outdoor activity tables here. If you already have a sandbox in your yard, just get a water table and have the kids take a bucket of sand and dump it in.