Updated: Oct 11, 2017

Play Tunnels and Tents Reviews and Buying Guide:

When you're a little kid, anything is possible if only have you some blankets and pillows from the couch, a few books, and, if you're lucky, a cardboard box. No matter what materials kids have on hand, they'll find a way to make new and interesting worlds. Among the perennial favorites of children are tunnels and tents, out of which they can make forts, underground passageways, castles, and anything else that their creative minds can think up. Providing your children with the best tools - toys - helps them grow, develop, and it helps keep your couch cushions where they belong. Play tunnels and play tents are a great addition to living and family rooms, as well as playrooms and bedrooms. Wherever you have a curious kid, let them tunnel their way to a great time. This guide will look at some of the best play tents and tunnels so your child is safe, happy, and free to let his imagination run wild.
play tunnels and tents

Which Kids' Play Tunnel or Play Tent is Right for Your Child? - How do you pick out a play tent or tunnel that your child will love and that you will love for him to play in? There is an enormous selection of tents, tunnels, and combinations, so before you buy, take a few minutes to consider the following:

*Is it safe? Your child will be playing in and crawling through these tunnels and tents. You will want to look for play tents and tunnels that have a metal frame (thin steel is common) that is wrapped and sewn into a sleeve so it never comes into contact with your child. No cuts or scratches, please! It is also important that the play tent or play tunnel have mesh viewing windows. These allow you to watch your child without crawling in yourself, but they also allow for ventilation.
*How big is it? You'll want to know the answer to this so you can be sure your child will fit into it for more than a month or two. You'll also want to know so you can be sure it'll be a good fit for your home or yard. A common size is about 6 feet long with a 20-inch diameter.
*Ease of use. Play tunnels and tents are great because they are lightweight, portable, and fun. They should also be easy to set up, take down, and store. Many come with storage bags for added convenience.
*Will your child like it? There is any number of different colors and styles from which you can choose, from Disney princesses to caterpillars to camouflage. You can get them in bright, bold, child-pleasing colors.
*Do you want a tunnel, a tent, or both? Any or all of these will be crowd pleasures in any home.

You can browse the best selling play tents and tunnels online here.

Best Play Tents and Play Tunnels:

One of the names you will see frequently as you look for a play tunnel or tent is Pacific Play Tents. This top manufacturer has a wide range of products geared towards helping your child grow and develop through play. One of their most popular items is the I See You 6' Tunnel. Reviewers at Amazon, Fat Brain Toys, and other consumer sites rave about the bright colors and opportunities for creative play. The I See You has a new design featuring a padded interior system and half nylon and half mesh construction (perfect for keeping an eye on your kids and playing peek-a-boo). When it isn't in use, you can simply fold it flat and close it with Velcro. Toys that take up minimal space in a closet are welcome in any home. One other interesting feature is the connecting lip on one end. This allows you to connect the I See U with other Pacific Play Tent tunnels. Imagine the world of tunnels you could build! The I See You play tunnel is $34. An Amazon reviewer noted that as soon as she set up the I See You, it was an instant favorite. Pacific Play Tent makes a complete line of other great tunnels and tents that you can check out on Amazon. They are very well liked by Amazon reviewers, and more importantly, their children. Another big name in the world of play tents and tunnels is Playhut. Best-Childs-Toys recommends their Mega Playland, and Amazon reviewers agree, one of whom said it is the most played with toy in her home. The Mega Playland consists of 5 separate structures that you can configure in a variety of fun arrangements. End to end, the Playland is over 10 feet long. It includes 2 20-foot tunnels, large and small cubes, and 1 hut with basketball hoop. The best part is the 50 colorful balls that your child will love playing with. Like the Pacific Play Tent products, the Mega Playland is compatible with other Playhut tunnels and tents. You can find this inclusive and entertaining play tent for $112. You can see Playhut's other great play tents and tunnels here. Another very popular play tunnel tent combo is the Polka Dot TeePee Play Tent House with Tunnel by eWonderland. Reviewers say that their children love to climb through the tunnel, bring stuffed buddies or other toys into the tent, and name the colors on the side of the play tent tunnel. This eWonderland playland features 2 opening options (front-side opening and tunnel opening), mesh for visibility and peek-a-boo, pop-up construction, and easy storage and transport. The tunnel measures 19 x 43 inches, and the tent is 41L x 41W x 43H inches, spacious enough for your child and a friend. You can find this fun tunnel and tent playset for $35. There are endless options and the adventures that your child will dream up are well worth taking the time to choose a great tent and/or tunnel. After that, let him take over and start imagining. View the most popular kids tents and tunnels here.