Updated: Oct 11, 2017

Radio Flyer Classic Toys:

Radio Flyer Wagons and Toys Review - What is the color of childhood? It's bright, bold, sassy red. Nothing could be more perfect or more encompassing of childhood - at their best, children are rough, tough, fun-loving, curious, excited, and interested. They want to explore the world around them, and they find adventures around every corner. Since 1917, Radio Flyer has been along for the ride. Their line of little red wagons is legendary, and they have built upon that very strong foundation to include trikes, scooters, and rocking horses. Radio Flyer toys are more than fun; they're childhood wrapped in a shiny, red package. Let's take a look at some of Radio Flyer's best products and how they can help your child learn, grow, and most importantly, have fun.
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Radio Flyer Red Wagons - You can't talk about Radio Flyer and not mention their classic red wagon. The first of these wagons was made in 1923; the No. 4 Liberty Coaster made Radio Flyer a household name, and their No. 18 has made them an icon. This wagon has been in continuous production for 7 decades, and it is as fun today as it was in the 1940s. The #18 Radio Flyer Classic Wagon consistently earns top ratings on sites like Amazon, Buzzillions, ToysRUs, Walmart, yahoo.shopping, and Target. The #18 was a shoo-in for the Parents Magazine Toy Hall of Fame, which recognizes only the top toys in the industry. What does the Radio Flyer Classic have to offer kids today? The full-sized body is made of seamless steel with no-scratch edges and a no-pinch ball joint so your child is safe and injury-free at all times. There is an extra-long handle that folds under the wagon for more compact storage, a controlled turning radius that makes it safe to ride in, durable steel wheels, and smooth real rubber tires. What doesn't it offer? Beeping sounds, flashing lights, batteries...your kids will not miss them one bit. The Radio Flyer red wagon has remained a classic for decades because it has the best feature of all: freedom. Your child will have the freedom to use his imagination and engage in creative and active play. They'll have so much fun that they won't realize how much their skills are expanding. You'll notice though. Radio Flyer has expanded on the success and quality of the #18 to offer a whole line of exciting wagons with different features for children: cup holders, fold-down seats, more cargo space, plastic bodies, seat belts, and more are now available. One of their most popular wagons is the Radio Flyer 29 All-Terrain Cargo Wagon. This beauty is the winner of the National Parenting Publications Gold Award, Fox News Toy Test, and CBS This Morning Toy Test. The Cargo Wagon has an extra large body and sides made of smooth, finished wood. The tires are real rubber and designed to travel easily over pavement, grass, gravel, and other terrain. The All-Terrain Cargo Wagon also features an extra long handle, no-pinch ball joint, and controlled turning radius to prevent tipping. This great Radio Flyer wagon is safe for your children to ride in, pull, and push. An Amazon reviewer said that she got one for her daughter because she had one as a child. She says, "It's a classic for a reason," and she's right. You can find the Cargo Wagon for under $80. A bargain for years of great use, and great memories. You can browse the best selling Radio Flyer wagons here.

Radio Flyer Trikes:

Like the classic wagons, Radio Flyer makes a wide variety of tricycles, another favorite of childhood. The 21 Fold 2 Go is one of their best. This cute, compact Radio Flyer trike has won the Parenting Center's Seal of Approval, NBC Today's Toy Test, and the Great American Toy Test. The tricycle comes fully assembled, folds up for great storage, has a sturdy steel construction, steel wheels, hard rubber tires, comfortable plastic seat, small storage bin in the rear, controlled turning radius, and low center of gravity. The best part, though, is the bell on the handlebars. If you look at Amazon reviews, you will see that the 21 Fold 2 Go trike causes quite a stir. It has almost equal 5-star reviews and 1-star reviews. Is it a love it or hate it item? We land on the side of love, but many reviewers said that this Radio Flyer trike has a tendency to tip. An Amazon reviewer puts it into perspective best: "Of course this toy can tip, it's a bike and bikes tip when a child loses their balance." The trike helps your child learn balance, and because your little biker is not likely to build up a great deal of speed or make very sharp turns, he should be perfectly fine and tip-free. However, if he should tip, guess what? He'll get back on, just as any kid gets back on any bike. And he'll develop fine and gross motor skills and balance. This is a great first trike and very safe for toddlers. You can find this Radio Flyer trike for about $50. RECOMMENDED - We think the Radio Flyer Classic Red Dual Deck Tricycle is the way to go in this category. A durable tricycle that gives your little one the ability to get out on their own and feel independent. The Radio Flyer Classic Tiny Trike is meant for even smaller ones. The extra wide wheel base on the Tiny Trike will give your child more stability than they would find on a traditional tricycle. See all the most popular Radio Flyer trikes here.

Radio Flyer Toys:

The fun doesn't end with wagons and trikes. Radio Flyer also makes great rocking horses and scooters. Your little cowboy or cowgirl will love riding on the Liberty Spring Horse. This brown beauty has a strong, sturdy, durable steel frame and a wide base to prevent tipping. The springs are covered with fabric so curious fingers aren't pinched, and there are built-in safety spring straps to ensure ultimate safety. The first iteration of the Liberty horse had a few issues with the spring covers and S-hooks. Radio Flyer took these issues - and parents' complaints - seriously and issued a newer, better version. This new horse is perfectly safe and stable for your child. You can find it for $175. You can see other Radio Flyer horses here . The Radio Flyer Little Red Scooter is another favorite. This has a strong, durable steel construction, wooden platform with no-slip grip, molded wheels, adjustable handlebar, cute handlebar tassels, and working bell. This $45 scooter will last for years of use - and you'll still be able to pass it on to younger siblings or friends. Radio Flyer toys are among the best in the business. As in the case of the Liberty Spring Horse, Radio Flyer is willing and eager to continually improve their products and provide only the best for your children. There's a reason why this company has been so popular for over 70 years; quality, durability, and value. These toys are as good as you remember them.