Updated: Oct 11, 2017

Bed Rail Reviews:

If you have a toddler in your house, odds are you may have bed rails setup to keep them from falling out of bed at night. We have a 4 year old son who has a tendency to move around quite a bit at night in his bed and he has fallen out before. Bed rails are perhaps your best safety solution if you have a toddler that is a restless sleeper. Some toddler beds are low to the ground and even if the child falls out it probably won't hurt them but we have a queen size bed for our son so the few times he fell out in the middle of the night it was a big deal. Thank god we have carpet and not hardwoods or else it may have been worse. In our search for bed rails we found that there are 2 popular styles - the single bed rail and the double bed rail. We originally bought the single bed rail from Dex Products and pushed our sons bed against the wall so that we could really only fall out of the one side. With the bed rail up, he was secure and never had a problem.

When we decided to change his room up a bit and move the bed to the middle of the room we left the single bed rail on and expected things to be fine. Unfortunately about 1 week into the new configuration he found his way across the bed in the middle of the night and fell out the other side. That's when we bit the bullet and bought the Summer Infant Sure and Secure Double Bedrail which was easy to setup and solved all the problems. Eventually our son managed to stay in bed and we were able to take down the double bed rails and allow him to sleep freely. It was a good investment at the time as it bought us piece of mind at night knowing he would be safe. There are bed rails for twin size beds and even larger as most adjust with a simple strap that in some cases attaches to the mattress. Some manufacturers make very sturdy bed rails for elderly adults who needs to be secured into bed at night with the same potential problem as toddler - falling out of bed. Bed rails for toddlers can be bought in stores like Walmart, Target, or online at Amazon.com. Look for top brands like Dex Products, Summer Infant, Kidco, Munchkin, Regalo, Safety 1st, or Bedbugz. Some parents choose to go with inflatable bed rails or large pillows to wedge their kids into place. We have found that in hotels we end up doing this exact thing as we don't travel with a bed rail. We get a chair next to the bed in the hotel room and wedge a bunch of pillows under the sheets so that you can't kick the protection away. It works pretty good. As for bed rail reviews - we found the most on Amazon.com with hundreds of owner reviews posted for all brands. You can browse the top selling toddler bed rails online here.

Best Bed Rails:

RECOMMENDED - The #1 selling product on Amazon is the Munchkin Safety Toddler Bed Rail - $95. The bed rails measure 48 inches wide and 18 inches tall. It folds down in the daytime so that it's not in the way. Fits mattress sizes twin to queen. Also, NEVER place this in a crib as there is a suffocation and strangulation hazard. The Safe Sleeper Bed Rail Ultra adds the necessary safety and security to any toddlers bed if they are prone to falling out. Reviews are almost all very positive with only a few parents saying the bed rail is "unattractive". Most owners say the single bed rail works great and several mention that they like it for co-sleeping. The rail locks into place and is very sturdy. The one we bought was very similar and we never had an issue with it. IF your child does fall out both sides of the bed, try placing the bed against a wall in the bedroom and put up this bed rail on the other side. See all the most popular bed rails here.

Bed Rails for Queen Bed:

Ok, for those of you with larger beds, the single bed rails may not work so well. We needed a bed rail for a queen bed and the Summer Infant Sure and Secure Double Bedrail was the best solution for our situation. It comes in blue and pink colors - so perfect for boys or girls. The panels measure 42 1/2 inches by 20 inches and you can assemble the unit in about 10 minutes. Once assembled the double bed rail will fold down easily if you need to change the bed linens or just give your child easy access to the bed in the daytime. The adjustable bed rail fits mattresses from twin to queen size. Just loosen up the anchor mechanism until you get both sides up and then tighten accordingly. I found that the original setup was easier with 2 adults as I held up the mattress while my wife placed the bed rails in their proper position. It would have been a lot more difficult if I was doing it by myself. Summer Infant has a solid reputation in toddler and baby products and reviews for their bed rails products are no different. Parents say things like "love these bed rails" and "easy to install and use".

Bed Rails for Adults:

If you have an elderly parent living with you or perhaps they are still on their own but you want them to be safe at night, bed rails are a great way to provide that safety. Some of the toddler bed rails are not meant for adults and you can buy sturdier products if you look on Amazon or bedding supply websites. A fall from a bed could really hurt an elderly man or women and if you think that could happen to one of your parents, check out the adult bed rail market to find something for them. Some attach more securely to bed frames and have sturdy, metal bars instead of mesh and plastic parts found on kids bed rails.