Updated: Oct 11, 2017

Toddler Bed Reviews:

Are you in the market to buy a new toddler bed for your little boy or girl? Kids love it when they get something like a new bed in their rooms and the latest toddler beds can turn any bedroom into a fantasy world. You'll find princess themed beds with canopies, race cars, fire trucks, sleigh beds, and fun bunk bed style furniture. When is the right age to move your toddler to one of these beds? Age 3 is what we found that most parents and child experts agree upon. Of course if you have a toddler who is climbing out of the crib at an even younger age, get them into a toddler bed ASAP. Another important factor to consider is - Is your toddler potty trained yet? Cleaning sheets, bed covers, and mattresses can be a real hassle so don't rush things unless your toddler is ready for the change. We had a convertible crib for our first child and when she was about 2 1/2 years old we converted the crib into a toddler bed which was an easy transition. Our son is currently at that same stage and we are looking for a good bed that will last through his younger years and provide some personality to his room. We found toddler beds in stores like Ikea, Target, Walmart, and Toys R Us.
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Toddler beds for boys are easy to find and they come in a bigger variety than the ones for girls. The toddler beds at Target were great - we found brands like Kidkraft, Little Tikes, Disney, Step2, Dream on Me, and more. Ikea sells some cool looking beds for toddlers - you have to put them together - but the European styling made for a unique look. Some parents like the toddler beds with storage - they serve a dual purpose. Certainly being able to store toys and games in drawers or storage bins under the bed is a plus, but definitely choose a bed that fits your childs personality. The majority of toddler beds we found had the bedrails for safety. The Dream on Me collection has about 24 inches of bed rail near where your childs head would rest while sleeping leaving plenty of room along the side of the bed for them to get out in the morning but still keep them safe at night. Our son has the tendency to move around alot at night so toddler bedrails were high up on our priority list when choosing a bed for him. Even the themed beds like the Little Tikes Lightning McQueen Twin Race Car Bed has a slighly raised area where the pillow would go to help keep your little one in the bed at night and not falling off the edge. Many toddler beds are lower to the ground as compared to adult beds, so even if they do manage to squirm to the edge and roll out they will probably be fine. If you are considering the bunk bed idea, definitely be careful with younger kids as the top bunk can be scary and even dangerous if they are not cautious. Most experts say to avoid bunk beds when the child is too young. KidKraft makes some of the more simple kids beds with cot styles and they are reasonably priced compared to the Disney or Little Tikes beds. The KidKraft Nantucket Toddler Cot sells for roughly $100 while the Little Tikes McQueen bed (mentioned above) goes for about $400. As for toddler bed reviews - we found the best feedback on Amazon.com with dozens of owner opinions to read from. Others sites with reviews are Target, Epinions, Toddlerbeds.com, and Viewpoints.com. It's not a bad idea to read some of the consumer comments posted on websites - you may find pros and cons listed for a bed you are thinking about buying and this could help in your decision making. You can browse the top selling toddler beds online here.

Best Toddler Beds:

RECOMMENDED - We just can't say enough about the KidKraft Nantucket Toddler Cot - don't let the name fool you as it's more than just a cot. It's sized for toddlers (child should be 50 pounds or less) and it uses the same mattress as those found in a crib. You get wainscoting wooden bedrails and the low to the ground base for added safety. Kids will love being independent but safe at the same time. The other style we suggest are the Dream on Me toddler beds with a big variety - many with storage drawers down below. They too are mid-priced at about $100 or less and will do the job when you are transitioning from toddler to bigger child. You can view the top selling KidKraft toddler beds here.

Toddler Beds for Boys:

The most popular toddler bed for boys is the Disney Pixar Cars Bed - it's holds twin size mattresses and box spring (they are not included). The price is what scares most parents away - it's over $400. I must say I considered this bed and was going to buy it but it was out of stock at the time we needed it so I went with a cheaper model. The reviews for the Little Tikes toddler bed are amazingly positive even though the price could break the bank. The theme is from the Disney Pixar movie Cars and therefore the price is mostly licensing fees paid to Disney for use of the name. Parents say the bed is sturdy and not too bad to put together. Many mention having trouble with the decals - getting them to line up exactly isn't easy. When finished though, the boys (and a few girls) love this bed. It truly looks like a race car from the side and that is what excites kids the most when it's bedtime. You can save a bit of money if your child prefers firetrucks to race cars. KidKraft makes the firetruck toddler cot which retails for about $133 which is a huge savings from the $400 for the Little Tikes bed.

Toddler Beds with Storage:

Certainly a popular add-on to any bed is something with some storage under the bed itself to make use of that space. Most toddler beds have zero storage, although you could buy a storage bin and put it under the bed as a separate piece altogther. The best we found were the Dream on Me beds - several with storage drawers that pull out down below. The problem is that the drawers are not that big and storing much is not that practical. Plus, a few parents mention that when the drawer is pulled out the child uses it as a step to get up into the bed and eventually the drawer will break. That being said, we say if you are going to buy a toddler bed with storage, make sure the drawer or bin is sturdy and can withstand a toddler standing in it. Check out the most popular toddler beds with storage online here.