Updated: Oct 11, 2017

Toy Chest Reviews:

Trying to organize or at least put away kids toys can be an ongoing problem. It seems that one minute you have your house totally clean and the next toys are strewn all over the floors. Parents are constantly battling "clutter" with little ones and I have to admit that I can't blame it all on my kids. We have bought them so much stuff over the years that there really is no place for it all. We recently looked into buying some toy chests so that we could at least put away the larger items. The toy chest we purchased is large enough to hold dozens of toys and the hinges on the lid don't allow for anyone to slam it shut which makes it safe for even toddlers to use. We currently load it up with stuffed animals, play instruments, barbies, and more. The one downside to toy storage in a chest is that you can't really put things like legos or smaller items or else they get all mixed up. The one way around that is to buy individual storage bins or boxes, load them up with toys like legos, and then put them in the large toy chest.
toy chest

When it comes to toy boxes, always try to find a wooden toy chest if possible, they will hold up better than the plastic ones. We found toy chests for boys or girls - Disney has the Princess toy chest which has princesses on it and it's a hot item with younger girls. For the boys, we recommended a sports toy chest - you can find all the Guidecraft sports toy chests here - choose from your favorite team like the Boston Red Sox or Los Angeles Dodgers. The Limited Edition Toy Chest from Kidcraft is a solidly made wooden toy box that is easy to put together and use. Some of the wooden models actually have separators within the storage compartment so that it makes for a more organized system. Also, once the lid is closed, these toy chests function as a basic bench in your house. Our kids have always played with the chest - they climb inside it and sit on top as well. Although we don't like most of the plastic toy chests on the market, one that does get excellent ratings from owners is the Little Tikes Primary Colors Toy Chest and it sells for about $60. You can find dozens of toy chest reviews online at Amazon.com as their site is loaded with customer feedback and opinions on all the products. Other stores that carry kids toy chests are Ikea, Target, Walmart, and Sears. You can browse the top selling toy chests online here.

Best Toy Chest:

RECOMMENDED - One of the top rated toy chests on Amazon is the Guidecraft Little Farmhouse Toy Box and we can see why. The hand painted toy box has a farm scene on it with a cow and a pig. The interior features removable dividers so you can customize the way you organize the storage chest. The box also has the safety hinges that parents like so much and the wheels on the bottom let you move it around the house. Assembly is required, but the directions are well thought out and it doesn't take long at all. Parents comments include "perfect toy box" and "very durable". The Guidecraft collection of products are constructed with quality parts and they have been best sellers for years in stores and online.

Little Tikes Toy Chest:

BEST - Little Tikes makes quite a few toy storage solutions for kids, but we think the Little Tikes Primary Colors Toy Chest is the one that stands apart. They have the toy chest for boys - Little Tikes Thomas & Friends Toy Box - but for a more gender neutral design we say the Primary Colors toy box is the best on the market. The Primary Colors toy chest has 6 cubic feet of storage space and it's definitely meant for larger toys versus smaller ones. You also get 2 removable bins down below - that is where you should be putting the smaller stuff. If the lid becomes an issue, you can always detach it and use the storage chest without it. We read lots of parents reviews on this product and all said it "does the job".

Wooden Toy Chest:

The KidKraft Limited Edition Toy Chest sells for just over $100 and comes in 3 color choices - black, white, or natural. I like the safety hinges on this chest, no slamming shut on your kids fingers. Owners say the chest is "sturdy and well made". Assemble goes quick (about 30 minutes) and the end result is a nice looking toy chest that can go just about anywhere in your house. With the lid closed it functions as a seat and guests would never know it full of toys. Kidcraft makes some wonderful products for kids and we think this is one of their best yet.