Updated: Oct 11, 2017

Toy Organizer Reviews:

As the parent of two kids (ages 8 and 4) I have come to the conclusion that it's pretty much impossible to keep their toys organized. The clutter builds up so fast that you don't even want to clean up knowing that it will all magically appear tomorrow and the next day and so on. Kids toys come with so many pieces and parts these days that I feel overwhelmed when I try to help them clean up. I even feel sorry for them when they complain about putting things away. I often don't even know where to start - all the toy chests and storage devices we have bought in the past seem to just add to the confusion and all the toys get jumbled together and pieces are completely mixed up. I have given up on toy chests since they don't actually help you separate toys, instead you use them as a simple toy storage container and that doesn't solve a thing. As a New Year's resolution I promised myself I would get my kids toys in order and help them achieve some organizational plan.
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We set out looking for a toy organizer with bins so that each all the toys could be put away individually and hopefully keep them from getting intermixed with others. There's nothing like finding legos in the Barbie bin. I knew this wouldn't be foolproof, but buying a toy organizer for kids was my only solution. You will find a variety of toy organizer furniture - some have shelves, others feature bins or containers, and the best have lids that go on the bins. A few of the toy storage organizers had fabric bins, but I prefer the hard plastic containers for their durability. The toy organizer at Ikea (Expedit) sells for $160 - it's really more of a bookshelf but perfect for stuffing toys, kids books, puzzle, and more into the separate storage compartments. Target has some toy storage bins - the Disney Princess is a 9 bin unit but reviews on this model are less than average. Some owners of toy organizers with shelves swear by them - a few even had them installed permanently in playrooms or kids closets. I like the shelving system, but they are often quite large (like the one from Ikea) and therefore impractical for those with less room to work with. The bin storage organizers for toys are still the best - many offer 4 to 12 bin containers, usually with different color patterns. The shelves are often tilted just a bit so that the bins sit on the rods that go across the storage unit. Some have flat shelving and the bins do come with lids so that even if the littlest kids in the house knock them over, the contents won't spill out. Expect to spend between $35 and $100 for a decent toy storage bin system and much more for those complete storage solutions that stores like Ikea sell. You can browse the top selling toy storage organizers online here.

Best Toy Organizer:

RECOMMENDED - I prefer the organizers with lids that fit on the storage bins and the Nine Bin Toy Organizer by Little Colorado - Natural provides just that. A few people mention that they like to see the contents of each bin and therefore go with the models that are lidless, but these containers are see-through so there is no problem. I like the fact this unit is so sturdy - made with Baltic birch plywood and birch dowels giving it the extra strength. The 9 bins hold plenty of toys and by putting the lids on you guarantee (at least for a few minutes) that nothing will get knocked over and spilled. I have owned a few of the open container storage units and it always seems like the moment I put back the legos my little one would pull them back out and spill them out. The Little Colorado storage products are well thought out and very practical for parents that need help organizing their childrens toys.

Toy Organizer with Bins:

Want something colorful, includes 12 bins for storage and holds lots of different sized toys? Go with the top rated Tot Tutors Primary Toy Organizer. This is more like what you would expect for a kids toy storage unit - as compared to the more bland unit listed above. The plastic bins come in blue, green, yellow, and red colors and the bins are 2 sizes. The unit is just the right height for toddlers so they can reach each bin without a stretch. The wood construction is done in a natural finish and seems fairly sturdy. The Tot Tutors Primary Toy Organizer is the perfect container solutions for kids books, puzzles, action figures, legos, blocks, dolls, etc. All the reviews we could find online were very positive for this Tot Tutors product, although some did mention that the bins are not good for holding larger kids toys.

Fabric Bin Toy Storage System:

Priced at just below $50, the Beck International Children's Wooden Toy Bin Organizer is one of the most popular items on Amazon in the "toy storage" section. The Beck storage unit has a functional design and it quite sturdy and stable. Assembly is really easy and the fabric bins are thick and hold lots of toys. They are colored - green, red, yellow, etc. Looks great in playrooms, bedrooms, closets, and even in family rooms. The real trick is getting your kids to clean up after themselves and using it.