Updated: Oct 11, 2017

Travel Crib Reviews:

Travel cribs, or porta cribs, are a necessity if you travel alot and want to take your infant or toddler on the road with you. My wife and I travel quite a bit and we didn't want our kids to stop us from being adventurous. Once our kids were a few months old we looked into buying a travel crib so that we could resume our travels. Staying in hotels or at friends houses is always a concern when you have a smaller child. Hotel cribs often seem outdated and safety is a big concern with me. The top selling Baby Bjorn Travel Crib Light is the perfect solution to most of your travel concerns. This portable crib is lightweight, sets up in a matter of seconds, and is quite stable compared to others on the market. Most parents have become familiar with the brand Baby Bjorn and their other products are very popular as well. They strive to make "parent friendly" baby products that take the hassle out of using them and keep things easy and fun. Although the travel crib from Baby Bjorn is a bit pricey at $230 it really took the headache out of traveling for us. With the convenient carrying bag I could carry it around airports just like luggage.
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When you shop for a baby travel crib you want to find something that is sets up easily with minimal effort on your part. Also, look for a portable crib that is stable enough to get knocked into by siblings (toddlers) but still remain standing. A lightweight travel crib is essential when coming and going from hotels or airports and most that we reviewed offer that. Baby travel cribs should also provide the same safety that a regular crib does. Don't skimp on features to save a few bucks. Graco and Baby Bjorn dominate this market with their products and from reading owner reviews we can see why since they provide a quality travel crib that is convenient to use. The Graco travel cribs like the Graco Travel Lite is much cheaper than the Baby Bjorn model and sets up well if you have a really small infant that may still need to sleep in a bassinet. It's a bit more stable at almost 18 pounds in weight, but it doubles as two products with a bassinet that sits on top of a playpen. It does fold up and is very portable for travel purposes, so parents with really young infants should consider this model. The Kidco Peapod travel beds for babies are one of the few other products in this category that get decent reviews. Although probably not meant for seriously travels, they do setup easily and work great at the park or perhaps in a friends house for a few hours while visiting. They are relatively cheap at $60 and should hold up well for a few years. The good news with these products is that they don't have to last forever, just from newborn to about 3 years old. We gave up our travel crib after our daughter ourgrew it and then suddenly had our second child. We thought we could travel without a porta crib and tried a few stays in hotels only to be awake all night thinking he might fall out of the bed or get smothered under the covers. Since that episode we bought another travel baby crib and now rest much easier at night when on the road. You can browse the top selling travel cribs online here.

Best Travel Crib:

RECOMMENDED - It's hard to compete against a brand name like Baby Bjorn and they are the #1 seller of travel cribs on Amazon.com. The BabyBjorn Travel Crib Light really has no competitor that even comes close. In all the online reviews we read, there was no other product with similar ratings. The Phil and Ted travel bed is close in look and feel, but when it comes to reviews, parents know the true meaning of quality and the Baby Bjorn travel crib is the hands down winner. The first things that owners mention is the stability of the crib. The design keeps it firmly on the floor and your baby safe. Also, moms and dads know convenience when they see it. The Baby Bjorn travel crib is easy to open and close making it a great travel companion in hotel rooms and even at the park. A mattress is included with the purchase and the total weight is only 11 pounds. Just use the carrying case to transport it. Recommended for newborns up to 3 year old toddlers. The Travel Light Crib gets near PERFECT reviews online with parents sayings things like "lightweight and perfect size" and "super quick set-up and put away". We found a great video on Youtube which shows all the feature of the crib in action - see it below. Once you watch the video and realize how simple to use the crib is, you'll want to buy it.

Graco Travel Crib:

Graco is a well recognized name in the baby products industry and they have been making playpens and playards for years. RECOMMENDED - We found their Graco Travel Lite Crib with Bassinet to be an award winning product that parents have come to rely upon when traveling. Features include a folding, portable bassinet and an indoor canopy that provides shade when outdoors in the sun. It's lightweight enough to travel with at 18 pounds, although I wouldn't want to have to haul it around too much. The mesh sides really help with ventilation, especially on warmer days. The Travel Lite Crib has a push button system for it's fast to close and the wheels on the bottom let you move it from room to room without having to pick it up and carry it. Many parents note that they use it as a porta crib when taking the baby to grandmas house. Why force your parents to buy a 2nd crib when this one will do the job just fine. It's versatile and well designed say most owners.