Updated: Oct 11, 2017

Dr. Brown's Baby Bottles, Sterilizers and Warmers:

Dr. Brown's Baby Bottles Guide - Your children will always need your love, but in the first year of their lives, they depend on you for so much: shelter, warmth, kind words and touches, and food. Lots and lots of food. Just as bonding is so essential for our children, so, too, is nutrition in those first years. Babies' brains will grow to about 80 percent of their adult sizes; they triple their birth weight; they progress from sleeping 20 hours a day to crawling and exploring. They need the right nutrients - and they need them delivered in a healthy way. Dr. Brown's baby bottles offer parents a safe, reliable way to feed their babies, while reducing colic. During feedings, and after, Dr. Brown's bottles and baby bottle sterilizers are there to help you through that tough, amazing first year.
dr brown baby bottles

Why Dr. Brown's? - If you have been searching for baby bottles, you know that they are not created equal. The choice that parents face can be overwhelming: what brand should you buy? What shape should the nipple be? Is it BPA free? Will it let your baby swallow air along with his food, which can cause gas - which can cause colic? Dr. Brown's baby bottles, created by a doctor, have an innovative design that reduces air bubbles and negative pressure you find in regular bottles. Dr. Brown's Natural Flow bottle was the first in the industry to have an internal vent system. This eliminated the vacuum effect, pressure, and air bubbles that can make babies’ tiny tummies hurt. These are the only feeding bottles on the market that have this sophisticated, patented system, and they mimic breastfeeding, which is a great source of comfort and attachment for your baby. Dr. Brown's Baby Bottles - Dr. Brown's baby bottles all use the same great vent system, so you can be assured that no matter which option you decide on, your baby will reap all the benefits. You can choose from standard bottles, wide neck or glass. Each bottle has a two-piece vent system to allow vacuum-free feeding and create "positive-pressure flow." How does this work? When your baby eats, air is transferred from the nipple collar through the vent, and finally to the back of the bottle. It never comes in contact with the formula or breast milk. This has a few benefits: first, you are reducing air your baby will swallow, which in turn reduces gas, spit up, burping, and colic. You can see how this works in the YouTube video listed below.

Second, because it minimizes oxidation, essential nutrients are maintained. Your baby will get the full benefit of Vitamins A, C, and E. In addition, Dr. Brown's bottles are free of BPA, PVC lead, and phthalates; these are common in the production of plastic, and over time, they can build up in the body. Beginning life without exposure to this is a good head start on a healthy life. What Do the Experts Say? - Dr. Brown's bottles are trusted by hospitals, including Neonatal intensive care units, and doctors; they were named as the Best Bottle for Colicky Babies by ConsumerSearch (a site which reviews thousands of products and creates a short list of the best products for consumers to help them narrow down their choices). 3Luxe, a similar site that narrows down to the best 3 products in any number of categories, named Dr. Brown's as the best baby bottles on the market. Reviews cite the unique design and venting system, variety of sizes and shapes, and lack of BPA. But what do the real experts say? Moms and dads make the best - and toughest - critics: they know what works for their babies, and they do not settle for less. You will see that Dr. Brown's baby bottles consistently receive top marks from parents on sites like Wize, Buzzillions, ReviewStream, BabyWorld, and Viewpoints. One mother on Viewpoints mentioned that her baby had reflux and was frequently sick after feeding. She tried Dr. Brown's bottles and happily reports that the reflux is better, and her baby doesn't have the gas and colic that she used to. And if this means more sleep and less worry for mom, the bottle is certainly worth it. One issue that is noted by reviewers is that the bottles take a little more time to clean than other bottles because of the more complex venting system. You can browse the best selling Dr. Brown's baby bottles here.

Dr. Brown's Baby Bottle Sanitizer:

Baby bottle sanitizers are designed to ensure your bottles are as healthy as the food you put into them. Dr. Brown also makes a Microwave Steam Sterilizer so you can easily and effectively clean your bottles. Despite Dr. Brown's reputation, many people are not sure if they even need a sterilizer. Can't you just use your dishwasher? Yes. Can't you just hand wash? Yes, absolutely. If you have chlorinated water, you don't really need a sanitizer because chlorine is a germ killer. You can hand wash in hot soapy water or put in the top rack of the dishwasher between feedings. If you don't have chlorinated water (like well water, for instance) or a dishwasher, a sterilizer may be a great option. You may also want to sterilize the nipples and accessories once a week or so to maintain their cleanliness and quality. In addition, you'll want to sterilize your bottles, nipples, accessories, pacifiers, and chew toys when they are new. Dr. Browns Microwave Steam Sterilizer holds up to 4 bottles and accommodates standard or wide bottles. It uses tap water, is dishwasher safe, and includes a handy pair of plastic tongs. Like the bottles, the Sterilizer receives rave reviews from consumers on ReviewStream, Buzzillions, Walmart, and Wize. It was named by several websites as the Best Microwave Sterilizer. It seems to be a big hit with parents of twins especially, who are constantly feeding or washing. You can find the Microwave Steam Sterilizer for a bit under $30. When it comes to your baby, only the best will do. You can rest assured that Dr. Brown's bottles and sanitizers are of the best quality, and more importantly, your baby can rest comfortably. Check out top rated bottle warmers and sterilizers here.

How Much Do Dr. Brown's Baby Bottles Cost?:

Price is often cited as a downside of Dr. Brown's baby bottles, but really, you can find them for much the same price as other bottles. A 3-pack of BPA free polypropylene 8-ounce bottles costs $17, but you can find them for $13.65 on Amazon. The Natural Flow Newborn Feeding Set, which contains bottles, caps, nipples, and brush cleaners, is only $20. If your baby is colicky, you know that $20 is a small price to pay for a comfortable baby - especially at night. You can find them in stores like Walmart, Babies R Us, Target and of coruse online.