Updated: Oct 11, 2017

Evenflo Car Seat Reviews and Guide:

Innovative Infant Products at Evenflo - Evenflo is a company that has been making equipment for children for over 85 years. While Evenflo was initially making just baby care products, they now have products for kids from infants to preschool age. Today Evenflo, based in Ohio, sells car seats, strollers, high chairs, play yards and activity products. Some of Evenflo's most popular products are the Exersaucer which is an activity center for babies, and a soft baby carrier called the Snugli. Evenflo also makes an extensive line of car seats. A car seat is a special seat for babies that can be belted in to one of the regular seats in the back of a car. This seat offers special safety to protect the child. Evenflo also makes convertible car seats. Evenflo's car seats includes different models including Maestro, Serenade, Discovery, Embrace. The Evenflo website has a guide to choosing your car seat based on your requirements and the size of your child: here. If you want to see videos of Evenflo products, the company has its own Youtube channel with videos detailing various products for babies and small children - check out the videos here.
evenflo car seats

EvenFlo's Convertible Car Seats - Evenflo's car seats have various styles including rear facing, forward facing, 5 point harness, and high back belt positioning booster. They come in colors including red, beige, black, blue, brown, gray, green, pink and yellow. What are convertible car seats? They are used for infants to face the back of the car. Convertible car seats also have a 5-point harness to protect the baby. Guidelines recommend that infants should ride in a car facing the rear until they can no longer do so because of the car's safety guidelines. Generally, they should ride facing to the rear until they are 1 year old and weigh 20 pounds. When babies have outgrown their ability to face the rear of the car, they should sit facing the front with a full harness. One of the most recommended Evenflo car seats is the Evenflo Titan Elite DLX Convertible Car Seat which sells for about $99 on Amazon. This is one of the least expensive Evenflo car seats. The Evenflo Titan Elite has a 50 pound weight rating, which allows the child to stay in the 5 point harness longer than with traditional convertible car seats. Most have a 40 pounds weight rating. The Evenflow Titan Elite also has removable body pillows and memory foam. Reviewers agree this is a safe, comfortable and easy to use car seat. Another Evenflo car seat that comes highly recommended is the Evenflo Triumph Advance LX Convertible Car Seat. The Evenflo Triumph sells for about $134 and has an infiniteslide harness system which allows the parent to change the harness height easily. He or she only needs to slide the red tables around. Because the system doesn't require rethreading to change height, it can save parent's time and it lowers the chance of improperly positioning the child. Of the reviews we saw, parents say the Evenflo Triumph has a lot fo offer in the way of protection. On the negative side, parents complain the seat is a big heavy if you are moving it between cars. This seat really isn't designed to be portable. Also a few reviewers commented it was difficult to get the Evenflo Triumph into a small car. You can browse all the top rated Evenflo car seats online here.

Best Evenflo Car Seat:

So what is the best Evenflo car seat? Currently, the Evenflo Symphony Convertible Car Seat with SureLATCH is one of the company's most highly recommended. The Evenflo Symphony has sure latch which is a new technology that provides the most safe and comfortable ride. You can install your car seat to your vehicle as easily as installing a seat belt. The Evenflo Symphony also accommodates children from 5 pounds to 100 pounds. This means you don't have to replace the car seat when your child gets to be a certain age. Another major plus to the Evenflo Symphony is that the seat will tighten on its own to fit the baby. You don't need to pull a strap. There is also a feature to let the baby recline in a variety of positions for the baby's maximum comfort. We read reviews of the Evenflo Symphony at CarSeatBlog and a parenting blog called lilsugar. The reviewer on this site stated that, "The Evenflo Symphony raises the bar for 3-in-1 child restraints." This reviewer also loved how effectively the SureLATCH system worked at attaching the car seat to the car. Other parents who chimed in at this site agreed that this was a versatile and easy to use car seat. On the negative side, some parents felt that the Evenflo Symphony was too bulky and heavy to use. It may be too big for moms to carry around. It also doesn't have quite as much cushion as some of the other chairs.

Evenflo Recall:

Because of Evenflo's dedication to safety, they sometimes have to recall products that do not offer 100% safety for children. For example, about 3.4 million Joyride infant car seats/carriers where recalled. As it turned out, when the seat was used as an infant carrier, the handle could accidentally release, causing the seat to flip forwards. As a result, Evenflo offers a free repair to anyone who has bought the Joyride infant car seat. CPSC Chairman Ann Brown stated, "It's an easy repair to make, and it is designed to protect your baby from a very serious injury." Parents should not carry the seat by the handle until it has been fixed. You can call Evenflo toll-free at (800) 233-5921.