Updated: Oct 11, 2017

Evenflo Exersaucer Reviews:

Why the Evenflo Exersaucer is a Great Toy for Babies - Evenflo has been making products for babies and children for the last 85 years. They also have a focus on safety as well as educational products for kids. In fact Evenflo has the official quote, "We put safety into everything we do, and make it easier for you." One of Evenflo's most popular products is the Exersaucer. What is an exersaucer? Think of a safe alternative to a walker for babies, combined with an entertainment station. This toy is intended for children from 4 months old to walking age. The exersaucer has a landscaped tray that surrounds the baby and it contains a variety of toys. All the toys are close up so that the baby can easily play with them. The baby can also bounce around and get exercise in the exersaucer. And when the baby travels, the toys, of course, travel with him. So why use an exersaucer? The exersaucer helps with motor skills as well as self awareness. The child can spend time inside of it and not get bored. This gives parents a chance to get some chores done, knowing the baby is safe and occupied. The toys inside the exersaucer also help the baby understand cause and effect and develop hand/eye coordination. You can get exersaucers in stores like BabiesRUS, Walmart or Amazon. View all the Evenflo Exersaucers online here. Other manufacturers like Graco, Bright Starts, Kolcraft, Safety 1st, and Fisher Price all make their own (different) versions of the exersaucer.
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The Best ExerSaucers - According to About.com, of the top 7 stationary play centers for kids, two of the ExerSaucers models made the list, namely, Evenflo ExerSaucer Triple Fun and Evenflo SmartSteps ExerSaucer. Evenflo ExerSaucer SmartSteps - ABC is one of the most popular ExerSaucers. We read reviews on Amazon to see what parents were saying about this ExerSaucer. Most parents give this toy rave reviews and say that their babies love the activities. This particular ExerSaucer is popular because it has a lot of bright lights and colors. Also it has the theme of teaching kid the ABCs. Parents say that the lights and sounds are entertaining to kids, but not too annoying for parents. In fact, one reviewer mentioned she liked the music. One parent complained about the need for 3 AA batteries for the electronic items on the ExerSaucer. She went on to say that the toys do not need their batteries changed very often. Also parents appreciate that the babies can stand and play on their own. When they get tired in the ExerSaucer, they can just rest in the seat. The SmartSteps Exersaucer is a great choice for younger babies. It has teethers and bigger buttons. It also has 50 different sights and sounds. For example, the baby can look in the mirror or pick up a toy phone. The baby's height should be under 30 inches for this particular ExerSaucer. Of the reviews we read, parents were thrilled with the SmartSteps Exersaucer. They liked the fact that they could switch the toys out with new ones as the babies grew and learned. Parents also said it was easy to move the ExerSaucer from room to room.

Evenflo Exersaucer Triple Fun:

The Evenflo ExerSaucer Triple Fun, also named as one of the top 7 play centers for kids by About.com. This is definitely one of the most popular ExerSaucers. We looked at the customer feedback on Amazon, Target as well as on BabiesRUs. Although it isn't one of the lowest cost ExerSaucers, it offers more fun and learning than some of the other models. It has three height adjustments. It changes from a play mat, to an activity table to a entertainer. Only negative is that it takes 9 AAA batteries to get everything working. Also some parents complained that it was hard to clean and difficult to assemble. However, on the positive side, babies loved the ExerSaucer Triple Fun and definitely did have lots of fun with this option. Parents also mention that they could adapt the ExerSaucer as their children grew older.

The ExerSaucer Mega Active Learning Center Farmyard - is also a top seller as well and is sold at a lower pricepoint. This Exersaucer is also referred to as the MegaSaucer. The Evenflo Farmyard ExerSaucer Mega won the iParenting Media Award for "Greatest Product." This particular ExerSaucer has a farm theme and allows kids to play with different animals.Considering the pricepoint on this ExerSaucer, it is a great choice even if it doesn't have all the bells and whistles of the other ExerSaucer models. It features stabilizing feet, a removable, machine washable pad (essential with little ones), and 3 height adjustments. With any ExerSaucers you can also order replacement parts or extra toys for just a few dollars each. These additional toys are really useful as they keep the ExerSaucer new for kids.