Updated: Oct 11, 2017

Fisher Price Jumperoo Review:

Guide to the Fisher Price Jumperoo - As a parent, you have to balance your child's safety with fun and stimulation, and ideally, a few minutes of quiet time for you. Babies are sweet and precious, and they bring out the protective instinct in us. They are also utterly exhausting. Anytime you can get a few minutes of time to do the dishes, put dinner in the oven, catch up on some work or do the bills, or just sit down and take a rest, it is well worth taking. This is what has made the Fisher Price Jumperoo so beloved among parents: it occupies baby and keeps her safe and happy so you can have your minute. But more importantly, the Jumperoo is beloved among babies because it is fun, bright, and colorful. It has lights, music, spinning monkeys, swirling planets, dancing fish, and much more. Your child can visit the Fisher Price rainforest, galaxy, or ocean anytime she likes, and you can rest assured that she is learning, happy, and being well taken care of. Now if we could only find a Jumperoo in your size, you'd be all set. This is your guide to the Fisher Price Jumperoo and the adventures your child will find.
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The Fisher Price Jumperoo

- In the first year of life, your baby's head will grow to about 80 percent of its ideal size. This is because that brain is growing, developing, and making new connections every day - every second even. The connections in our brains allow us to engage in complex thought, and babies make these connections by observing and interacting with their environment. You don't need to drill the alphabet into your baby, though. She learns so much more naturally. All she needs are the right tools. She needs color, lights, sounds, especially your words, motion, and textures. With each new thing she is exposed to, she makes new connections and develops new skills. This is what makes the Jumperoo so effective. Not only does it entertain and occupy your child, it teaches them. Let's take a look at the Fisher Price Rain Forest Jumperoo, one of the most popular. This is a baby seat or jumper that adds a lot of color and sound to your baby's day. Your child sits in a red frog seat, and in front of her is a little spinning drum that she can use to activate the Rainforest-themed music and lights. This is not only fun, it teaches her cause and effect. There are toys around and overhead that she can reach up for (another important skill), touch, explore, or simply look at. The toys include: a bobbing elephant, swinging monkey, spinning lizard, a cute parrot, and a fun tree frog hanging from the leaves above your child's head. The seat spins so she can look at anything she likes, while strengthening her leg muscles. They thought of everything, didn't they? Each fun activity teaches or reinforces an essential skill. The seat has 3 different heights, so you can fit it to your child and extend its use as she grows. The soft springs are covered to ensure that your child's fingers are not pinched or poked. There are different themed Jumperoos, including the Fisher-Price Precious Planet Jumperoo, Lil Laugh & Learn, and Ocean Wonders. You can find a review of the Precious Planet Jumperoo on YouTube down below.

With the exception of the Lil Laugh & Learn, these Jumperoos cost less than $80. You can also see that each Jumperoo consistently gets high ratings for reviewers: having a few hundred people agree on a product is amazing, having them agree that it is a 5-star product is more amazing still. The Lil Laugh n' Learn is more expensive but it adds a few more features to the mix. This fun farm-themed Jumperoo offers lights and music in two modes: learning and music. Your child will learn to identify objects, colors, begin preliminary counting skills, and learn animal sounds. The music mode, which can be either kid-activated or parent-activated, offers 10 minutes of music to accompany playing. The Laugh & Learn is excellent, and like the other Jumperoos, highly rated among reviewers. But rest assured that your baby will laugh and learn with any of the Fisher Price Jumperoo models. The Laugh & Learn costs $120.

Fisher Price Jumperoo Reviews:

The Jumperoo gets rave reviews from the people who count the most, parents. Amazon, Buzzillion, Wize, and other consumer sites consistently have positive reviews from parents who have used Jumperoos. But the Jumperoo has also been recognized as an outstanding toy several times. Awards include the American Baby Best of the Year (AMBY) Award and the Toy Insider/Redbook pick for one of the hottest toys and gifts. The Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo was named by Buzzillion reviewers as the best baby jumper on the market, earning an average rating of 4.8 out of 5. An Associated Content review stated, "I would only trust Fisher Price with a product like this." Nothing's perfect of course, except your baby, and the Jumperoo has a few faults. These may be minor enough that you won't even consider them downfalls. One noted by About.com is that it can be a space hog. Even when the legs are folded, it'll take a chunk of your closet. But the flip side of that is it has a durable, sturdy construction that makes it perfectly safe for your baby. Another issue is that the weight limit is 25 pounds. This won't be an issue for smaller babies, but larger ones may max out before they lose interest in the Jumperoo.

A Word about Your Fisher Price Jumperoo and Safety:

The Fisher Price Jumperoo is certified as safe by JPMA (Juvenile Products Manufacturer's Association). This is a toy trade organization that develops standards to ensure the utmost safety for your child. The comprehensive certification program helps parents choose products that are safe for their children. It is important to ensure your baby's safety at all times, and inferior baby swings and jumpers may cause harm to your child. Fisher Price ensures your child's safety by making sure the Jumperoo is strong, sturdy, and contains no choking or health-hazardous materials. You can help keep your baby safe by never leaving her unattended while she's in her Jumperoo. If you're in the kitchen making dinner, bring her right along. Do not put this toy near the tops of stairs or by doorways. When she is strong enough to sit unaided, she can use a Jumperoo. Make sure she's securely in the seat, and let the fun begin. When it comes to the safety of the Jumperoo, Fisher Price has put your child's needs first at the center of their design. The Fisher Price Jumperoo gives your child the stimulation and fun she needs to develop a strong and healthy mind. You'll have as much fun watching her as she has playing with her Jumperoo.