Updated: Oct 11, 2017

Fisher Price Power Wheels Kids Cars Review

If there is one brand that encapsulates childhood and stands alone as an icon of innocence, fun, and creativity, it is Fisher Price. This company has been providing top quality children's products since 1930, and it remains one of the most trusted names in toys. Fisher Price has come a long way since the wooden Dr. Doodle, the first toy it sold; they were innovators in the use of safe, durable, strong plastics, and they continue to develop new and interesting toys to keep little hands and big minds busy and happy. Today, among the most popular Fisher Price toys are the Power Wheels ride-ons. What the heck is a Power Wheel? They are those fun little battery powered cars you see kids cruising around in on the sidewalk or driveway - the Barbie Jeep is one of the most popular ones for girls. Fisher Price satisfies a child's need for speed as well as his parents' need for peace of mind. Power Wheels toys are safe and durable (as long as you keep them out of the street or use cones or signs to warn local traffic to watch out for sidewalk drivers). But your child doesn't care about that. All he'll think about is the fun he'll have - and there are unlimited adventures ahead. We'll look at some of the top models and help you determine which Power Wheels toy is right for your child. Quick note - these toys aren't cheap, but having personally owned one for 2 daughters for more than 5 years, we definitely got our money's worth..

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Fisher Price Power Wheels for Beginning Drivers

One of the major concerns for parents when they are considering ride-on toys is safety. This is of particular importance to parents of small children - they want to have fun, but they're not quite ready for big kid fun yet. The Fisher Price Power Wheels Toddler Series is a perfect solution. These are specifically designed to accommodate smaller children - and to set parents' minds at ease. For those who are just beginning, the Girl's Lil Quad Barbie Power Wheels is ideal.

This fun ride has a quad-style design with easy push-button start and stop. The durable molded plastic body prevents scratches and scrapes, and the wide wheel base keeps your child from tipping over. This Barbie Power Wheels has a 6-volt rechargeable battery that allows for one speed. This makes it much easier for your little driver to focus on keeping her quad on the road (or driveway or lawn). And while it is plenty fast for your adventurous three-year old, it is slow enough for you to keep up easily. The low profile design allows your child to assert her independence and get on and off by herself. Review after review praises the Lil Quad's durability, smooth ride, and safety. But the best part? Definitely the cool Barbie pink color, purple and red accents, and fun Barbie decals. Your toddler will be riding in style while learning motor and coordination skills, as well as sharpening her imagination. On second thought, maybe the best part of the Barbie Power Wheels Lil Quad for Girls is the price. You can pick this up on Amazon for under $80 (see link above). If you need a less pink version of the Lil Quad for your toddler, look for the similarly priced Batman, Dora, Diego, and Cars models. On another note, when it comes to maintenance, we suggest you try to keep these cars covered and hose them off really good every month. Nothing keeps little girls away from these cars like piles of dirty, wet leaves and junk clogging up the floor and seats, and heaven forbid spiders or spider webs aywhere in sight. That was the only realy problem we ever had with ours -- just keeping it "palatable" for a little girl's tastes. Other than that, we did leave it out in the rain and elements for months at a time with no noticable damage, just regular wear and tear. Never problems with the battery or anything else.

Fisher Price Power Wheels Ford F-150 - Fisher Price Power Wheels Kawasaki KFX Ninja

Little kids want to be big kids, and big kids want to be grown-ups. If your little adult wants a more authentic ride, the Fisher Price Power Wheels Ford F-150 is the clear choice. Toys Uncovered, a top toy review site, says that this little truck is the most realistic replica ride-on and that its features and detailing are top rate. The sporty Power Wheels has Ultimate Terrain Traction, which allows your child to ride on various terrains, even an uneven backyard. It offers two speeds: 2.5 mph (forward and reverse) and 5 mph, with a high-speed lock-out for those who aren't quite up to higher speeds yet. But don't worry, parents. You can catch up with your child if you have to even at 5 mph. With the Power Lock brakes, this is a safe vehicle for all your child's adventures. Now to the good stuff: there is a working FM radio, simulated motor sounds, gas gauge (which measures battery charge), chrome accents, working tailgate and roomy bed, faux seatbelts, and even cup holders. The powerful 12- volt rechargeable battery provides hours of fun, and the durable molded plastic body and limited warranty provide years of use. The Power Wheels F-150 is designed for children ages 3 to 5, and can accommodate 2 children with a combined weight of up to 130 pounds. The F-150 will provide miles and miles of fun. It's $300 cost is quite reasonable given the immense durability and versatility of the Power Wheels F-150. You can see it in action in a video clip here.

Like the Power Wheels F-150, the Fisher Price Kawasaki Ninja is designed for children aged three to five and offers two exciting speeds, 2.5 mph (forward and reverse) and 5 mph. It also offers the same great safety features, including a durable, scratch-free plastic body, rugged wheels, high-speed lock-out, and Power Lock brakes. The Ultimate All Terrain Traction system and powerful 12-volt rechargeable battery ensure that bumps, ruts, grass, gravel, and dirt are obstacles that the Fisher Price Power Wheels Kawasaki can handle easily. The Power Wheels Ninja is a kids' version of an ATV and has the sleek design of the real thing: you will find oversized tires, colored shock boot covers, real metal handlebars, and a great bold red body with realistic details. In fact, Toys Uncovered said the detailing was so good it was almost "indistinguishable" from the adult version. But luckily, you can get the Ninja for much less: this Power Wheels costs about $220 (the battery sits inside the engine compartment, complete with a hood that flips up -- unplug the battery and take indoors to charge, then replace when finished)

Fisher Price Power Wheels Barbie Jammin' Jeep

Don't let its pretty pink good looks fool you: this Power Wheels Barbie Jeep keeps up with both the F-150 and Ninja. Its rechargeable 12-volt battery and rugged plastic wheels provide endless adventures on a variety of terrains, and the low, wide wheel base characteristic of Power Wheels ensures your child's safety -- and of course the pink color and "Barbie" name identifies it as a girls car, through and through! She can drive at a mellow 2.5 mph (forward and reverse) until she sharpens her skills; you can then unlock the speed for a thrilling 5 mph ride. Barbie always travels in style: your child will love the working FM radio, authentic detailing, fun Barbie decals and accents, working doors, chrome wheels, and real digital clock. She'll also love grabbing a friend and going on adventures. And you know what? The Barbie Jeep is so cool that her brother or boyfriends will want to climb in for a ride as well. The Barbie Jammin' Jeep is the most popular of the Power Wheels Barbie rides, and one of the most popular in the entire line of Power Wheels (it's the one we owned for almost 5 years, through 2 daughters). It's no wonder: this car is as fun as Barbie herself and reasonable at $260. This car is roomy enough to accomodate 2 kids, up to 50+ pounds each. You'll be a little squeezed if you are 65+ pounds.

Most Power Wheel cars also come with 2 speeds - a low speed which is good to learn how to start and stop (and let passengers in and out!), turn, reverse, etc. The 2nd, higher speed normally comes locked, you have to pull out a locking pin to activate it -- under this speed, the car moves significantly faster, so look out if smaller siblings are wandering about. We say keep it in 1st for 3 and 4 year olds until they show they can really handle it.

There is an astonishing array of Fisher Price Power Wheels from which to choose. You can easily find one that will fit both your child and your budget. Whether you choose the wallet- and toddler-friendly Lil Quad Series or one of the Cadillac Escalade series, which range in cost from $500 and $1000, you can be sure that you will get Fisher Price quality and Fisher Price fun. Go car shopping here at Amazon's special Power Wheels store and help put your child's imagination in drive.

Fisher Price Power Wheels Replacement Battery

While the batteries on these kids cars can last for several years, they will eventually need to be replaced like all car batteries after a certain amount of use and charges. They cost about $40 for a replacement - just dispose of the old one properly (follow directions for battery disposal) and pop in the new one, and you are off and running, or off and driving as it might be. Power Wheel replacement battery available here.