Updated: Oct 11, 2017

Guide to the Fisher Price Smart Cycle:

Fisher Price Smart Cycle Review - It can be hard to be a parent, and it seems the harder you try, the more you feel like you're falling behind. Not so much TV, more activity, cut down on the junk food, add more veggies, read 15 minutes a day, discipline them but encourage their self-esteem, don't spoil them, spend more time with them, teach them independence...the list goes on and on. There's not enough time in the day! Relax. This is why we have Fisher Price. This staple of childhood has been providing the best tools for children for generations - toys. When you can offer safe, stimulating, educational, and most importantly, fun toys to your children, you can be sure you are doing the right thing for their happiness, wellbeing, and development. This is one part of childhood that is a no-brainer. A new member of the Fisher Price family is the Smart Cycle. This allows you to encourage intellectual and physical skills at the same time. There are two things you can cross off that list of yours. And cross happy, fit, smart, interested, and pretty good with technology off the list as well. This would be a lot to ask from another toy, but this is not just another toy: it's a Fisher Price. This is your guide to the Smart Cycle. See what it can do for your child.
fisher price smart cycle

What is the Smart Cycle? - The Fisher Price Smart Cycle combines two activities that kids love: video games and biking. We often worry that our children aren't getting enough physical activity if they're inside playing video games. Problem solved with the Smart Cycle. As well as catering to two activities most children already love, the Smart Cycle helps develop cognitive and physical skills that are essential. Designed for children ages 3 to 6, the Smart Cycle is a stationary bike (but much, much cooler than the adult exercise version, you can be assured). It connects to your television, and the fun begins. Your child pedals to get the adventure going, and the game leads through different activities, games, and races. Fisher Price says that it brings "the arcade experience home." The whole while, though, they are pedaling their little legs off. Here are some things your little cyclist can do:

*Pedal and steer through Math Mountain, Shape Lake, Number Fields, Letter Creek, and other fun, educational stops
*Don't worry - your child can rest when those little legs get tired. In the rest mode, he can use the joystick to play games and activities.
*Race time. Your child will love racing with the cars on the screen, against the clock, or with another Smart Cycler.

Your child will learn upper and lowercase letters, numbers, spelling, problem solving, shapes, matching, creativity, spatial reasoning, motor skills, cause and effect reasoning, and the love of moving their muscles. Best of all, the game grows with your child. He'll learn at one level at age 3 and be at a completely different place when he's 5: the Smart Cycle keeps up, adding more challenges and more options to accommodate his growing brain. You can see the Smart Cycle in action on this YouTube video below. While a great demo, you may want to mute the music. Just warning you.

Smart Cycle Extreme:

The Smart Cycle Extreme - If you have an extreme kid, and who doesn't, Fisher Price makes the Smart Cycle Extreme. This is very similar to the original Smart Cycle, but adds some extra options. Your kids will love the rumble feature, which adds a bit of realism to the ride and makes it more like a motorcycle - but don't worry, he's still pedaling. The Extreme also has an adjustable seat, so growing brains and legs are accommodated. The Smart Cycle Extreme is about $10 more and sells for under $100 online. You can see a demo on the Fisher Price site. If you don't want to spend the extra money, don't worry. The original Smart Cycle is just as good - it doesn't rumble. Which may be a good thing!

Smart Cycle Games - Because your child is a voracious learner, he'll quickly eat up all the challenges of the Smart Cycle's stock games. This could quickly make your $100 investment obsolete within months. To prevent this and ensure that you get years of use from your Smart Cycle, Fisher Price has created a variety of games for the Smart Cycle and Smart Cycle Extreme. These games feature characters that kids already know and love, which will make them all the more eager to get pedaling. You can find Sponge Bob, Dora, Diego, Toy Story, Cars, Elmo, Barbie, Hot Wheels, Thomas and Friends, Bob the Builder, and the list goes on. These games target different skill sets. For instance, the popular Smart Cycle Dora Software has your child cycling around the world to collect enough balloons to make it to the top of Polar Bear Mountain. Along the way, your child will learn vocabulary, animal facts, matching and patterns, listening skills, counting, geometric shapes, and nutrition. One happy Amazon parent says she can sit and watch her child play and not want to tear her hair out. That's high praise in our book. The Dora game costs $36. Check out all the best selling Smart Cycle games here. Make sure to get the right games for your system - the Classic and Extreme games are not interchangeable, unfortunately.

Smart Cycle Reviews:

This Fisher Price toy has received consistent positive reviews and awards. It was named the Most Innovative Toy of the Year and Educational Toy of the Year by the Toy Industry Association. TIA is a nonprofit that is committed to holding toys to strict safety and quality standards. Earning an award (or 2) is an indicator that not only is the toy safe, it is valuable for learning and growing. A review on ConversationsWithMoms.com noted that the variety of games was exceptional, as was the reinforcement of essential skills. Another review from Associated Content said that the Smart Cycle was a great toy because it taught essential skills while keeping kids active. Both reviews noted the ease of use, ease of set-up, and ease of interaction. There were some drawbacks, though, that you should be aware of. Several reviewers have lamented that the handlebars are not adjustable. While it will fit a wide range of children, it may not be a great fit for very small (though wait a bit, and they'll be fine) or larger children. Another drawback cited was that the bike runs on batteries. There is no option to plug it into a wall outlet, which can be inconvenient. It's a good idea to stock up on some D cell batteries when you buy the Smart Cycle. A Word about Safety for the Smart Cycle - Fisher Price is known for its top quality and durability. The Smart Cycle is no different. It is durable and sturdy. However, you have to be careful when you attach the pedals. Make sure you read the directions carefully and put the left pedal on the left side and the right on the right side. They are not interchangeable. If improperly attached, it may cause an accident, so make sure you attach them properly. When put on correctly, they are perfectly safe and stable. Fisher Price toys have always captured kids attention and interest, and the Smart Cycle allows them to use some of that endless energy as well. The Smart Cycle will be a welcome addition to the house on rainy, cold, or snowy days or early winter nights.