Updated: Oct 11, 2017

Graco Pack N Play Playards Review:

Finding the Best Graco Pack N Play - What do the best baby and children's products have in common? They are versatile. They grow with your child, help keep him/her healthy, safe, and happy. And preferably they're easy to clean. The life of a children's product is tough; they get kicked, hit, thrown up on, and endure tantrums and tough kid use. The best not only remain standing at the end of the day, they're good enough to pass on to younger siblings and friends. The best products also tend to have another thing in common: the Graco name. One of the most versatile of the Graco Baby line is the Pack N Play, a top quality playard. Whether you have a sweet, innocent and as yet indestructive baby or a willful toddler, the Pack N Play can keep up and is always ready for more. Here is your guide to the wonderful Graco Pack N Play.
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Which Graco Pack N Play is Right for Your Baby?

- A Pack N Play is a portable playard, but it can be so much more. If you travel, it becomes an instant bed and familiar spot for your child, ensuring that he is comfortable and secure no matter where he is. If you have guests, baby can bunk with you but have his very own space. It can be a guest bed if your visitors have a little one. Need to put in a load of laundry, do a few dishes, or cook dinner? Baby can play safely and happily. When it's not in use, simply pack it up to its compact, closet-friendly size and store away. Or use it as a toy box for all those stuffed animals. The uses are endless. But beyond its practicality, you need to be sure that it fits your lifestyle, budget, and your child's needs. Graco Quality at Affordable Prices: The Graco Pack N Play - Shopping for baby playards can be a bit like shopping for cars: there are a ton of different models in varying price ranges. Some are basic, and some are flashy. But you want safety above all for your child. The Graco Pack N Play, which is available in a variety of different themes, has locking wheels, a plastic and metal construction, and a padded frame for ultimate safety and comfort. It is very easy to put up and take down with a simple push-button fold, folding feet and wheels for even more compact storage, airy mesh for optimal ventilation, and a convenient carry bag. It is ideal for older babies and toddlers, as well as infants with its removable bassinet. This raises infants from a playard floor to a higher level so parents can easily reach them and monitor their playing. That way the babies can reach the toys on the toy arch. This is perfect for stimulating and entertaining babies with bright toys. The Pack N Play weighs just under 22 pounds and stands 29 inches high. It accommodates babies in the bassinet up to 15 pounds. Those crazy toddlers over 35 inches may climb out, but you'll have a few years of good use under your belt by then. Simply wipe clean, and it'll look great the whole time. The Pack N Play costs $70 (see all the top rated Graco playards here). It is the Honda Civic of playards: it is safe, reliable, and a solid performer. It may not have some of the extra features of some of the other Graco Pack N Play models, but it is a wonderful addition to any nursery or child's room. Amazon reviewers have called this perfect for everyday use and overnight trips, and have remarked that they really didn't miss "any other frills." It was also a top pick on TheNewParentsGuide.com.

Upgrading: The Pack N Play Emelia:

If you do want a few more frills but don't want to pay a lot more, the Pack N Play Emelia is a great choice. This Graco Pack N Play playard has a removable bassinet with quilted bumper, locking wheels, a durable plastic and metal construction, quilted mattress pad, push button folding system, mesh sides, carry bag, wheels for easy transport in your home, and super compact design. The Emelia also has a handy changing table for use with children up to 25 pounds and a convenient supply station so you are always prepared for those diaper emergencies. For your baby's entertainment and your sanity, the Emelia playard has an electronics unit that plays five classical songs and five soothing sounds from nature. It also has a night light for the controls so you can easily and quickly put on a soothing song at night, a check light, and timer settings of 5, 10, 15, or 25 minutes. The Emelia also has a mobile with removable toys to stimulate and entertain your baby during playtime. Reviewers have called this "practical, handy, and pretty," and it has a pretty price of just under $110. Get the Graco Pack 'n Play - Emelia here.

The Deluxe: The Pack N Play Silhouette Playard:

Consistently earning rave reviews from owners on Amazon, as well as other retailers, and consumer reviews site, Buzzillions, is the Graco Silhouette Pack 'n Play Playard. This deluxe model is designed to meet the needs of both baby and parent. Arguably the best feature is the pivoting Posture Plus changing table. It has a convenient height so you don't have to contort yourself to change your baby. The Silhouette has elliptical aluminum legs, a beautiful flowing design, an organizer for diaper supplies, electronic mobile with two-speed vibration, five classical songs, and five nature sounds. There is a full slumber dome canopy so your baby can nap and you can keep the light on - or you can spend a day at the beach and protect his skin. This Graco Pack N Play bassinet has the same great compact and mobile features, as well as Graco's signature quilting. This keeps leaks and spills from getting into the fabric and prevents holes from forming. From a "must have for stylish moms" to "great quality," to "does everything a high-tech playard should do," the Silhouette is a top model and worth the $170 price tag if you like the extra features. Graco Pack N Play playards are safe, durable, stylish, and full of features designed to keep your baby secure and happy - and to give you a hand when you need it most. This YouTube video (see below) will show you how easy it is to set up and take down the Pack N Play.

Every feature is designed for ultimate safety and convenience. Check out Graco's large selection of Pack n Play Playards here.