Updated: Oct 11, 2017

Bounce House Reviews:

Finding Fun, Safe Bounce Houses - Do you want to be the coolest parent ever? It's easier than you think: get an inflatable bounce house for your child's next party. This is a great way to make a birthday party into the biggest event of the year, and an even better way to ensure that your child has the most memorable day of his or her life. You can create an amusement park or even a water park in your own backyard - what could be better? You'll wish you were four feet tall and fifty pounds again. Really, they're that hard to resist. What should you look for in a bounce house? Are they safe? Where do you get them? Are they hard to set up? And most importantly, how much do they cost? We'll answer all your questions in this guide to inflatable bounce houses.
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How Do You Buy an Inflatable Bounce House?

- There are two options when it comes to bounce houses: you can rent for the day or you can purchase one. We'll discuss the latter option first. Your first priority is safety. While you want your children to enjoy themselves, you also want to ensure that they don't get injured. This is why bounce houses have become so popular and are an excellent alternative to trampolines. Trampolines can be very dangerous, and you may very well have to up your homeowner's insurance if you own one. Further, though, you don't want to cause harm to your child or his friends. Bounce houses take this risk away and are very safe. But why own one at all? Why not just rent one? Renting is great if you are only going to need the bounce house once. After that, it is not cost-effective to choose renting over buying. Another factor is that safe, durable home models are now available, which can be up to 80 percent cheaper than commercial inflatable bounce houses. This means your cost is cut dramatically. If you have more than one child, for instance, you'll likely want a bounce house for all their birthdays. You will hear nothing but "It's not fair," if you try to skip the bounce house for one kid. Buying allows you to use it anytime you like, not just for special occasions. Residential-use bounce houses are great for your child and some buddies to use during vacations and the like. You can also find residential bounce houses that use commercial grade materials and features, such as larger bounce floors and slides. BouncersDirect is one such retailer that does this. Usually, home inflatable bounce houses are made of woven oxford cloth, which makes them lighter than commercial bounce houses. It also lowers the price to as little as $200. Look for oxford that is woven very well, preferably with an X-weave, and have high burst-strength ratings. You don't want to puncture the house and end the fun, nor do you want the material to run, causing the whole thing to leak. Look for commercial quality double-stitching, PVC coating, and balanced weaves. For instance, Little Tykes makes a very small bounce house that has been reviewed poorly by Buzzillion, Amazon, and E-pinion users because it is flimsy and prone to breakage. When you're going to buy a bounce house, you need to make sure it is of high quality so you can prevent breakage or injury. You can browse the best selling bounce houses online here.

Bounce Houses: What Can You Get, and What Do You Need?:

Bounces house are extraordinarily fun, and what makes them so great is that they can offer a host of kid-friendly features. Most common are:

*Bounce floors. This is the feature to look at. Does it have enough space for your children? Is it strong? Is it strong enough to hold heavier/older children?
*Slides. To be functional, these need to be at least a few feet high. Some models have a decorative slide, but what's fun about that?
*Climbing walls and obstacles. Your child will get his workout here.
*Many models can be used wet or dry, so you can make your own water park on hot days.

Figure out what features are important to you - and the more you choose, the higher the price goes. A simple bounce floor with walls may be all you need for hours of fun. One of the most popular and positively reviewed by Costco, Amazon, and Buzzillion users is the Magic Castle Bounce House from Blast Zone. This bounce house measures 8.5 feet x 11 feet x 8 feet and can accommodate 3 children or up to 300 pounds (though it is not recommended that adults get on and jump). It has a safe slide, included UL-approved blower, inflate time of less than 2 minutes, a commercial vinyl floor, and reinforced seams, netting enclosure, and Velcro opening. It is a continuous-flow bounce house, so the blower is activated all the time to pump air. The air is released through porous material and the seams to prevent popping, and it is replaced at an optimal level by the blower. Best of all, the Magic Castle costs about $270 on Amazon. Blast Zone bouncers are typically very well received by consumers and are safe for your children. See all the top rated Blast Zone bounce houses here. Kidwise and BounceLand are two more reliable, solid names in the industry. Not that buying your kids a bounce house will make them love you more, but getting the Bounceland Wet or Dry Inflatable Bounce House with Ball Pit certainly can't hurt. It has a bounce floor, ball pit which comes with 30 balls to use for play, a basketball hoop, tunnel, climbing adventure, a long slide, a splash pool, water gun, and Velcro roof top. It is recommended for kids ages 3 to 10 and can hold up to 400 pounds (it can hold 4 kids of 100 pounds each, making it great for the older ones). You can find this "fantastic fun, great value" bounce house for $370. You can also purchase commercial grade inflatable bounce houses if you are interested in using it in your rental business, church, day care, recreational center, or other public, continuous-use application. They are typically more expensive, ranging from $1,000 to $20,000, and weigh 150 pounds and up. Bounceland, Kidwise, and Blast Zone are leading names in this field. Regardless of whether you need a residential or commercial bounce house, you can find them in any number of styles and themes, from race cars to princesses and jungles to water parks. RECOMMENDED - View the most popular inflatable bounce houses here.

Bounce House Rentals:

You can find rental companies in your area that will supply commercial grade bounce houses for single time usage, whether it is a few hours, a day, or a weekend. You can do this by searching for bounce house rentals online in your area and getting a listing or go to a site like AllTimeFavorites.com, click on your state on the map, and get a list of vendors in your area. The rates will vary depending on your area and the type of bounce house you would like to rent. In general, you can expect to pay from $100 to $300 per day in smaller areas and $300 to $500 per day in cities, though this will vary. You will want to ask your rental company if they have liability insurance, what their bad weather plan is, how much space they will need, the right model for the children you need to accommodate, how long set up and take down are, what their cancellation policy is, and so on to ensure you are getting the best deal - and the most convenient for you. Bounce houses can be a lot of fun, but it is important to keep quality and safety foremost in mind. Get the best you can, watch for quality material and construction, and then let your child bounce away some of that energy. You can look at a great selection of bounce houses here.