Updated: Oct 11, 2017

Little Playzone with Lights and Sounds:

When your cooing, innocent infant morphs into a wrecking crew of a toddler, you need to take serious measures to ensure their safety, your sanity, and the integrity of your valuables. Toddlers are curious about the world around them, and they learn by doing and by touching, and often, by doing and touching things they shouldn't. As parents, it's our job to keep them safe, and sometimes this means confining them to a safe zone. If you cannot baby-proof your entire home, or if you travel and spend time at other people's homes, a play yard can be the best investment you make in the toddler years. The Little Playzone with Lights and Sounds is a top rated baby play yard that will help keep your child entertained and you free from worry. What can the Little Playzone for your family?
little playzone

The Little Playzone Play Yard: Creating a Safe Playzone for Your Child

- The Little Playzone by Friendly Toys is ideal for your home or your yard. The smooth surface is non-toxic and wipes clean. After a quick assembly, your child has 13 square feet of play area. This play area is safe; the smooth molded plastic keeps them scratch-, scrape-, splinter-, and injury free, and the safety lock on the door ensures they do not wander out while your back is turned. A great feature of this play yard is that it can be reconfigured into different shapes, giving your baby a new experience each time - and making it easier for you to fit into a particular space. It is easy to reconfigure, and just as easy to take down, and reassemble somewhere else. This ease of use is paramount for parents of active, energetic kids. Inside the brightly colored walls of the Little Playzone, your child can explore the activity board, which features colorful spinning balls, a light-up musical keyboard, and the perennial kids' favorite, a play phone. With some toys and books, your child will be happily occupied while you have a free minute to cook, clean up, work, or just take a break and enjoy watching a content toddler.

How Much Is the Little Playzone Play Yard?:

This fun play yard costs $100. The kit comes with four wall segments and four corner joints. As mentioned, they are easily assembled: they simply plug into each other with male-female pegs, so you don't need tools or even much time. Friendly Toys tells us that the play yard measures 23" H x 46" L x 46" W. This is about 3.8 feet on all sides when you have it configured as a square. This makes a relatively small play area, and the Little Playzone may be just a little too small. If you have a cramped home or plan to travel with the play yard, this may be an ideal size. If you have the room, and if you have a larger child, you have three options open to you:

*You can configure the panels and use something like a couch or a wall to make a bigger play space.

*You can buy two Little Playzone Play Yards. This may be the option Friendly Toys likes best, but it's also great for those with more space available. A reviewer from Thingamababy said that she loved her "mega monster playzone." The end product had 45.6 square feet, or 6.75 square feet on each side, of usable interior space. This is large enough for your child - or two or three. It gives you room to be in there as well.

*Your last option is to get the extender panels. You can get one wall panel and one corner connector for $30. These are made of the same very durable, rugged plastic and are colored in the same bright tones as your Little Playzone. If you need just a bit more room, this can be a great option. However, some reviewers have noted that it may be less expensive just to go with the second Little Playzone Play Yard set.

Another benefit of expanding the Little Playzone with Lights and Sounds is that your child will feel less like she is confined and more like she is in a play area. This is a huge distinction for kids because they do not like being penned in. Who does? When they have more space, not only do they have a wider range of options for playing and exploring, they feel free to move. And they don't feel like you're trapping them in there while you get to do fun things in the rest of the house. This freedom and space can mean the difference between having a well-loved, frequently-used play yard and a nice-looking set of plastic walls.

Making the Most of Your Little Playzone Play Yard:

One problem that comes with any molded plastic play yard is that they can slip around, depending on what type of flooring you have. A good solution if this troubles you is to get a gripping floor mat. This can be any type that you'd buy at a store, but you can also get child-themed ones. A popular one with consumers is the Alphabet and Number Floor Puzzle from We Sell Mats. This features individual 12-inch EVA foam squares that interlock to form the alphabet and numbers 0-9. The mat is washable and brightly colored, and straight borders give it a very neat appearance. All set up, the mat covers 36 square feet. Even after your child has outgrown the play yard, you will find this mat to be useful in the playroom, bedroom, or living room. It is $25. The experts, parents, typically give the Little Playzone great reviews. Consumers from Target, Amazon, Buzzillions, Yelp, and other sites like the convenience, the kid-friendly colors, the expandable size, the durability, and the safety. One mother said, "I've been looking for something to keep my little rugrat out of trouble, safe, and entertained and sure enough, this playard has come in handy...indoors and outdoors." She said it gave her peace of mind, and that's a precious commodity when you have children. Another said it was the best thing she'd purchased for her child - or herself. Reviewers from Thingamababy, Associated Content, EzineArticles, BestBabyPlayYards.com, ArticleSnatch, Squidoo, and other sites also review it very favorably, although most note the need for either the extension panels or another Little Playzone set. With the Little Playzone with Lights and Sounds, you'll be able to keep an eye on your child, keep him out of harm's way, and have a minute to take a breather. Too bad they don't make these for teenagers.