Updated: Oct 11, 2017

Little Tikes Endless Adventure Tikes Town and Cozy Coupe Review:

Little Tikes is a staple of childhood. They make more than toys; they make the tools that children need to grow, develop, and thrive. Play is the most important job of childhood, and Little Tikes has been providing toys that engage children's bodies and minds for generations. These toys are safe, durable, strong, and kid-friendly at every turn. Two of their most popular are the Endless Adventures Tike Town and Little Tikes Cozy Coupe. With these two toys, kids can dream up whole new worlds, go on adventures, and never leave the safety and security of their own home or yard. Little Tikes makes more than toys; they make peace of mind for parents. This guide will discuss these two popular Tikes toys so your child can get to work.
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Endless Adventures Tikes Town:

If there is one thing that kids love to do, it is pretend to be grown ups; this Little Tikes playhouse allows them to do just that - but have a lot more fun. The Endless Adventures Tikes Town has a whole lot of fun packed into a pint-sized house. Each of the four walls has different play features: your child can start on the sports wall, turn around and play in the Schoolhouse or Firehouse with table and chalkboard, stroll over to the gas station to fuel up their Cozy Coupe, and then stop at the bank on their way to the grocery store. What a day! They'll have fun for hours, which means you'll have some time to do chores, cook, or even sit down and join the fun. The Little Tikes Endless Adventures Tikes Town includes special touches that your child will love, including the molded-in details like the school bell and alphabet, fun crawl-through tunnel, working door with mail slot, kitchenette, workshop, and seven included games for the sports wall. There is so much to do and explore with this great Little Tikes house. In addition, it is independently rated by Able Play. This evaluation tells you that the toy is appropriate and beneficial to children with special needs. Seeing this rating helps parents with special needs children choose the toys that will encourage imaginative play and strengthen skills. Able Play finds it to be ideal for children with physical, sensory, communication, and cognitive disabilities. The Endless Adventures Tikes Town offers an inviting, friendly, safe, and fun place for all children to play. Another advantage of this great Little Tikes playhouse is that it is ideal for encouraging both independent play and social play. It encourages children to use their minds and their bodies. Whenever you can get a toy that is as versatile as this one, it is more than worth it. This is a perfect addition to a backyard or even a living room or play room. What do the experts say? The most important experts are parents, and the Endless Adventures Tikes Town reviews well on consumer sites, including ToysRUs, Amazon, the Little Tikes site, and Walmart. One Amazon reviewer said, "You would be depriving your child of their imagination if you didn't get this playhouse." Kids will create games with sticks and string, but this parent is right: this playhouse certainly encourages imagination, role-playing, and even offers a great spot to hide during hide-and-seek. The Little Tikes playhouse also earned the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Award in 2005 and the Oppenheim Gold Seal Award in 2006. Oppenheim Toy Portfolio rates toys on their ability to engage a child's mind, promote physical activity, their safety, and their durability and value. It is a prestigious honor and one that indicates to parents that they are selecting nothing but the best quality for their children. The Endless Adventures Tikes Town costs from about $280 to $300 through most online retailers.

Little Tikes Cozy Coupe:

We all know that children like to pretend to be adults: they want to help us do the dishes, vacuum, or cook dinner. And they want to drive our cars. Now they can have a shot with their own Little Tikes Cozy Coupe. This is a classic kid's toy that will never go out of style because it appeals to a child's sense of fun and adventure, while appealing to a parent's need for safety, security, durability, and value. This cheerful little coupe hasn't run out of gas yet, and it's 30 years old and still running. The Cozy Coupe has a distinctive and very bright design; its bold red body is topped with a yellow roof and supported by black wheels. The best touch is the friendly smiling face on the front. The coupe is powered by good old kid energy; older children can push the car along with its foot-to-floor design, while younger (or tired) children can put up their feet and just enjoy the ride while an adult pushes with the cut-in handle in the back. There is a high seat back so your child is comfortable, and this sweet ride even comes with cup holders, a clicking ignition switch, open/close gas cap, and 360-degree turning front wheels. The durable tires provide a smooth ride and will not soon wear out. This is a great car to pass on to the next generation, and the next. Like the Endless Adventures Tikes Town, the Cozy Coupe has been independently evaluated by Able Play to ensure that it is suitable for children with special needs and that it will be the "key to unlocking the magic of play." The Little Tikes Cozy Coupe is a favorite with reviewers on Amazon, Walmart, ToysRUs, ReviewCentre, ReviewStream, SharedReviews, and Associated Content. The AC review said the small price tag is well worth the comfort, fun, and peace of mind. You can find the Cozy Coupe for under $50. In addition, this great car comes in a few different models, including the Princess Coupe, Ride and Rescue Coupe, Patrol Coupe for your little police officer, and convertible. You can also find the Cozy Coupe Ball Pit, which has the great design of the coupe with the fun of a miniature ball pit - another great addition to a playroom. There could be no better playtime companion for your child than Little Tikes. From playhouses and cars to kitchen sets and workbenches, Little Tikes provides the toys that help children learn, grow, and most importantly, have fun. Look at some of Little Tikes best toys here.