Updated: Oct 11, 2017

Guide to North States SuperYard XT Gate Play Yards:

North States SuperYard Review - When people speak highly about their children, they usually neglect to say that they're exhausting. Kids, especially toddlers, have an unlimited amount of energy and there are times when I wish they would just take a break and sit in one spot for a while. When they're in their exploring, getting-into-everything stage, it is not only exhausting, it is downright dangerous! They get into breakables, they figure out how to climb onto chairs to reach more interesting things - and then they can't climb down, they raid your cabinets, climb the stairs...you get the idea. How do you tame the beast that is a toddler? You don't. And you don't want to. Energy and exploration are great, but sometimes enough is enough. You need to contain that energy while still allowing your child to play and have fun. This is why play yards are so popular, and the North States SuperYard is the perfect choice. Lightweight, portable, versatile, and safe, the XT Gate Play Yard is a must have for any home with toddlers.
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What is a Play Yard?

- When many people say "play yard," they are referring to a playpen, like the Pack n Play by Graco. These are great for very small, non-walkers because they provide a safe place to play. They also often have features like diaper pouches or bassinets that make them well-suited for their young clientele. As children begin to walk, they need more space and more freedom to move. They may feel a bit penned in by a Pack n Play type play yard. It's time to give your big kid a big yard. The North States SuperYard is made of 6 interlocking panels that can be easily constructed into a fence or an enclosed yard for your child. They can walk, they can play with their toys, they can play with siblings or friends; there is a lot more room to move those little toddler legs. Why Is the North States SuperYard XT Gate PlayYard Right for You? - The North States SuperYard is ideal for babies who are beginning to crawl and toddle around. It offers 18.5 square feet of play space that is safe: you can put your child here while you cook dinner, while you garden, while you sit in a chair and listen to the quiet for a minute. The SuperYard is made of 26-inch high weather-resistant plastic, which offers the benefits of easy set-up and transportation and your choice of indoor or outdoor use. Because the panels are lightweight and require no tools for assembly, you can set it up inside for the morning and take it outside to enjoy the afternoon sun with only minutes for disassembly and re-assembly. In fact, North States says you can put it up and take it down in less than a minute. The entire play yard weighs less than 20 pounds, so for those who are used to toting around a one year old, this is ideal. When you're on the move, simply fold it up, put on the included carrying strap, and you're ready to go anywhere from the yard to visit the grandparents. The 6 panels lock together, and the durable, hard plastic design ensures that surfaces are smooth and scratch-free. Your child will undoubtedly explore the North States SuperYard XT Gate, and they won't pick up any slivers, scratches, scrapes, or pinches. Plastic is an excellent material for play yards because of its tremendous safety features and durability. This play yard will last through all your child's explorations, and then be ready for a friend or relative. Whenever you can get as much wear out of a children's product as this, it is definitely worth the purchase. You can browse the North States play yards online here.

Versatility: The Hallmark of the North States SuperYard:

As a parent, you look for versatility in all of your child's toys and equipment. You need to know that their gear is not only safe, but durable and multifunctional. Babies and toddlers change so rapidly, and you need gear that can keep up! The North States Superyard XT Gate Play Yard does this with its easily adjustable and versatile design options. The panels can be used to form a hexagon, a square, or a longer fence that is ideal for separating children from stairs or pets. You can also opt for the 2-panel extension kit which increases the play space to 34 square feet. This is helpful if your child wants more room to walk or you have more than one small child with you. Many parents love using the North States SuperYard as a safe barrier to keep their children away from unsafe temptations, like stairways, Christmas trees, pet areas, home office equipment, and much more. And it is invaluable when you visit non child-proofed homes and you don't want to spend your day telling your baby, "No! Don't touch that!" But pet owners will also find the SuperYard to be extremely helpful, especially when they have a new puppy. Many, for instance, use the play yard to keep their puppy in one chew-free zone, like the kitchen, while they are at work or for bed time.

What Do the Experts Say about the North States SuperYard XT Gate?:

A review from Associated Content found the North States SuperYard XT Gate useful for children who are becoming mobile, as well as pets. Another from ReviewStream listed the ease of cleaning, durable plastic material, storage strap, and versatile design options as definite pluses. But the real experts are the parents who have used the play yard. What do they think? One Amazon reviewer, who had a large, open living room, loved how she could configure a design that would keep her daughter away from the expensive electronics and other items but would allow her to have access to her family. They ended up with an arch design that worked perfectly for them. One owner was so happy with the play yard for her children that she bought a few more, including one for the dog. Another praised the product because it was helping her teach her son boundaries. The versatility, easy clean-up, convenient transport, durability, and light weight are among the most loved features. Like any product, you will find that there are a few downsides. Some reviewers remarked that the play yard, because so light, was easy for their children to move. They could move the entire play yard and still get into things they shouldn't be. In the North States SuperYard XT user's manual, it does tell you to avoid using the play yard on slippery areas, like tile, because your child may move it. On grass or carpet, this is not a problem. However, it may be a problem if you're cooking dinner and want your child near you but not on top of you. If you plan on using it in rooms with slippery surfaces, you may want to secure the play yard to sturdy furniture or place a piece of foam underneath to keep it from slipping. The North States SuperYard XT Gate costs about $50 from Amazon. You can find extension panels here. It is a good value for families with young children (6 months to 2 years) and/or pets. When you need to contain them without inhibiting them, this is a great option.