Updated: Oct 11, 2017

Parents' Guide to the Playtex Diaper Genie:

Playtex Diaper Genie and Diaper Genie Elite Review - Don't you hate those parents who make having a baby look easy and effortless? They never have spit-up on their shirts or bags under their eyes. They always remember to put wipes in the diaper bag, and their houses always smell freshly Febreezed or maybe like a baked good that they've whipped up in their ample free time. We may not be able to do anything about those bags, but we can certainly make sure our homes look and smell clean. You change enough diapers during your day - why should your home smell like one? With the Playtex Diaper Genie, you can be one of those perfect parents people hate. The Diaper Genie presents an excellent diaper disposal method that is sanitary, odor-free, and easy.
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What is the Playtex Diaper Genie? - The Playtex Diaper Genie is an answer to an age-old (at least as old as disposable diapers) problem of disposing of soiled diapers easily and odorlessly. Playtex, one of the most trusted names in baby products, makes the Diaper Genie II and the Diaper Genie II Elite to help conquer odor and help you create a hygienic environment for your baby. It also makes quite a nice environment for you. Diaper Genie II - The Diaper Genie II earns great reviews from consumers on Buzzillions, ViewPoints, Target, Walmart, ToysRUs, and Amazon, and is the best selling diaper disposal pail in the country. A review in GearHeadMom spoke about the Diaper Genie II versus the Diaper Champ diaper disposal pail. This mom said that the Genie II was far superior, less fuss, and had less smell. The Diaper Genie II uses Playtex's patented AIR-TITE system, which builds an odor barrier, and the Push-N-Lock clamp to trap odor away. The Diaper Genie pail is very easy to use and has a one-hand design for ultimate convenience. It holds about 30 small diapers so you won't need to run out to the trash every day. One of the complaints about the original Diaper Genie was that you had to twist the bag before disposable, which many said was a hassle. Playtex listened, and this version is twist-free. To use, simply put in the soiled diaper after you've changed your baby. That's it. It is as easy as throwing it in the garbage. When the Diaper Genie is full, you simply use the integrated bag cutting mechanism to cut the bag away, tie a knot, and there you go. Again, as easy as emptying your regular trash. You can find the Diaper Genie II Pail System for under $25 online. Register for this; it makes a great baby shower gift. And if you think you're the type of person who won't use it, register for it anyway. You'll be surprised how much you love it.

Diaper Genie II Elite:

This product, like its brother, garners positive reviews from parents on a host of consumer sites. MummysProductReviews, a site which, as you might expect, reviews products for parents, says, "I have seen the light, and it comes in the form of the Diaper Genie II Elite." The Elite version of Playtex's diaper disposal pail offers antimicrobial, odor-free, hands-free, and efficient disposal of those smelly diapers. It features a Double-Lock design to seal in odor, five-layer refill with odor-barrier technology, fresh antimicrobial protection to prevent bacteria from growing (which adds to the smell of diapers), foot pedal for hands-free disposal, taller design than the Diaper Genie II, internal childproof refill bag cutter, no messy residue on the pail, and room for 30 small diapers. Like the Diaper Genie II, each refill can seal up to 180 diapers before it needs to be changed. The Diaper Genie II Elite is the number 1 odor blocking diaper disposal pail on the market. You and your baby deserve that! The Elite is $40. It more than pays for itself in the big, deep, happy breaths you'll be able to take in your nursery. You can see how easy both Diaper Genie pails are at the Playtex website (http://www.playtexbaby.com/Products/ProductDetails.aspx?id=1055).

Diaper Genie Refills - You will have to buy refills for your Diaper Genie. It is magic, but it does need a little help from you. As mentioned, each Playtex Diaper Genie refill can handle up to 180 diapers. Each refill costs about $7, and a pack of three will cost about $20. It is less expensive to get your Diaper Genie Refills at stores like Target or Walmart, where you can buy a three-pack for $17. It is an expense, but moms have noted that since you don't need to change the bag all that often, it can be absorbed into your diaper budget fairly easily. A good tip: register for a whole lot of refills, too.

How Does the Diaper Genie Compare to other Diaper Disposal Pails?:

There are other diaper disposal pails on the market, including those made by Graco, Safety First, Baby Trend, Diaper Dekor, Clean Air, and Diaper Champ. How does the Diaper Genie stack up against the competition? ConsumerSearch, a consumer product review site, named the Diaper Genie II as the Best Diaper Pail Overall. The Diaper Genie II Elite was a ConsumerSearch runner-up. It is the single most effective diaper disposal system for controlling and eliminating odor. That is really what you want in a diaper pail, and the Playtex Diaper Genie gives it to you in spades. ConsumerSearch did note that the Diaper Genie refills could be expensive. It is a toss-up, definitely. If superior odor control is what you want, you may find the cost to be well worth it. ConsumerSearch mentioned that the Diaper Champ was a less expensive alternative in terms of refills. Both this model and the Diaper Genie II and II Elite cost about the same initially. The Diaper Champ, however, uses regular trash bags. This is convenient because you don't have to add one more expense to the baby budget. The trade-off, though, is that the odor control isn't as good as the Diaper Genie, which offers the five-layer odor barrier and antimicrobial environment. Diaper Genie refills may be a bit more expensive than you will find in other diaper disposal systems; but what are you getting in return? Odor free living. You get the cute baby without that smell. What could be better? What is better is a clean, hygienic environment for you and your family, and Playtex Diaper Genie gives that to you as well.