Updated: Oct 6, 2017

Baby Carrier Reviews:

Our parents never had the luxury of front baby carriers like the Baby Bjorn. These inventions are lifesavers for all new parents. You can have your baby face in or out and it's easy to open the front section to take out sleeping babies gently. I have used them over the last 5 years with my 2 kids and the best part of these baby carriers is that your hands are free to do other things. Plus, it seems that kids love being close and snuggly to their parents which makes for a perfect fit. The Baby Bjorn is easy to travel with as well since it's so small and lightweight. I have found the Baby Bjorn to be quite comfortable to wear with the adjustable straps on the sides easy to move to the appropriate level. My wife and I have used the infant carrier while traveling since having an extra pair of hands in airports is crucial these days. The Baby Bjorn sells for about $60.

Best Baby Carrier:

A similar looking model from Evenflo came out and is called the Evenflo Snugli Comfort Vent Carrier ($20). Although it is much cheaper, many friends we know say the Baby Bjorn is still worth the extra $$$ since you get comfor and convenience. We have to agree wholeheartedly the Baby Bjorn is the best on the market for now. The Kelty Kangaroo Carrier ($80) is another activity front carrier for babies that we had a chance to review as well. It's meant for longer trips and has a suspension system that puts more stress on the hips than shoulders and you can still have your baby face in or out. Although the Kelty is a bulkier than the Bjorn, the added features (storage pouch, sun/rain hood, etc) make it worth the added weight. Having had Kelty backpacks all my life, I would have to say they do make quality products and we would suggest giving the Kelty Kangaroo Carrier a go. The ERGO Baby Carrier was recently selected as a "Parenting magazine Mom-tested product" and looks interesting. Their baby carrier costs about $95 and you can get more details at Ergobabycarrier.com. We found some excellent baby carrier reviews on websites like Epinions, Thebabywearer.com, and Amazon.com. Consumer Reports does a good job of keeping up with safety of baby carriers and they had raised some concerns with the baby slings that have become quite popular. You can browse the top selling baby carriers online here.

Sling Baby Carriers - Maya Wrap Sling:

A newer type of product on the market that is starting to catch on is the sling baby carrier. The name of the product we reviewed suggests the original of this carrier - many Indians in South American wear baby slings while still having their hands free to work their land. The best one we found was the Maya Wrap Sling which costs about $45. Baby Slings are generally worn over the shoulder, but you can wear it in the front, on your hip, or your back. The versatility make the Maya Wrap Sling a great buy. Babies can nurse or recline in a comfortable manner and the sling can handle babies up to 35 lbs. It's easy to adjust. New Native is another manufacturer of baby carriers and you can find out about their products (including slings) at NewNativeBaby.com.

Baby Backpack Carriers:

Ok, you want something that will hold your baby beyond simple walks or around the house. Baby backpack carriers are probably what you need for longer walks or hiking in the outdoors. Getting kids started young is great and it will give them a perspective on all types of wildlife. We found 2 products that stand above the rest in this category. The Tough Traveler Kid Carrier ($170) is meant for a small child who can at least support their head. The Tough Traveler comes with a 5 point harness, padded sides, storage pouches, a sun canopy and a stand to rest it on while you are not wearing it. Parents love the comfort and adjustability. It's even washable. Check out the manufacturers website at Toughtraveler.com. The other top baby backpack carrier is made by noneother than Kelty. The Kelty Pathfinder ($170) is Kelty's best selling model. "The top-notch harness system includes an adjustable sternum strap, curved and molded shoulder straps, and a triple-padded waistbelt. The Pathfinder employs Kelty's handy auto-deploying kickstand, which allows you to simply set the pack down with your child in it - great for when you need to get in and out of the pack by yourself." The Kelty Pathfinder is better than the Kelty Journey but not as high end as the Kelty Adventure. When we went online to buy the Pathfinder, it too was hard to get and was out of stock on many online stores. You can try Rei.com, ChildCarriers.com, or Tinyride.com. I'm sure sales are very seasonal, so getting a headstart in the early spring should assure you of finding one. The feedback from parents is essential (I feel) in making a good decision when it comes time to buy. You can view all the top rated baby backpack carriers here.