Updated: Oct 6, 2017

Best Backgammon Set - Backgammon Boards:

Backgammon can be lots of fun and owning a backgammon set or backgammon board is fairly cheap and will provide hours of entertainment amongst friends and family. Backgammon boards and sets come in a variety of styles including attache, folding box, combo sets, travel sets, table top style, tables, and aluminum. Small travel sets are the cheapest starting at $19.95 while an attache style leather backgammon set can cost $2600+ (that's no typo). The luxury backgammon sets like the Competition Backgammon Set - Model GV16 - Espresso/Conifer ($2650) at Gammonvillage.com is a Geoffrey Parker board made of Dauphin leather. For a more reasonable attache backgammon set check out the The Marquis Backgammon Set ($160) - with suede like playing field, or the The Sterling Backgammon Set ($219.95). Non leather attached style sets are very reasonable at about $45-$60. Our favorite is the USA Tournament Backgammon Set ($229) - a Crisloid board with an American Flag background. The top selling folding box backgammon sets/boards are the Camphor Backgammon Set - 15in. ($80), the Black Inlaid Mahogany/Beechwood Folding Wood Backgammon Set - Medium ($170) and the Red Inlaid Beech Folding Wood Backgammon Set - Medium ($200). I have owned a Portfolio Gammon travel set for years and love its portability and velour interior ($30).

Some of the combo sets are great for trips (where travel space is at a premium). You can get chess, checkers, cribbage, dominoes, and backgammon in one complete carrying case for about $35. A great home version of the combo set is the Camphor Backgammon / Chess / Checkers Combination Set ($190) with solid built wood construction, quality chess pieces and checkers. If you have a game room in your house, perhaps getting a backgammon table is a good idea. The 3339 - Wooden Chess / Backgammon Table ($200) features a unique reversible board and is small enough to be stowed away. A more professional Mahogany 8-in-1 Game Table ($1495) looks great, but takes up lots of space, so you better be dedicated to using it regularly. Table top style backgammon boards are what I prefer for home use and the Dal Negro boards (made in Italy) are the best. Lastly, aluminum folding box backgammon cases have rounded corners and include dice, cups, and checkers for about $99. You can find all these great deals online at Gammonvillage.com or shop at Thechessstore.com and find Neroulia backgammon sets, Hector Saxe backgammon sets, and Manopoulos sets.

Buying a Backgammon Set Online:

We suggest going online and browsing the top rated backgammon sets here. You will be able to compare them on price and also be able to read owner comments and reviews telling you which boards hold up the best and provide the best experience. I personally like the tabletop wooden boards that are very similar to a chess board. The folding backgammon boards are great for travel purposes and rate well too. A few of the products on Amazon received bad reviews simply because they are cheaply made and don't hold over time. You don't have to spend $50, but the most popular sets sell for between $20 and $35. I have found that my kids math skills increased tremendously while playing backgammon and so I recommend this board game to anyone with children ages 5 to 10. There is some strategy involved, but kids pick up on the game quickly. Check out the most popular backgammon boards/sets here.

Rules - Instructions:

Backgammon is both a game of luck and skill, played by 2 people. Each person has 15 checkers on a board with 24 spaces or points. Each player rolls the dice and moves their pieces based on the number combinations. The object of the game is to bring your checkers home before your opponent does. You can block and hit the other players checker pieces as you move your own men. The rules of backgammon are pretty simple and easy to learn. For complete diagrams and written instructions on how to play backgammon, we suggest looking at http://www.bkgm.com/rules.html. They offer a complete rundown on backgammon setup, the object of the game, movement of the checkers (backgammon strategy), hitting and entering, bearing off, and doubling. Once you learn the basic rules, you get to decide on strategy. I've always found backgammon to be a great travel game (I have a small travel case for my board) - works great in airports, on airplanes, or in hotels and resorts. The game of backgammon is very relaxing while on vacation.