Updated: Oct 6, 2017

Baby Bouncer Reviews:

As parents, we are always trying to find ways to pacify our little ones. Entertainment is the name of the game and kids toy companies constantly come out with new gadgets that will keep our kids occupied while we get a chance to do something else. I have been through 2 infants with my daughter and son and the baby bouncers were the perfect solution when they were about 3 months old. They were just big enough to keep their heads up but not crawling yet. Both wanted to be able to situp and see everything going on around them. The infant bouncers are great for not only entertaining your small child, but they give them a good vantage point of sitting up a bit. Our daughter actually would spit up a bit when she first sat in her bouncer so we quickly turned off the vibration mode and just let her relax with the arm of toys in front of her. She literally spent 30 minutes without a peep watching the toys and trying to touch them. My son always loved his bouncy seat and often fell asleep while in it.
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What should you look for in a baby bouncer? From my experience, often the more basic the model the better. Too many bright lights and noises can scare infants, but you'll have to go with your gut feeling on your own child as some of the more popular choices on Amazon.com are the ones with music and lights. At least for a model with a play bar that runs across in front of your infant so they can grab at chew toys or touch and spin others. These toy bars should be removable if you want to. The Fisher-Price Ocean Wonders Aquarium Bouncer is a top seller and comes highly recommended by almost all parents that bought it. The Fisher Price Rainforest bouncer is another favorite on websites and in reviews. Baby bouncers with lights and music are great (if your child likes them) since they will work on hearing and visual skills as your infant follows lights with their eyes and comes to recognize familiar tunes with their ears. I was always amazed at how much satisfaction my daughter had by just touching the objects in front of her. She used to use the spinner toy and try to touch the swinging one. The vibration option on many is wonderful to have since many little toddlers are prone to falling asleep if you give them a constant, soothing motion or vibrating feeling. Ones like the Graco Travel Lite Folding Bouncer actually fold up nicely and you can take them on road trips. We used to bring along our Fisher Price bouncer to hotels so our daughter could take a nap in the afternoons. The top brands for bouncers are Fisher Price, Safety 1st, Svan, Kolcraft, Graco, Combi, Baby Bjorn, Delta, MacLaren, Evenflo, Bright Starts, and Summer Infant. Pricing goes from $20 on the cheap side to over $100 for the most expensive models. The last thing to keep in mind when purchasing a "baby bouncer" is that you want it to be stable and sturdy enough to handle the weight of your infant and keep them safe. It should never tip sideways and the front pads should be nonskid to keep your child in one location. Some infant bouncer seats have been recalled for defective parts or problems. Common issues include things like toys that break off or toy bars that come loose and cause injuries. Other, more serious concerns are with products where the base is not secure and the baby falls over inside the bouncer. You can check online at the Consumer Product Safety Commission website for recent recalls on all infants/child products. For owner reviews, check out Amazon.com since they carry almost all makes and models on their website and consumers leave comments and feedback for most products. Also, Epinions.com is another excellent source for top rated products. Lastly, Consumer Reports does periodic testing of infants bouncy seats and they too have some great information that should help you in your decision. Fisher Price is the leading seller of baby bouncers and there website has all their latest products offerings. You can browse their most popular bouncers here.

Best Baby Bouncers:

If you want a reasonably priced bouncer with lots of "action" for our infant, go with the Fisher-Price Ocean Wonders Aquarium Bouncer ($44) which is available on Amazon.com. The bouncy seat features a fish tank style toy with 2 lights and 2 air jets along with 2 kissing fish and a spinining starfish. The other hanging toys allow your infant to see colors and feel the different textures. As with most bouncers, they are only good until the child reaches about 25 pounds or they can sit up on their own. Most parents agree that this is a "quality bouncer" with plenty of activities for infants to experiment with right in front of them. RECOMMENDED - View all the top selling Fisher Price baby bouncers here.

Top Rated Infant Bouncer:

Like we said, something about the Fisher Price bouncers keep them popular amongst parents and the Fisher-Price Rainforest Bouncer is no exception. It sells for less than $40 on Amazon.com and has close to 100 posted reviews with an average score of 4 out of 5 stars. A few options exist for the music side of things, you can have 6 longer songs play continuously or have your baby activate the shorter songs. There is a volume control and a vibration mode. The 3 point restraint system will keep your infant safe and happy in this bouncy seat. The monkey and toucan will keep your child interested visually while they listen to the music. The toy bar is fully removable and 4 D batteries are required to run the music and sounds.

Budget Baby Bouncer:

Not all bouncers have to be glitzy and expensive, as we found the very affordable Bright Starts Bouncing Buddies Cradling Bouncer for around $25. It offers soothing vibrations, a cradled seat, 3 toys, and a removable toy bar. One thing that all parents can appreciate is that the seat pad is removable and totally machine washable. Other feaures are the graspable ring rattle and the frog teether. Although some parents say the other bouncers offer more entertainment, this is still a good value for much less.