Updated: Oct 6, 2017

Jogging Stroller Reviews:

Any parent knows that you can get cabin fever really fast with a new baby. The best solution is to get outdoors and enjoy some fresh air. Jogging strollers are the easiest way to get around on city streets and jogging trails. I bought a jogging stroller right after our first daughter was born and my wife has practically ran the wheels off of it. Although the name - jogging stroller - makes it sound like you need to jog in order to use, don't feel inclined to run. We have used our jogger stroller as a convenient way to walk up and down the hills in our neighborhood. Compared to traditional baby strollers, a jogging stoller is so much more sturdy and easy to push. The tires are large which makes for easy pushing on all surfaces and the ride is quite smooth. Ours has a brake for when we are going downhill and need to stop. Both of our children have always loved riding in the jogger stroller and it was perhaps one of the best investments we could have made in terms of baby items. They range in price from $100 to $400 - the more expensive jogging strollers are designed for multiple kids. You'll find the double and triple jog strollers are worth the added cost if you already have 2 kids or plan on having more.

Which jogging stoller brands rate the highest - InStep, BOB, Pacific Cycle, Schwinn, Baby Jogger, Mountain Buggy, and Valco make the best strollers we could find. In reviews the InStep Safari is top rated in performance and owners say the price is right. The BOB Revolution Stroller is perhaps the most popular but at $300+ for these, it's hard to imagine getting your monies worth. We feel that the Schwinn, Baby Jogger, and Suburban Safari (from Pacific Cycle) joggers are all "great value buys" and definitely worth considering. We found some excellent reviews in Consumer Reports magazine and their unbiased testing and feedback is essential in making an informed decision. Epinions lists 100's of comments from owners on their website. Our favorite website for jogging stroller reviews is Amazon.com since you can quickly shop for price, most popular, top rated, etc. Amazon literally has 1000's of owner reviews posted on their site and you can read all the comments (pros and cons) from ACTUAL customers. Features to consider are adjustable seats, a canopy, color, collapsible (folding), able to go on all terrains, sturdy construction, harness or seat belt system that is safe, pneumatic tires, shock absorbers, washable seats, pockets and trays for goodies. Canopies are nice to have on sunny or windy days to keep your child protected. Our stroller is totally collapsible making it easy to transport in cars or store compactly in our garage. The double jogging strollers are not much different in terms of features, just make sure the weight capacity is sufficient in order to handle 2 children (especially if the 2nd child will be older and weigh more). If you know that you will be having more than 1 child, go with the double stroller - it will pay off in the long run. You can browse the most popular jogging strollers here.

Best Jogging Stroller:

Jogging strollers have really taken off in the marketplace over the last decade. Women and men find them convenient for weekend runs while the child enjoys the scenery. Jogging strollers are bigger, bulkier and therefore are harder to transport in cars, but if you just use it around your house on streets or off-road dirt paths, they are great. With the 3 wheel designs, you get stability and a smooth ride. Bob Strollers are consistently rated #1 as the best baby jogging strollers on the market for ease of use, the Dreamer Design baby strollers are easy to fold, and the Baby Joggers have the best balanced ride. The best city stroller, is the Baby Jogger City-Series Single Stroller ($349) with good maneuverability and style. The Phil & Teds e3 Buggy ($380) is an excellent three-wheeled walking stroller that can convert into a double stroller at a later time. If the above models sound pricy, then perhaps a budget jogging stroller would be better - the Baby Trend Expedition LX ($130) or the InStep Safari ($150) are our favorites in this price category. You can view all the top rated jogger strollers online here.

Double Jogging Strollers:

Ok, so you have 2 kids, perhaps even twins and need a larger jogging stroller. The good news is that you actually get a better deal than people buying the single jogger strollers. The double jogging strollers are only a little bit more and with 2 children they are very convenient to own. Whether you are at a mall or just walking your local streets, having a double stroller can be a lifesaver. Even if you have a 3 year old and a newborn, don't expect the 3 year old to give up being a baby right away. From my own experience it took our daughter a good year to give up the stroller rides and she was jealous of the new baby. Our double jogging stroller from InStep has served us well and now that our daughter is older and more capable of walking longer distances, she no longer needs to use the stroller. RECOMMENDED - Check out all the top rated double jogging strollers online here. The InStep Safari Swivel Double and the Schwinn Free Wheeler 2 are the most popular models and both receive plenty of positive feedback from consumers.