Updated: Oct 6, 2017

Baby Swing Reviews:

If you've ever had a crying baby, you know that a good baby swing makes all the difference in the world. Most infants love being in a soothing swing with a repetitive motion that slowly rocks them to sleep. Baby swings now play music, vibrate and have toys on them. The cradle swings are meant for smaller infants and reviews for this variety are all very positive. Graco and Fisher Price dominate this space of the baby market as 9 of the 10 best selling baby swings on Amazon are from those 2 companies. Rocker swings are less expensive than the cradle swings ($50 versus $150). Parents can't say enough about both, but the Papasan Cradle Swing from Fisher Price is the most popular of the bunch. As your child grows up, you can also purchase outdoor baby swings that can hook up to regular playsets or under decks. Moms and dads realize that most little ones love the motion of swinging so having your own at home is a good idea. Our daughter used to fall asleep in her Graco swing almost everytime we put her in it.

The Fisher-Price Ocean Wonders Aquarium Cradle Swing is another popular one at close to $150. It comes with 8 songs, lights, bubbles, fish, water sounds, volume control and 6 swing speeds. The Ocean Wanders has a built in infant head support, a 2 position seat recline, and a mobile with toys hanging from a bar. The Graco Swyngomatic 6-Speed Infant Swing is a close 2nd with a 3 position reclining seat that is machine washable. Plays songs and has toys to keep your baby busy. It is slightly less than the Fisher Price swing above, the Swyngomatic retails for $80. The Fisher-Price Infant to Toddler Rocker is both a bouncer and converts to rocking chair (kids size of course). Parents love the dual features of this product and say their kids love it. Lovin' Hug Swings from Graco are another great line to choose from. They start at about $120 and go down from there depending on features and options. Always get a swing with music, toys and a vibrate option. It's nice to actually see the swings before buying, so I suggest going to Walmart, Target or Babys R Us to see how they work before buying online. We found dozens of baby swing reviews on websites like Consumersearch.com, Epinions, and Amazon. Only a few seemed to fail the parental test and the vast majority were winners. You can browse the most popular baby swings online here.

Outdoor Baby Swing:

If you don't want to lug around a portable baby swing, you can always hook up an outdoor baby swing often to a tree or the buttom of your deck. Kids love swings and if you can afford a larger play set, then get one with a baby swing attached already. The standalone baby swings cost about $25-$50 and they are easy to setup. I actually put 2 heavy duty screw hooks into a doorway in my house and hung the swing up from there. Target had a good selection as well as Walmart. Baby swings are one of the most recalled baby items, so make sure you stay up to date on which models have issues or need repairs. The last thing you need is a baby falling from a swing. RECOMMENDED - The Fisher-Price Infant To Toddler Swing in Red is rated very high in customer satisfaction and many of our friends own this model. You can use the swing with your infant or toddler and the restraint system keeps your child secure. For children 6 to 36 months of age.

Baby Swing/Baby High Chair Combination:

The heavy duty swing we bought for our child actually doubled as a high chair so that when they got older you converted the swing into a high chair. I could not find the same model from Graco anymore, but I was able to find the The Kolcraft Perfect Height Swing with Mini Maestro ($85) online which is both a swing and has a height adjustment control which then creates a high chair effect by raising up the baby. The additional features found on many swings don't exist on this model, but you do get the functionality of both baby swing and baby high chair from one product. Ultimately our child liked the swing so much we had to convert the baby swing to a high chair so that we had a high chair and we bought a portable swing mentioned below.

Portable Baby Swings:

Having had 2 children recently, I feel like a sudden expert when it comes to kids accessories, particularly baby swings. We bought 2. Our portable baby swing came in handy when we traveled a lot with our infant. He loved the swing and we hated to see his naps go away while traveling, so we bought a portable baby swing. They are pretty cheap and easy to break down while not in use. They run on batteries and have different swing motion speeds. Just set it and watch as it slowly puts your baby to sleep. We bought the Fisher Price Aquarium Take-Along Swing for $65 and it's been great. The gentle rocking motion was like magic as our child went to sleep. There are soothing lights and music to help create a peaceful atmosphere. Graco makes some excellent portable baby swings as well. RECOMMENDED - The portable baby swing ranked #1 on websites and by consumer magazines is the Fisher-Price Open Top Take- Along Swing with Music & Mobile - Rainforest. It receives high praise from parents on Amazon since it folds up nicely for travel purposes and the swinging motion does the trick.