Updated: Oct 6, 2017

Dehumidifier Reviews:

Most homes at some time suffer from too much moisture in the air due to bad ventilation and this leads to water buildup on the walls and can be a cause for molds and peeling wallpaper. Dehumidifiers take the excess moisture out of the air and give you an economical solution on how to control dampness and condensation in your home. Winter time is when a dehumidifier is needed most since there is very little ventilation and modern insulation keeps all the moisture in our homes which can be bad. A dehumidifier will balance out a well insulated, heat efficient home as it draws in air and water is removed from the air "by passing over a refrigerated evaporator and then warm dry air is returned to the atmosphere".

How to choose the best dehumidifier for your home?

We found dehumidifier reviews done by Good Housekeeping magazine and their website has the results posted. Also, Consumer Reports does periodic testing of dehumidifiers. In expert reviews, the Frigidaire dehumidifiers are always top ranked. Each home is different but the main question to ask is "what is the size of the area where there is too much moisture?". Dehumidifier sizing (30 pint, 40 pint, up to 70 pint) is based on how much moisture is removed from the air in 24 hours. They come in 3 sizes - large capacity, mid sized, and small capacity. Expert reviewers say you should buy a larger dehumidifier over a small dehumidifier unless you plan on putting it in a tiny area like a bathroom or closet. Large-capacity dehumidifiers are more energy efficient since they can remove moisture from a room in a shorter period of time than smaller models. If you put a small capacity dehumidifier in a large room, it may wind up running continuously. Some dehumidifiers are awarded Energy Star status by the EPA when they meet certain energy efficiency criteria, so look for a rating when buying one. The higher the energy factor #, the more efficient the machine. You can browse the top selling dehumidifiers online here. Per Consumer Reports, the top brands are Danby, Frigidaire, Sunpentown, GE, Delonghi, Haier, LG, Soleus, and Friedrich.

Best Dehumidifier:

The top rated dehumidifier on Amazon.com is the Frigidaire FAD704DWD Energy Star 70-pint Dehumidifier and it wins by a longshot. There is not a single competitor that can come close to the performance of this unit. This 70 pint dehumidifier has a continuous drainage port, electronic controls with digital humidity readout, 2 fan speeds, eliminates bacteria from the air, and will protect your home against things like mold and mildew. Owners mention that this dehumidifier has "whisper quiet operation" and it's lightweight. You can transport it easily from room to room in your house which makes it portable. . The next best models are the Danby dehumidifiers - the Danby Premiere DDR60A1GP gets top billing amongst consumer magazines and it's just slightly more expensive than the Frigidaire listed above. Features include electronic controls, remote, digital keypad, LED display, low temperature operation, and auto restart. Tests show this unit does great at water removal, it's humidistat is quite accurate, the noise levels are minimal, and it's very energy efficient. Models from Sunpentown and Soleus tend to be noisier - which is what most consumers don't like.

Small Capacity Dehumidifier:

When it comes to smaller dehumidifiers, the best 30 to 40 pint models are from Sunpentown and Danby. RECOMMENDED - We think that the Sunpentown SD-31E is the best option for 30 pint dehumidifiers. It rates near perfect for moisture removal, quiet operation, energy efficiency, and humidistat accuracy. Features include a full bucket indicator with auto shut-off, continuous drainage option, and the humidity level can be set as low as 35%. Owners like the washer air filter and the casters for easy mobility. At about $200, it's not cheap, but it will remove excess moisture and condensation from your home or office. Another top rated model is the Danby DDR30A2GP 30 Pt. Dehumidifier which receives high praise for water removal, low noise levels, and energy efficiency. It does not rate as high as the Sunpentown for humidistat accuracy. Danby dehumidifiers, however, have a solid rating for long term durability.

Basement Dehumidifiers:

The best whole home dehumidifiers for basements or storage areas are the Sante Fe Dehumifiers. Dehumidifiers for the whole basement or crawl space help control mold and mildew allergies, mold and mildew odor removal, indoor relative humidity control, air moisture removal, and moisture damage prevention. Sante Fe offers 3 models to choose from, the Sante Fe Whole Basement, Sante Fe HC Crawl Space, or the Santa Fe Advance. They are expensive, costing upwards of $1500. See Environmentdepot.com for buying information on the Santa Fe models.

Commercial and industrial Dehumidifiers:

Want the best light commercial dehumidifier, then go with the Millenium Industrial Dehumidifier- Woods 65 Pint for $475. Handles up to 1300 square feet of space, energy star certified, and has a washable air filter. The Ebac CD30 Low Temp Dehumidifier runs $750 and is considered a portable heavy duty unit that is great for harsh environments. Also, see the Ebac CD35, 35P Low Temperature dehumidifiers for $720. It's considered a light commercial dehumidifier good for museums, computer rooms, hotels, offices, etc. The Ebac Neptune Low Temp Dehumidifiers are another light commercial dehumidifier ($760) with operation temperatures down to 33 degrees. You can find the best industrial dehumidifiers from Ebac here.