Updated: Oct 6, 2017

Diaper Bag Reviews:

Any new mother or father knows that a diaper bag is perhaps the most essential accessory you can have. It's kind of like your life support system when you leave your house with your newborn or infant. All the pertinent items are in the diaper bag - diapers, wipes, bottles, pacifiers, change of clothes, formula, etc. Today's modern diaper bags are like small suitcases with enough pockets and storage areas to keep almost anything. Although you will find many designer diaper bags in stores, keep in mind that a practical bag is more important than looks when it comes to babies. With all the working moms out there who want to keep up with the latest fashion trends, we say leave your clothing for designer names and buy a functional diaper bag no matter who the manufacturer is. Just what type of diaper bags are the best sellers and most popular? What should you look for in a diaper bag? See below for a short buying guide with reviews that follow.
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There are plenty of diaper bag styles to choose from including tote, messenger, backpack, and sling. Messenger diaper bags can be taken into the office since they have a little style while backpack diaper bags are best for trips on the plane or long car drives. I know many women that have multiple diaper bags for various occasions - overnight trips, weekend getaways, baby sitters, etc. For everyday use, look for materials or fabrics that clean up easily - vinyl or fabric bags that are coated with a plastic protective layer. Having a baby is hard work and when they are at the infant stage, it's easy to get messes on everything. Any diaper bag should be equipped with non-slip shoulder straps, insulated bottle pockets, a changing pad, and plenty of additional pockets and storage areas for your personal effects like cell phones, organizers, etc. The one issue that often comes up is that diaper bags are definitely created for women in that the colors and patterns found on diaper bags are often feminine in nature. Many men don't feel comfortable carrying around a floral diaper bag when they have the baby. There are newer "dad" diaper bags on the shelves that are produced just for men.

When it comes to the size of a diaper bag my theory is that it should be able to hold about 5 diapers, wipes, a change of clothes, 2 bottles, and a few baby toys. Anything larger and you may end of accruing supplies over time and find yourself carrying around 20 lbs of junk. Smaller diaper bags are ok for quick trips to the store or to the neighbors house, but not that convenient if you will be gone more than a few hours. What type of features are best in diaper bags? Most parents (specifically moms) prefer the fold-over tops versus the zipper top and snap closures since holding a baby almost always eliminates one of your hands and leaves you trying to open zippers one handed (not easy). Easy access to pacifiers and bottles is essential when you have a crying baby who needs consoling. Don't feel like you have to spend a lot on diaper bag, many are priced between $20 - $30 with basic features. As you get closer to the $50 to $100 price range, the bags have more features and get roomier with lots of compartments and storage. For those of us that prefer designer diaper bags, expect to fork out $100 to $250 for a nice diaper bag with most of your money being spent on the brand name. Browse the best selling diaper bags here.

Best Diaper Bags:

Beyond brand name, you want a diaper bag that is versatile, durable, and convenient to use. We found just as many positive reviews on bags sold at Target as we did with designer bags from Louis Vuitton or Coach. A name brand diaper bag won't clean up your babies mess or stop them from crying, so only buy a designer bag if you can afford it. Otherwise, we say go to your local baby supply store (Babys R Us) and find a product made for mothers that need organization and convenience more than fashion. Don't get us wrong, fashion is not something you have to sacrifice with baby diaper bags as more and more manufacturers have entered this field so pricing has gone down while styles and choices have increased. Anything around $50 should be sufficient to supply the necessary storage space and features in a bag. View the most popular diaper bags here

Messenger Diaper Bags:

The OiOi Messenger Diaper Bag ($110) is perhaps the most popular in this category. Features a lime interior color, 2 side pockets, magentic snap closure, insulated bottle holder, insulated side pockets for sippy cups or additional bottles, and a large changing pad. The Oi Oi diaper bag is made with black microfiber (easy to clean). This bag is available on Amazon or Diaperbags.com. Reviews were generally positive as the bag is described as being "sturdy" with an "attractive design".

Backpack Diaper Bag:

If you plan on spending the day somewhere with your newborn or infant, having a backpack diaper bag is a big plus. They are easy to tote around since they allow you to carry everything right on your back. Some of the top brands are Eddie Bauer, DadGear, OiOi, Bumble, Timi and Leslie, and Fleurville. The big advantage to having a backpack diaper bag is that your hands will be free to hold your child. It's also easier to carry weight on your back than to carry a tote around (your shoulder and arms will get tired). The one drawback to backpack diaper bags is that it's hard to multitask (holding baby and getting things from the bag) when it's located behind you on your back. You'll have to take the backpack off to get access to your baby supplies. Nevertheless, they are a great investment for active couples that plan on doing outdoor activities with their baby. The two top sellers are the OiOi Backpack Diaper Bag-Pink Floral ($150) and the Eddie Bauer Diaper Bag Backpack ($50).

Man Diaper Bag:

Dad's have always been left out when it comes to baby items and diaper bags are no different. Many stores carry limited styles for fathers, but we found some good designs on Diaperbags.com. Their daddy diaper bags are just what men have wanted all these years instead of having to carry around feminine looking diaper bags to the park or store. The Diaper Dude Diaper Bag ($55) is very popular with men since it offers plenty of storage space - 10 compartments in total with 3 exterior zipped pockets. Includes a padded changing pad and a removable cell phone holder. The durable nylon construction is made with a neutral grey color with orange accents. The strap is both adjustable and removable. This makes a great gift on Father's Day for the new or expectant father.

Sling Tote Diaper Bag:

Styles for diaper bags have evolved as more women are in the workforce and want a fashionable diaper bag they can take to the office. The Fleurville Diaper Bag-Chocolate Ogo Sling Tote ($100) is a top seller. It comes with 2 fleece lined pockets, a changing cloth, a large zippered pocket, insulated bottle holder, and plenty of room for other accessory items. The zipper closure will keep your baby items safe so they won't accidentally fall out. Other color options include pink bingo or floral sky on this model. Fleurville diaper bags are definitely popular amongst moms since they are lightweight, convenient, and allow quick access to all your baby gear.