Updated: Oct 6, 2017

Epilator Reviews:

Men might think that shaving every day can be a hassle, but ladies have it tough since they have to shave their legs, underarms, bikini lines, etc. Shavers for ladies work ok, but many women go with epilators to get rid of hair on their legs and underarms. An epilator works slightly different than the traditional womens electric shavers - it has tiny rotating tweezers that pull out your hair at the root unlike regular shavers that shave the hair just at the surface. You will get a longer lasting shave that will leave your legs feeling "smooth" for weeks (sometimes up to 4 weeks). The one drawback to using an epilator is that there can be some pain associated with using one. We've all used tweezers on eyebrows, so imagine a similar process for hair removal on your legs or underarms. Incredibly enough, the most popular epilators get excellent reviews on sites like Amazon.com and they sell very well.

Braun epilators are the top selling models in this category, although Epilady, Panasonic, Emjoi, and Remington are also very popular. The Braun 5270 Silk-epil X'elle Body System Epilator is the most popular epilator on Amazon as well as the Braun 5580 and 3370 Silk Epil. The top rated Panasonic epilator is the ES2067W and the Epilady has the Discrette which is a great budget epilator at about $25. Most will cost you between $30 and $100 - we suggest looking on Amazon for the best selection and lowest pricing. What should you look for in an epilator? Look for models that have 2 speeds, some experts say these are better for areas that are sensitive. Also, many of the newer models like the Braun 5270 limit the amount of discomfort with "pain softeners". Cordless epilators dominate the market, but several of the leading products are still corded and work just fine. You will have less range of motion convenience with a corded epilator, but you have constant power since it's plugged in. The cordless ones are great, but remember to keep them charged up so you don't get half way through the job and run out of power. The heads on the epilators are often removable so you can clean them quite easily. You can use most in wet (shower) or dry places. We found several that had storage pouches and travel cases so they are easy to pack. Most will do an excellent job where your skin is tauter - just be careful on loose skin since many owners reported "pinching" sensations. The Emjoi Optima is considered an excellent product for epilating your bikini line - it's designed for sensitive spots on your body. Epilator reviews can be found on many websites like Epinions and Amazon where owners post their feedback and comments on all the top selling brands. Folica.com is a reputable skin care and beauty website with in depth reviews on epilators. Consumer Reports does reviews and tests with womens electric shavers, but not a lot of information can be found on ladies epilators from them. You can browse the browse the best selling epilators online here.

Best Epilator:

RECOMMENDED - The most popular Braun Silk-Epil 5185 Epilator has several features which make it the #1 selling epilator on Amazon.com. The 40 tweezer hair removal system has 2 speeds so you can quickly and efficiently remove hair on your legs, underarms, bikini line. The massage rollers are designed to reduce pain involved with the process and the Smartlight highlights every hair so you get them all. You can use the shaver head that has the OptiTrim attachment on days that you don't epilate. Owners comments inclue "say good bye to waxing", "reduces time spent in shower", and "fuzz free at last". It is a corded epilator so you will have limited range of motion, but it will always have a charge. See the entire lineup of Braun epilators here.

Top Rated Epilator:

Two of the higher end, yet still top rated epilators are the Panasonic ES2067W EpliglideULTRA and the Braun SE7681. The SE7681 is a cordless model that comes in a white color and features a new pivoting head. The epilator head takes on all your body contours and does an excellent job. The massaging system is designed to stimulate the skin before the head rolls over the hair and it will also soothe it once it passes over. The Braun Silk Epil epilator is completely washable and it comes with a shaver head and trimmer. The Panasonic epilator looks completely different from the Braun models. It features a 360 degree triple spinning head design that is supposed to cover more skin in less time than other brands. It's a wet/dry hair removal system that gets great reviews from women. Owners like the 3 different attachments on the Panasonic 2067 - small epilator head, bikini zone trimmer, and a shaver head attachment. It's cordless too which means you ladies can take in the shower without worry. Just put it on the recharging base when done and it will charge up for the next use. One brand we didn't include, but deserve some looking at is the Emjoi epilators. Browse a list of the best selling Emjoi epilators here.

Budget Epilator:

Perhaps spending a $100 on an epilator may not be your first choice. Consider the Epilady Discrette - Epilator Compact which still receives decent customer reviews eventhough it is "value priced". The 40 tweezer disc creates up to 31,000 tweezes per minute and it offers up 2 speeds. This corded epilator rates well for armpit epilating but it lacks on the legs. For a complete epilating experience owners suggest one of the Braun or Panasonic models.