Updated: Oct 6, 2017

Best Garment Bags

Any savvy business traveler or leisure traveler knows the difficulty in taking suits, blouses, and shirts in a normal suitcase. The end result is heavily wrinkled and misshappen clothing, requiring a trip to the dry cleaners or 20 minutes with the ironing board in your hotel room. The garment bag helps avoid these problems by allowing you to fold your key garments, keep them largely wrinkle free and intact when you land. Garment bags have not changed much in the last 10-20 years, except for the addtion of wheels. Like most luggage, rolling garment bags help save your shoulder from carrying the weight of a heavy bag, and let you breeze through the airport. Below, we will look at some of the most popular garment bags and review some tips and buying suggestions when you are shopping for a new garment bag.

What to look for when buying a garment bag

Most new garment bags are rolling style, with wheels in the base allowing you to roll in behind you, carried by a handle. Non-rolling styles tend to be a little lighter since they don't need the wheels, handle, and frames needed in a rolling bag, but the sacrifice is having to carry the bag instead of rolling it behind you. Unless you need a non-rolling bag for some odd reason, we recommend the rolling garment bags - of all the bags we reviewed, they were consistently the easier ones to carry and manage on a trip. How much do garment bags cost? You can get a decent garment bag like the American Tourister iLite Ultravalet Garment Bag for about $70. Designed to be lightweight, this a non-roller bag, weighs only 7 pounds empty, and comes with a 10 year warranty. Alternatively, the Ricardo Beverly Hills Del Mar lite Rolling Garment Bag runs $140 and is made of denier ballistic nylon, wieghs 13 lbs, has rollers and a lifetime guarantee. Larger bags like the Briggs & Riley Baseline Wardrobe on Wheels at $499 can handle 10 suits, although the bag by itself weighs almost 20 pounds. Finally, consider the Samsonite Silhouette Spinner Wheeled Garment Bag at $200. This one also rolls, has TSA approved locks, and multiple zippered pockets for additional storage. Plan on spending between $100 and $200 for a good quality garment bag. You can browse the top selling garment bags online here.

Rolling Garment Bags

Ebags.com is a leading site that covers all kind of bags - from luggage to briefcases to garment bags, they have it all. They carry all the major garment bag makers - American Tourister, Atlantic, Boyt, Briggs and Riley, Clairborne, Clava, Skyway, Delsey, Eagle Creek, Hartmann, Heys Garment Bags, Jack Georges, Kenneth Cole garment bags, Mulholland, Nautica, Netpack, Pathfinder, Royce leather, and Samsonite. Their garment bags are also separated by category - carry-ons, dress and gown bags, expandables, garments bags for 1-2 suits, 3-4 suits, or 8-10 suits, rolling and non-rolling, and tri-fold. LuggageOnline.com is another good site for luggage, suitcases, and garment bags. With over 90 brands to choose from, they have more selection than your average mall travel store. The carry leather garment bags, carry-on garment bags, and rolling and non-rolling bags. We liked the Travelpro Platinum 4SE Expandable Horizontal Rolling Garment Bag, at $285. This was a 1050 denier Dupont Teflon coated ballistic nylon with full grain leather trim, very sturdy, and can hold up to 8 suits. This could be your only piece of luggage you need to carry, with that kind of space. It is so large you may be tempted to overpack beyond the 50lb limit per bag enforced by most airlines -- do the scale test at home before you leave and make sure you are safe. Finally, check out LuggageSource.comwith their full selection of the most popular garment bags. WorldTraveler.com is another good source for garment bags, with Victorinox, SKyway, Tumi, Clemco, Atlantic, and much more to choose from. Tumi impressed us with their Generation 4 Travel Classic Garment bag ($495), which holds 3-5 suits and has many additional storage pockets. This bag is solidly built and would stand up to any travelers worldwide schedule. Their Leather Tri-fold Carry-On Garment Bag was another winner with its good looks and elegant design - this is a non-roller model but it looks like a million bucks slung over your shoulder. If looks and fashion mean as much to you as function and utility, consider the Tumi garment bags when you are shopping.