Updated: Oct 6, 2017

Best Kids Playhouse Reviews:

Growing up I always had a tree fort or large playhouse in my backyard and my friend and I would spend hours entertaining ourselves with imaginary play. With today's smaller yards that have less trees, tree forts are probably out of the question, but having a fun playhouse in your backyard is still totally possible. Kids playhouses are much more inviting these days with designs that resemble castles, log cabins, princess quarters, and more. Many have built-in kitchen gadgets or fake telephones on the wall so that your kids can really act and play like it's their own home. Our favorites are those from Little Tikes who make some the best kids playhouses on the market. The heavy-duty plastic materials are durable in all weather conditions and they are easy to put together and safe for the kids to play in. Although they are not cheap (many are $250+), your child will get countless hours of fun in them and you will probably not regret buying one. With no maintenance, these plastic playhouses can easily last for 10 years -- your kids will be long grown when you try to figure out how to get rid of these things (I guess this is a good thing).

There are companies that produce authentic wooden miniature houses that will fit in almost any yard. These custom playhouses are spectacular and designed with incredible detail. The various styles include Princess Cottage, Sassafras Castle, Grand Victorian, Tattletale Tudor and many more. For the do it yourselfers (DIY) in the crowd, most of these custom playhouse manufacturers offer wooden playhouse kits that come with pre-cut, pre-painted panels that you can assemble in a matter of hours. If you are really ambitious, consider buying just the playhouse building plans and doing it from scratch with your child. Either way, the real childrens play homes are amazing and kids love them. When the time comes to make your decision, you will need to consider a budget, how much space you can allot for one of these kids playhouses in your yard or your home, and what theme you want. We live in a wet weather climate during the winter months and one of our neighbors bought a Little Tikes playhouse that doubles as an outdoor and indoor playset. In the summer they take it to their backyard for hours of fun and in the winter time they bring it into their garage so that the kids can stay dry and still play with it all year round. The plastic playhouses are quite portable in that sense and easy to move around your yard or house. We went online to find the top sellers at Playhouses.com and read customer reviews at Amazon.com, Epinions.com, and Toys R Us to see which models rated the best amongst parents. see our results below. You can browse the up-to-date list of best-selling kids playhouses here.

Best Kids Playhouses:

The best selling outdoor playhouse is the Little Tikes Endless Adventures Tikes Town. Your kids imaginations will soar with this little building -- each side has a different face, from a sports wall to a gas station. At 58" tall, there is plenty of room for kids to move around in. The Endless Adventures Tikes Town Playhouse ($280) is another popular outdoor playhouse from Little Likes with lots of interactive role-play activities. You get 4 themed walls - schoolhouse/firehouse, sports, grocery store and gas station. Gas station has a gas pumper, phone, and crawl through tunnel. The sports wall has a basketball hoop, soccer/hockey net, and targets for ball tossing. The schoolhouse/firehouse wall features a table, chalkboard, mail slot, molded in bell and alphabet. Grocery store wall comes with ATM machine, drive up window and see through shutters. Check out the entire line of Little tikes play structures here. Although we mention just Little Likes playhouses, Step2 playhouses are also very popular and can be found at Step2.com.

Custom Outdoor Playhouses:

For those of you with more backyard space and yards that can handle custom playhouses, they are a great investment that kids will enjoy for years. From what read online, don't get caught ordering one that has short ceilings or accessories that are meant for just little kids. Many people said their playhouses were not able to accommodate their 7-12 olds as easily as they were the 3-6 year olds because the features were too small. Go with a larger interior plan and higher ceiling so that your kids will enjoy using it for many years. The 2 best sites for custom playhouses online are at Lilliputplayhomes.com and Customplayhouses.com. The attention to details on these playhomes makes them worth the extra money. Many are pre-cut, pre-painted and make assemble easy, while others are just the plans and allow you to add creative touches in the building process. Expect to spend $3000 or more for a good custom playhouse that is mostly finished and ready for assembly.

Best Indoor Playhouse:

If your children are smaller and you can't always watch them outside, consider one of the indoor playhouses or playtents. Pacific Play Tents create excellent cloth indoor playhouses and tents that kids will enjoy. The Pacific Play Tents My Little House II ($58) gets excellent customer ratings on several consumer sites. This giant playhouse can accommodate quite a few smaller children and is bright red, blue and yellow. The tent comes with "mesh" ventilation panels near the top. It's made of nylon with pole that keep it up. A tunnel port has roll up flaps that secure with velcro tabs. There are other themes available like train station, farm house, school house, fire house, diner, and cottage. The indoor playhouse breaks down easy and can be stored in most closets with no problems. It's so portable you can use it outdoors on nice days.