Updated: Oct 6, 2016

Pull Up Diapers Reviews:

There comes a time in all babies lives where they transition from baby diapers to big boy and girl underpants. The transition usually includes "pull-ups" or disposable underpants. Huggies owns the "pull-up" name but it has become synonymous with the actual product no matter what company makes them. Pampers makes the Easy Ups and Feel-n-Learn training pants for both boys and girls. The real question is, "Does it matter which brand I use?". The reviews are mixed on all brands with parents saying that the majority of pull-up diapers are ok for the daytime when changing them out is no problem, but many parents say that even the "night time" pull ups are not absorbent enough to prevent leaks. We used the Huggies Learning Designs princess pull ups for my daughter and she did fine with them, although many nights they were practically soaked through. Boys definitely soak through diapers differently than girls, so it may come down to personal choice. In several parenting forums, we read that some parents put their boys back into regular diapers at night time just in case.
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If you are going to buy "pull-up diapers" make sure your child is potty training age. The pull ups are much more expensive than traditional diapers so you are just wasting money if you plan on using them as regular diapers. Secondly, make sure you buy the correct size for your toddler. Many of the top brands like Huggies and Pampers make pull ups specifically for girls and boys based around their differences when it comes to "filling" up diapers. They are all made with easy to open sides and they go on and off pretty much like underwear. If you can find a product that is "extra absorbent" at night definitely try those as the night time wetness issues seem more of a problem for parents and their youngsters. Huggies has some new Cool Alert pull ups that feel cool within a few seconds of becoming wet so that your toddler can begin to realize when they are going pee. Keep in mind that potty training shouldn't take 6 months, so you should only be buying pull ups during the initial potty training and for a few months after when accidents do happen (especially at night). Once your child gets the hang of going to the toilet, you can switch from pull-ups to regular underpants or padded underpants. I think the marketing behind pull ups and training underwear is to get your child to make that progression from baby to "big boy or girl". There is definitely some psychology involved as well as good old biology of the human body. You can't really force kids to become potty trained, they really need to be ready. We piled through diaper reviews on Diaperreview.com, Amazon.com, and Epinions to see if we could find a clear winner in the "pull-up diaper" category. Below are some findings on which brands rated the highest and what particular products work the best on toddlers making the transition from baby diapers to underwear. You can browse the top selling kids pull ups online here.

Huggies Pull-Ups & Goodnites:

Huggies seem to lead the pack and parents prefer their brand over Pampers and LUVs in reviews that we read online. Their 3 main pull-up or training diapers are Cool Alert, Learning Designs, and Night Time. Huggies has done a great job of keeping the idea behind pull-up training pants fun by incorporating both boys and girls characters into the actual pull-ups. Girls have the Disney princess collection and boys are offered themes like Buzz Lightyear or Cars (the movie). The stretchy sides are easy to grip for a kid so they can pull them up and down no problem. Huggies has designed the pull ups so that the boys and girls styles each protect them where they need it most. Leak guards help minimize accidents and keep your toddler dry on the outside. Cool Alert Pull Ups are the newest Huggies and so far there is on conclusive evidence they work any better than other types of pull ups. They are meant to become cool when your child starts to urinate in them. The idea is good, but many kids still just pee as if they are wearing a regular diaper. The Learning Design pull-ups are a top seller and I know from first hand experience that my daughter loved wearing them instead of regular diapers. As for the Night Time training pants from Huggies, they are extra absorbent and are meant to be used for those longer periods at night when changing isn't an option. As we noted earlier, the reviews are mixed as to how absorbent they really are with many parents complaining of leaks. In any event, you should visit the Huggies Pull-ups.com website for more details on all the diapers they offer. The sizes available are 2T, 3T, 4T, and 5T. We also wanted to note that they offer pull up coupons online at http://www.pull-ups.com/na/specialoffers/coupon.asp. Many parents had requested we put a link up to the page so here it is. RECOMMENDED - Check out all the Huggies Pull Ups here.

Pamper Easy Ups & Feel & Learn:

Pampers has their Easy Ups training pants for boys and girls. The boys have Bob the Builder theme while girls get Dora the Explorer. They come in size 4, 5, and 6 (37 lbs +). Much like the Huggies above, the Pamper Easy Ups are super stretchy, have custom leakage protection for boys, and provide underwear-like softness. In reviews we looked at online, parents prefer the Pampers Feel-n-Learn trainers better than the Easy Ups and many parents who have had their children in both Huggies and Pampers still prefer the Huggies pull-ups. The Feel n Learn diapers fit like real underwear and come in sizes 3T, 4T, and 5T. The average price ranges from $.31 to $.38 per diaper in their value packs. If you go to the Pampers.com website be sure to check out the My Benefits section which offers valuable coupons, samples and promotional items just for being a member. Special offers are either sent to your home or coupons are printable right from your computer.

Best Underpants:

If your child is a little older and wearing a bulkier pull up diaper is embarrassing or unnecessary, consider the Goodnites underpants. I had never heard of them until writing this article but the reviews seemed pretty favorable for them. Goodnites have the same custom protection for boys and girls that other pull-ups offer, but they look and feel more like underwear. For children who periodically wet their beds, the Goodnites are a great way to make that final transition to regular underwear without giving your child a complex. The smaller size sells for about $.67/per pair while the larger size goes for $.86/each. We found them online at 1800diapers.com and they were in stock. The website for the actual brand is located at Goodnites.com and you fill out an online survey to get special offers like coupons and promotional deals for the Goodnites. At the time of this writing, they were offering a $1 off coupon for the Goodnites Underpants. Just print out the e-coupon and use it when you purchase the underpants at your local store.