Updated: Oct 6, 2017

Kids Riding Toys - Ride On Toys:

Growing up I had multiple big wheels to ride on in my backyard, but the battery powered riding toys weren't available yet. There are pedal toys, push toys and battery powered toys as well as gas powered riding toys. Ride on toys are very popular these days and parents need to be safety conscious when purchasing these vehicles since they can be dangerous. You want any ride-on toy to be well balanced and sturdy. They should be roomy on the inside so that children can push or pedal the toy without bumping their feet, legs, or knees against the vehicle. Some ride-on kids toys with narrow or high wheel bases can tip quite easily so test for that as well. There are age appropriate riding toys so check with the manufacturer as to their suggestion on what age is best for the vehicle you are considering. Most are clearly marked on the side of the box or mentioned on websites. It's best to get kids used to the motion of these fun toys by starting them with push riding toys, then get pedal riding toys as they get taller and more experienced. Finally, if you feel like your child can handle it, go with the battery powered or electric ride-on toys like the ever popular Barbie Jeep or Little Tikes Hummer H2.
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Pedal powered ride-on toys are fun for kids as long as they can reach the pedals. We bought a few that were a touch too large for our kids and so they put their feet on the ground inside the car and walked along instead of reaching the pedals. Pedal powered toys are generally safe since they can only go so fast and many are designed so that children sit inside a vehicle protected from potential harm they may run into. The kids toy market has come a long way in 20 years and now you can buy pedal air planes, pedal cars & trucks, pedal go karts, tractors, and 3 wheelers (Big Wheels). Once your child has mastered the pedal ride-on toys, look into battery powered riding toys. There are dozens of themes and styles to fit boys and girls. There are even battery powered motorcycles that have trained wheels to keep your child balanced. A battery powered ATV will cost you well over $300 and I would say stay away from motorcycles that or all terrain vehicles since they are much easier to tip. The John Deere tractors cost about $200 and are any boys favorite ride-on vehicle and it seems like the Barbie Jeep continually sells well at stores like Toys R Us. I bought my 5 year old the 12-volt battery powered Barbie Jeep for her birthday to drive around our street and she was definitely intimidated at first. After a few trips around the neighborhood, she was driving like a pro. The great thing about most of these electric powered ride-on toys is that they don't go very fast. Nevertheless, we have heard of kids running over other kids and injuring themselves so always keep a close eye on your toddler or young child when they are in these vehicles. We researched the market for kids ride-on toys on various websites and looked for the top selling and most popular riding toys in several categories. You can find a complete product guide at sites like Ridingtoys.com, Mobilenation.com, and Amazon.com. After reading consumer reviews and feedback online we came up with a short list of the best ride-on toys for push toys, pedal toys and battery powered riding toys. For a complete list of ride on toys for kids go here

Pedal Power Ride Ons:

Pedal powered vehicles for kids are great fun and the perfect way to establish independence for them. The John Deere Loader w/trailer is a Peg Perego product that has a working front loader scoop that dumps as well. There is a convenient adjustable seat for different size children and the pedal mechanism is done with an enclosed chain drive that is safe to operate. Parents say it works better on pavement than grass, but the kids love it just the same. The Radio Flyer Speedy Pedal Car is a very sturdy looking vehicle with a steel frame and chrome finishing. The seat is adjustable which lets your child grow into the car and we read many reviews by parents saying this is a great alternative to a first bike. The car is meant for ages 3 to 7. Lastly, the Fisher-Price Rock, Roll 'N Ride Trike ($30) is available on Amazon.com and it's one of their best sellers. This big wheel of sorts is perfect for the youngster in your house trying to learn how to ride the "big boy toys". You can help them along with the push bar that is behind the rider.

Battery Powered Riding Toys:

I don't know about your kids, but my daughter (5) and son (2) love their new battery powered ride-on toys. My son has been in love with Thomas the Train for about 6 months now, so we bit the bullet so to speak and bought the Thomas Track Rider Engine Ride-On. The rechargeable battery-powered 6-volt train for kids will operate on a track, carpet or other hard surfaces. It comes equipped with a working headlight and fun sounds from the Island of Sodor. The seat in which the child sits is adjustable and the maximum speed is 2 MPH. Turn off the train with a simpe push-button switch. The 6-foot diameter round track is included with the train. The sounds include an engine, whistle, and railroad crossing sounds. I would say it's a bit overpriced, but so far we have enjoyed using it. For slighly bigger kids, the Little Tikes Hummer H2 ($300) is a good choice. Features a flip up hood, aircraft shifter, and all-terrain wheels. There are 2 forward speeds, a parental speed lock, and 1 reverse gear. Just plug the battery into an outlet to charge it up and off you go. This mini Hummer does about 5 MPH. My daughter has the Fisher-Price Power Wheels Barbie Jammin' Jeep ($250) that we bought at Toys R Us on sale. The 12 volt rechargeable battery lasts at least 1/2 hour when charged and sometimes more. She loves getting into the jeep and driving her cousins around the yard. It definitely works well on pavement or hard surfaces. We tried it on the grass and the wheels had a hard time with traction. Buy the car in the off season for the best pricing. You can browse all the top selling electric ride-on toys online here.

Best Push Toys:

One of the first toy cars or push along vehicles any child should get is the Little Tikes Cozy Coupe ($75). The Cozy Coupe II Car is a kid-powered car with a high seat back for good support and a small storage compartment in the rear of the car. There is a fake "ignition switch" and a gas tank valve on the side. The door is large enough that toddlers can easily open and shut it and the rugged tires go over almost anything. This Little Tikes ride on toy is meant for toddlers and pre-schoolers. The Radio Flyer Retro Rocket ($40) is available on Amazon.com and get excellent customer reviews. The foot-to-floor pushing allows even the smallest kids to push this rocket along. The fun part of the rocket is that it lights up, vibrates, and has space sounds while you are in it. Parents say the vehicle is durable and well made, although a few said installing the wheel caps was a bit of a challenge. See all the Radio Flyer riding toys for kids.