Updated: Oct 6, 2017

Wagon Reviews and Buying Guide:

One of the most classic gifts any child can ever get on a birthday or Christmas is a beautiful wagon. We all remember when our parents wrapped up that little red wagon for us and we were overjoyed to see it. Wagons mean long walks around the neighborhood and fun trips to the ice cream store sitting in the wagon while parents pull children. The antique wagons were made solidly and were very durable. Constructed of metal or wood, the older wagons lasted forever and took plenty of punishment from eager kids. Things have changed a bit these days with heavy-duty plastic wagons being offered at stores like Toys R Us or online at Amazon.com. It's not so easy to find those beautiful red wagons of yesteryear. The Radio Flyer Wagons are still available, but because they do have the tendency to rust in the rain and are quite heavy, many parents are opting to buy the sturdy plastic wagons made by Little Tikes or Step2. No matter what you buy, your kids will enjoy having a wagon around the house because they love playing with them.

If you are going to purchase a wagon for your child, you need to consider what type of material will be best for your climate. Wooden and metal wagons are the best types but are probably better in warmer weather climates where rain is minimal. The newer heavy-duty plastic wagons are great for areas where it rains or even snows since they are pretty much indestructible from the elements. I recently purchased one from Step2 and we live in the Pacific Northwest where it rains a lot. Although the wagon gets filled with water sitting in our backyard I just dump it out, clean it up and it's ready to go. One of my neighbors bought a real metal wagon and after a winter or 2 it was almost destroyed from being left out. The plastic wagons are just as easy to pull your kids in and they too are offered in colors like red, green, or blue. The designs of the plastic models are more parent and child friendly with cup holders, storage space and doors that open and close to get in or out of the wagon safely. The fun part of purchasing a wagon is to go to your local toy store and get the kids in the wagon and tote them around the store to get a feel for the wagon. We did our online research at sites like Toys R Us, Target.com, Wal-Mart.com and read user opinions on Amazon and Epinions. For the best selling wagons online go here.

Best Radio Flyer Wagon:

If you ask anyone what one name comes to mind when thinking about kids wagons, "Radio Flyer" (actually 2 words) is the first thing you here. Redwagons.com is the place to go when buying a Radio Flyer wagon online. They carry the old fashioned looking red wagons made of wood or metal. The Radio Flyer All-Terrain Steel and Wood Wagon ($80) has been a top seller for decades as parents realize it's hard to get any better than this. You get an extra large wagon body crafted of natural finished hardwood, bright red removable sides of select wood, real air tires that are great on sand, mud, rough trails or quiet on pavement. The extra-long handle makes for easy pulling and it fold under the wagon to allow for simple storage. The Radio Flyer Steel Red Wagon ($40) is the classic of the bunch with a simple design and a seamless all-steel body providing no-scratch edges.

Plastic Kids Wagons:

Maybe the old steel wagons aren't your thing, but the new heavy-duty plastic models from makers like Little Tikes and Step2 are just as durable and fun to play or ride in. You can find the plastic wagons on large retailers like Toys R Us or Wal-Mart and they are also online at most of the toy e-tailers. We found some great deals online at Wal-Mart.com for the kids plastic wagons. The Little Tikes Adventure Wagon ($50) comes with removable siding for easy loading and unloading. The extra-long handle will make it easy for you adults to pull the little ones around the block or through the neighborhood. This sturdy wagon is also great fun for kids who like to put their own toys into it and pull it around the yard. The Step2 Wagon for 2 Plus ($55) is a little more expensive and includes an easy-latch door that opens to a deep leg well and 2 coutoured seats. If you need a little more room to carry things, check in the storage compartment under the hinged rear seat. There are also 2 cup holders for juice in the side panel. Total weight capacity is 50 lbs per each side of the wagon. See the top rated plastic kids wagons on Amazon.

Top Outdoor Childrens Wagon:

When it comes to kids toys, parents want something that will last through the toughest conditions. Children can be hard on toys and wagons are no different. Kids roll them over, crash them into trees, run them over boulders, and spill things in them so buying a tough, outdoor wagon is a necessity. John Deere makes incredible reliable farming equipment (tractors, mowers, etc) and there is even a John Deere Wagon for kids. It's durable and strong enough to outlast any child. The John Deere 36 inch Steel Stake Wagon ($110) can be bought online at Mrtoys.com. This wagon is constructed of heavy-duty rust resistant steel and has a smooth ride with steel wheels and rubber knobby tires. All edges and corners are rounded to prevent cuts or sharp edges. For something a little less expensive consider the John Deere 36 inch Steel Wagon ($75) - this model has no high siding and looks similar to the old Radio Flyer wagons except it's green and yellow coloring are those of John Deere.